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Hakim Real Estate, a pioneer in the field of real estate for more than ten years, has provided a detailed and complete explanation of all the questions that revolve in your mind about everything related to stability, nationality, real estate residency and inheritance to save you effort and time and understand all the laws and rights that are going on for you and you in the Turkish state Without being exposed to the problems and scams that fell into their nets a lot.

All about frequently asked questions about Turkish citizenship and owning property in Turkey
In addition to a full clarification of everything related to real estate residence and inheriting the property


Questions about Turkish citizenship?

You can obtain Turkish citizenship on the condition of obtaining a property worth 250 thousand dollars, provided that the property is acquired for a period of three years, and we will talk in the same article about other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship as well.

The Turkish state decided to issue a naturalization law and obtain Turkish citizenship through more than one means, including the following:

1 - Buying a property within Turkish territory worth 250 thousand US dollars, provided that it is not sold for three years
2- Opening a fixed investment project with a value of not less than 500 thousand US dollars
3- To have a company or factory that allows 50 Turkish citizens to work

1- Purchase from a Turkish citizen, through a Turkish real estate company, or from a legal person.
2- The existence of an official title deed and the issuance of the floor agreement document and title deed, even if the property is under construction
3 The price of the property exceeds 250 thousand US dollars
4- That the property remains in the ownership of the buyer for a period of 3 years
5- The amount should be paid by bank transfer from a bank inside or outside the Turkish state

The Turkish government has taken many facilities for applicants to apply for Turkish citizenship
Including the opening of a special office for naturalization and to speed up the procedures for a period of up to 45 days and a maximum of 90 days after receiving and recovering all the necessary papers.

no . There are no conditions. After receiving the completed file, the documents will be with the Turkish government for naturalization after studying the file.
The easiest and fastest way at all is to buy a property. Within only 90 days, you will have Turkish citizenship, and Hakeem Real Estate Company guarantees you citizenship and all procedures through it and to speed up all transactions without fatigue, real estate safety and financial return.

Yes, there are four ways to obtain Turkish citizenship without buying a property, and they are:
1 Residence in Turkey for five consecutive years, provided that you obtain a work permit
2 Turkish citizenship is sometimes granted exceptionally in the form of special grants to holders of higher degrees
3 Real estate investment worth 250 thousand US dollars, provided that the property is not sold for three years
4 You obtain Turkish citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen after three years. This method depends on the decision of the security committees, and your eligibility is not certain.

Only by obtaining a real estate investment such as an apartment, a commercial store, or a large project, and the investment must not be less than 250 thousand US dollars.
The value must be $250,000 or more
no . There is no requirement to live in Turkey to obtain citizenship, you get citizenship as soon as you obtain the property even if you do not live in Turkey
Yes, one property is sufficient to obtain Turkish citizenship, provided that its value is more than 250 thousand dollars, and you can also buy many properties, the total value of which is 250 thousand dollars

The property can only be sold after three years, and you will have to write a pledge before the state that you will not sell the property for three years, and this condition will be recorded in the title deed.
You can freely dispose of the property after only three years

The Turkish state does not require the assignment of any second nationality to you. You can retain more than one nationality for yourself and your original nationality when obtaining Turkish nationality

Certainly, you can quickly obtain residency after submitting an application for Turkish citizenship for you and your family and immediately.
But you do not need to obtain residency as long as you enter the stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Not required. You can travel after buying the property, but the property cannot be sold until after three years
Turkish citizenship is granted after the security authorities study a file for each application individually, and upon obtaining approval, the Turkish presidency ratifies it and obtains it immediately

1- Choosing the right property according to the nationality conditions
2 Paying the price of the property by bank transfer inside or outside Turkey
3- Setting a written condition in the notary (notary public) and the title deed not to dispose of the property before 3 years
4- Obtaining a letter from the Tabu Directorate stating that the property conforms to the conditions of Turkish citizenship.
5- Submit an application to the Naturalization Office to obtain an investor residence and immediately start studying the file
6 - After approval of the file, a decision is issued to grant Turkish citizenship to the investor, his wife and children under the age of 18, and it will be handed over with all his satisfaction to you, one of your agents or one of the Turkish embassies in the country in which you are.

If you obtained Turkish citizenship after the age of 22, you will be immediately exempted from military service, and if your age is less, Hakeem Real Estate Company guarantees you the exemption, postponement and cash allowance procedures.
The real estate partners obtain Turkish citizenship, provided that the share of each of them is 250 thousand US dollars
Everyone who obtains Turkish citizenship enjoys all the rights of a Turkish citizen, such as treatment, education, grants, and travel to more than 72 countries without a visa, 24 countries with an instant visa issued as soon as you enter the airport, and 7 countries with an instant electronic visa when you enter the airport, thus entering the Turkish passport among the strongest passports in the world.
It is not required to speak or know the Turkish language before or after obtaining Turkish citizenship.

2 Sending the papers to the capital, Ankara, to search and verify the file
3- The naturalization department evaluates the file
4 Audit and research with several directorates and ministries in Turkey to issue the final evaluation of the file
5- Collecting several approved applications in one list to be taken out and submitted to the Turkish Presidency
6 Issuance of the final decision
7 After the final ratification of the Turkish citizenship decision, the files are sent to the General Souls Department
8- Refer to the Department of Souls to receive the new identity card
It is noteworthy that the application for naturalization in return for an investment is from the Naturalization Office immediately after completing the necessary conditions and also to obtain the investor’s residence and start studying the file for Turkish citizenship. Turkish citizenship is received from Turkish national passports and identity cards from inside or outside the Turkish state.

Yes / you can obtain Turkish citizenship after making a power of attorney for Hakeem Real Estate Company without attending to ensure the company follows up all the procedures on your behalf and you are confident with confidence. Turkish through.
Yes / any person without any nationality can obtain Turkish citizenship after buying a property worth 250 thousand US dollars
According to Turkish law, you can obtain Turkish citizenship and thus obtain a Turkish passport by purchasing a property worth 250 thousand US dollars
Obtaining Turkish citizenship after buying a property worth 250 thousand US dollars and thus obtaining a Turkish passport

Turkish real estate questions

• Immediately obtain a real estate residency
• Obtaining Turkish citizenship if the property is worth 250 thousand US dollars
• A guarantee of obtaining a financial return that we guarantee to you for a period of more than 3 years
• We guarantee you, through our company, Hakeem Real Estate, a brilliant future by choosing a distinctive property
• Choosing the property with the most vital centers that contain schools, universities and government references

Buyer and seller satisfaction
The legality of the property and the recovery of all legal papers for the property
Clarity of the price of the property
Validity of the property for ownership
Registration of the contract with the Notary Notary
Real Estate Explanation Transaction
Presence of contract holder and seller

1 Submitting a request to transfer ownership to the security authorities and obtaining approval, which is what Hakim Real Estate Company guarantees to you
2 Choosing the right property
3 Prepare all the necessary papers, such as a copy of the title deed, a statement of the site from the municipality that follows the region, and 4 personal photos
4 Obtaining a tax number from the Tax Department
5 Translation of the passport into the Turkish language and attested by the Notary Notary
6 Signing a purchase contract through the seller and making a down payment according to the agreement
7 Submitting a request to transfer ownership to the competent and security authorities
These conditions and others are carried out by our company Hakeem Real Estate to guarantee you all the necessary procedures with all satisfaction.

Those wishing to buy a property in Turkey can come to see the property on the ground and to see many options and choose the most suitable for them, which is the best option, which is preferred by our company Hakeem Real Estate.
You can buy a property through an intermediary that you can fully trust and have prior experience to choose a suitable property for you in terms of price, specifications, future profit rate and financial return. Then the required papers are prepared, the purchase contract is signed and the down payment

Yes / you can buy a property in Turkey in convenient installments
Yes / you can obtain residency by buying a property in Turkey, and the residency is two years, and it is renewed for two years each time
The Turkish statement issued a decision allowing all Arab and foreign nationalities to buy real estate in Turkey, taking into account the principle of reciprocity, and it facilitated all necessary procedures for transferring ownership and registration in the title deed.

Dealing with unreliable real estate companies.
Not specifying the options that those who want the property would like, such as the size of the apartment and the price
Rushing to take the property without visiting the property website
Buying a property without referring to a real estate expert, which loses you the advantage of real estate investment and financial return

• Choosing the right property.
• Prepare the following papers: a copy of the title deed + a statement of the site from the municipality + 4 personal photos.
• Obtaining the tax number from the Tax Department.
• Translating the passport into Turkish and attesting it by the notary notary (notary public).
• Signing the purchase contract with the seller and making a down payment.
• Submitting a request to transfer ownership to the security authorities.

It is a one-time purchase tax paid to the state and it is 4 % of the total property value

The best and optimal option is due to the extent to which the person wishing to acquire the property is looking forward to living in the heart of the city, in the picturesque and natural views, or in independent buildings or residential complexes. The property is considered the best in terms of the advantages that are available such as space, area and high-end finishes.

Turkey has achieved the highest number in the world in terms of buying real estate globally, and this in itself is sufficient and clear to advise buying a property in Turkey

In terms of the site, there are all options that you can choose what suits you
There is what overlooks the Bosphorus, and there is what overlooks the sea, the mountains, the middle of the forests, and the picturesque views of the lakes, and there are views of the modern architecture.

Inheritance law questions and real estate inheritance in Turkey

It is the tax imposed on whoever inherits the estate of a deceased person

It is the law that applies to all Turkish citizens and everyone who holds Turkish citizenship for immovable property, as it determines the heirs and their legal shares of the estate
In general, all movable property is subject to the inheritance law for every deceased person and for everyone who bears his name and nationality.

Whoever inherits the deceased from the children and the husband or wife in the absence of a will from the deceased and its unavailability.
Turkish law applicable when dealing with the ownership of a property located in the Turkish state.

Having a valid passport
Registering in the tax registry in Turkey and obtaining tax numbers
A family statement showing the inheritance and kinship, and to be certified and translated into Turkish

The value of the inheritance tax is low in Turkey compared to other countries and the European Union, it ranges between 1 to 10 percent only
Within a maximum period of 3 years from the date of death
Yes / anyone can write a will stating what he wants or leave his property after his death

It is possible to prevent one of the heirs from obtaining his inheritance in some special cases
The person concerned must clarify the reasons before the court when he wishes to prevent one of his heirs from withholding them from him

According to Turkish law, property is transferred from the deceased to the heirs, real estate or otherwise

Real estate residency questions

It is the residence granted to foreigners who own a property in Turkey, and it is short and renewable

1 The property owner and his family members are entitled to all rights of residence, entry and exit without visas
2- Real estate residency is stronger than tourist residency in terms of renewal and duration
3- Opening a bank account and enjoying banking freedom
4 The holder of the real estate residence permit can apply to other embassies to obtain a visa
5 The holder of the real estate residence permit can apply for a car driving license
6 He can own a car
7 Obtaining medical insurance
8- He can have access to education opportunities in schools and universities
9- Applying for Turkish citizenship after five years

• The foreigner should have a property prepared for residence and used for the purpose of housing
• The property must be registered in the title deed and must have a title deed
• Fully secure the required papers and identification papers

The title deed of the real estate title
Earthquake insurance
• A passport valid for at least six months
• A family statement for the children translated into Turkish
• Health insurance for all family members

One or two years, and renewed annually
There is no difference between one state and another, with the possibility of granting residence for two years to those who attach a health insurance file
There is no minimum value for the property. You can own any property, whatever its financial value, and obtain real estate residency
The financial cost of real estate residence is very simple, once you get health insurance, you can offer it comfortably in a nominal amount

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