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Detailed information about real estate tax exemption in Turkey

Learn about the real estate tax exemption in Turkey, what it includes and what it does not include, the conditions for obtaining a tax exemption and the papers required to obtain a tax exemption.

What is the property tax exemption in Turkey

It is a law that exempts foreigners and Turks residing outside Turkish territory for a period of no less than 6 months, and this tax is added to the property in Turkey, and this was a goal to increase purchases and investment in Turkish lands

What does the tax exemption on real estate include in Turkey

The value added on the property includes a value of 18% for commercial properties and between 1% to 18% for residential properties

What is not included in the Turkish tax exemption

Does not include property transfer costs, annual taxes, service fees and monthly subscriptions
It is limited to the added value of the property

What are the conditions for tax exemption for real estate?

The Real Estate Tax Exemption Law clarifies the necessity of the following conditions:

  •  Not having previously had a Turkish residence permit for a period of not less than 6 consecutive months
    Our meaning is clearer (you have a residence permit inside Turkey, but you left Turkey for more than 6 consecutive months without entering Turkey, you will be exempted from the real estate tax)
  •  The private funds to purchase the property from outside the Turkish territory must be transferred through an external bank, through the airport, or through the transfer office, and this is deposited in a bank within the Turkish borders and transferred to the property owner at the same time.
    Bank papers are presented as new and we do not have another account in the Turkish state and on this basis you are exempted from tax

Documents required to obtain tax exemption

  • bank receipt
  • A document proving residence outside Turkey by clarifying a residence address outside Turkey for the owner of the property, officially certified from outside Turkey
  • Go to the Security Directorate to obtain a traffic detection paper from and to Turkey

After extracting these papers, a request can be submitted to the Tax Department in Turkey to obtain a tax exemption for the added value

note : 

Hakim Real Estate offers tax exemption extraction service to its clients by the company's Turkish lawyers with long experience

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