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Areas and benefits of investing in Turkey 2022

Benefits of investing in Turkey


The Turkish market is considered one of the best attractive markets for foreign investors and businessmen to work in.

Because of its diversity, the investor can work in the commercial, industrial, agricultural, or even real estate investment fields.

In addition to the facilities provided by the Turkish government to investors in order to attract and encourage them to invest in Turkey


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 Investment areas in Turkey

Turkey is characterized by diversity in the fields of work and investment. Its distinguished geographical location, being a link between the Asian and European continents, and its openness to Middle Eastern markets, as well as European markets, make it attractive factors for foreign investors to launch their commercial activities. Investing in Turkey:

  •  Real estate investment, which is considered one of the most diversified and popular types of investments among foreign investors, where investors can buy a property under construction and enjoy huge profits after its construction is completed, especially when buying Apartments for sale in Istanbul, where investors tend to buy Apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea And renting it out as a tourist, which brings them abundant profits, as they can Investment land for sale in Turkey, especially with strategic locations close to modern infrastructure in Turkey, such as Istanbul Water Canal, or Istanbul new airport.

Benefits of investing in Turkey


  • industrial investment, such as the Turkish car industry, or factories.


  • Agricultural and food investmentIt is considered one of the best promising investments, due to the presence of many plant breeds of vegetables and fruits, and Turkey's mild climate that allows the growth of various fruits and vegetables.


  • business investmentWhere the investor can work in the field of export and import in Turkey and general trade with all kinds of Turkish products, from clothing, leather, shoes, furniture, and others, which are witnessing great demand in all countries of the world, the quality of Turkish goods compete with the most important international brands, at lower prices.


  • healthy investment, including medical tourism, Turkey annually witnesses thousands of tourists, from all parts of the world, to undergo cosmetic surgeries, given the acceptable prices and the quality of health centers, and the presence of a medical staff of the most skilled doctors in the world.


  • tourism investmentTurkey is located between the Asian and European continents, and enjoys stunning views, timeless monuments, and a wonderful mild climate, and this is what attracts tourists to it. Istanbul cityIt is the second most popular city for tourists around the world.


 Benefits of investing in Turkey in industrial zones

The Turkish government treats the foreign investor as a local investor, providing them with golden opportunities to launch their commercial activities from Turkey, offering them:

  1.  When purchasing land, the investor gets exemption from value added tax
  2.  Exemption from the process of separating or annexing plots of land from taxes
  3.  Real estate tax exemption For a period of five years, starting from the date of establishment of the facility
  4.  Exemption from the construction process and the use of the facility from municipal taxes
  5.  Exemption of solid waste from municipal taxes, if the organized area does not benefit from municipal services
  6.  Reducing the costs of communications, natural gas and water.
Benefits of investing in Turkey


 Benefits of investing in Turkey in the agricultural field

The field of agricultural investment in Turkey varies, including:

  •  Investing in grain farms and crops
  • Investing in vegetable farms of all kinds
  • Invest in fruit farms.
  • Investing in animal farms and raising cows and sheep to benefit from the production of milk and its derivatives and meat.
  • Investing in poultry farms and benefiting from their eggs and meat.
  • Investing in the production of natural honey, as Turkey is one of the leading countries in the export of natural honey.
  • Investment in fish facilities.
  • Investing in walnut farms in Turkey, and this project is one of the most profitable and promising projects in Turkey.

The Turkish government has provided great facilities to investors in the agricultural field, and from Benefits of investing in Turkey In the agricultural field:

  1.  The Turkish government offers the investor exemption from customs duties and value added tax
  2. tax cuts
  3. The government subsidizes social insurance premiums for the employer and employees.

Benefits of investing in Turkey

 Benefits of investing in Turkey in the real estate field

There are several advantages that make Real Estate Investment in Turkey One of the best types of Turkish investments, and from Benefits of investing in Turkey In this area:

  •  Achieving guaranteed and sure results, as real estate is witnessing a permanent and annual increase in prices.
  •  The investor can buy an apartment and installments in Turkish lira, and in light of fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate against the Turkish lira, and the basket of other currencies, this will reduce the value of the monthly payments paid by the investor.
  •  Investor can get Turkish NationalityIn the event that a property worth $250,000 is purchased and provided that it has not been sold for 3 years, the investor will receive Turkish Nationality With his wife and children under the age of eighteen, without giving up their original nationality, and enjoying all the rights as any Turkish citizen, as his children receive free education in Turkish schools and universities, in addition to their access to Turkish passport which allows its holder to travel to 115 countries without the need for a visa, including Japan and Qatar. A thousand dollars, to 400 thousand dollars, but this decision has not been implemented so far, and it will not be implemented until it is published in the official newspapers.
  •  Investor can get Real estate residence With his wife and children under the age of eighteen, which is automatically renewed without any trouble or concern, unless the property is sold, as it allows its holder to come to Turkey without a visa at any time he wants, and enroll his children in Turkish schools for free.

Benefits of investing in Turkey

 The most important characteristic of investing in Turkey

Variety Benefits investing in turkey, Therefore, it attracts businessmen and investors who find investing in Turkey a golden opportunity to increase capital and achieve huge profits, including:

  •  Turkey is one of the largest markets in the world for the growth and increase of real estate prices, according to the Nike Frank International Index.
  •  According to Ernst & Young statistics, Turkey has been ranked as the second most attractive market for investment.
  •  The Turkish economy is ranked 11th in the world, according to the data of the Turkish Statistics Authority and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has achieved Turkish economy In the fourth quarter of the previous year, it grew by 9.1%, and it ranked third among the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Economy in Turkey It is expected to reach the fifth rank in the world by 2030, according to studies published by the Spanish magazine "Moi Negocios i Economy", which specializes in global economic affairs.
  •  There are many facilities for foreign investors, provided by the Turkish government, which allow them to work in real estate investment, tourism companies, educational companies, and self-employment, such as opening large or small shops, and with very low taxes compared to other European countries.
  •  Turkey enjoys an important strategic location, in the Asian and European continents, and its markets are open to the Middle East, in addition to the presence of a large number of international trade agreements concluded by Turkey with many countries of the world, facilitating trade operations.
  •  There is a great abundance of skilled labor from different nationalities of the world, and this has led to the acquisition of new skills, and the introduction of diverse and comprehensive arts in industry from all parts of the world.



 Are there conditions for investing in Turkey in the real estate field?

Yes, the investor must be familiar with real estate laws and procedures in Turkey, such as obtaining a title deed document, real estate residence, Turkish citizenship procedures through real estate ownership, and others.

Also, the minimum capital of any company must be 10 thousand Turkish liras if it is a joint stock company.


 What are the procedures for establishing a company in Turkey?

Translating the passport into Turkish, and attesting it by the Notary Department (notary public)

Extracting the tax number from the tax department

Obtaining security approval to allow the establishment of a company in Turkey.


What is the best investment in Turkey?

 It is considered The real estate sector in Turkey One of the best types of Turkish investment, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute and international statistics institutes, and one of the most profitable sectors, as it achieves profits by more than 150%, and therefore it is considered one of the most popular sectors for investment by foreign investors, as they want to Buy Apartments for sale in Turkey, or Villas for sale in TurkeyAnd in many places, and various views.



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