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The best real estate investment areas in Istanbul

The best real estate investment areas are distributed over the European and Asian parts of Istanbul. Real estate investment in Istanbul provides the opportunity to achieve huge investment returns within short periods.

Real estate investment areas in Istanbul

The best real estate investment areas in Istanbul are determined according to several factors, the most important of which are the projects' proximity to public transportation; Those who think of real estate investment in Istanbul are looking for a guaranteed and high profit return at the same time.

The real estate investment sector in Istanbul achieves both conditions, a guaranteed and high return, but within realistic limits. As mentioned earlier, real estate investment projects in Istanbul are spread in both the Asian and European parts of the city.

Real estate investment in the European side of Istanbul

Real estate investment projects abound in this section of the city and are spread in different areas. The following areas are considered one of the best real estate investment areas in the European side of Istanbul:

Basin Express area

In fact, it is not an area in the traditional sense, as it is an intersection of two main streets that connect all areas of the city together. Because of the strategic location of this region, the largest Turkish construction companies headed to it to build complexes of modern design.

Because of the proximity of the area to the direct road to Istanbul Airport, international hotel companies went to open branches of their hotels there. The Turkish government has paid great attention to this region recently in terms of infrastructure projects, especially transportation.

The construction of a large number of metro stations in the area has been completed, while work continues on building other stations. This area is also characterized by the presence of a large number of universities that attract foreign students, which means a high demand for rental apartments in it. In addition to all that, the investment value in this area is constantly increasing due to the continuation of construction operations in it.

Kithane area

It is one of the important areas in Istanbul that attracts the attention of real estate investors because it is part of the urban development scheme that the Turkish government is working on.

This plan includes the old areas of the city to be transformed into investment areas in the real estate and construction sector within the other sector. It occupies special importance due to its proximity to the city center and famous tourist areas such as Taksim, Sisli and others.

In addition to all this, the main transportation lines pass through the region to easily connect it to the rest of Istanbul. The Kaite Hana region, as with the Basin Express region, is witnessing an active architectural movement, which means that the value of real estate in the region is constantly increasing.

The area is considered one of the areas that immigrants to Istanbul want to live in due to its proximity to work centers and universities, in addition to transportation.

Beyoğlu district

It is one of the archaeological areas in Istanbul, which has witnessed a great urban development movement in the past few years. Major construction companies headed to the area to transform the region into a wonderful mixture of modernity and civilization in terms of the diversity of construction forms in it.

The area closest to the famous Taksim Square, which is visited by about one million people daily, and this square with Istiklal Street is one of the most important commercial landmarks in the old city. Because of the historical and commercial importance of the region, we find that most of its pioneers and investors are businessmen.

The region attracts foreigners to live and work due to its centrality and proximity to vital areas that add more flair to housing in Istanbul. The demand for real estate in the region is constantly increasing, whether it is residential or investment properties such as shops and office apartments.

Sisli District

It is also one of the central areas in the city, which attracts foreigners greatly to live and work. It is characterized by the diversity of real estate in it in terms of type and area, as there are many investment projects, whether in apartments or offices.

International and local companies are taking this area as their headquarters, as we notice an increase in the demand for commercial properties that are rented as headquarters for such companies in Sisli.

In addition to these projects, there are residential projects that provide options for family apartments with large areas. Where foreign families prefer to live in this area because of its sophistication, modernity, proximity to the city center, in addition to the most important transportation routes.

Beylikduzu area

It is one of the relatively modern areas in European Istanbul, which is witnessing an active construction movement for huge housing projects. The area overlooks the Marmara Sea and contains distinctive housing projects in terms of finishes and the size of the building.

The investment value of the area lies in the availability of apartments with large areas suitable for families’ housing, in addition to villas and office apartments. The great diversity of the types of real estate in it and the large number of projects provide many and varied real estate investment opportunities in Istanbul.

As for real estate prices in Beylikduzu, they are lower than real estate prices in the city center, which makes it more attractive to investors. The area contains many universities, hospitals, private and international schools, in addition to huge commercial complexes, which is another factor to attract residents to it and increase the demand for real estate in it.

Its proximity to the sea is also an attraction for the residents, as many people want to live in apartments close to the sea or with sea views. As for the Asian part of the city, we find that the entire area is one of the best real estate investment areas in Istanbul, especially the urban and Kartal areas.

Real estate investment in the Asian side of Istanbul

The Asian section of the city is characterized by calm and sophistication, in addition to the very beautiful nature, where there are abundant forests in addition to beautiful beaches.

The following areas are considered the best in terms of real estate investment in the Asian side of Istanbul:

urban area

It is one of the fastest growing areas in Istanbul and is considered the business center of this section of the city. In addition, many international companies are based in an urban area due to the abundance of labor in it.

There have been many changes in this area recently, as huge commercial complexes have been established to meet the needs of the residents of the area. To be a new destination for investors and thus one of the best real estate investment areas in Istanbul.

Kartal District

It is one of the modern areas in the Asian side of Istanbul and directly overlooks the Sea of Marmara; It is characterized by calmness and the abundance of infrastructure projects in it, such as metro stations and bridges, in addition to huge commercial complexes.

The major construction companies in Turkey went to this region to build the largest housing projects with a modern design. The Kartal region is also characterized by the abundance of universities and hospitals in it to be one of the destinations preferred by foreign families.

With the urban development witnessed by the region, the region began to transform into a center for business and finance, and work is now being done to establish headquarters for international banks in it. Consequently, it has become a destination for many businessmen who wish to establish their companies and businesses there.

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