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Mersin, the pearl of the Mediterranean 2022

Mersin State


Prepare Mersin State One of the Turkish states, and its capital Mersin city Famous for its coast and port, which ranks as one of the largest ports in Turkey.

The state also has the largest coastline in Turkey and in the eastern Mediterranean region, with a length of Mersin coast 321 km.

Located state Mersin In southern Turkey, overlooking the Mediterranean, the locals called it the pearl of the Mediterranean.

It is considered one of the major states, and its economy depends largely on tourism, due to the presence of many monuments belonging to ancient civilizations, in addition to its rich clean beaches, and its borders with Antalya state.

rated Mersin State It is ranked tenth among the list of the most crowded cities in Turkey, and ranked eighth among the list of the largest states in Turkey in terms of area.

and famous state Mersin With its luxurious complexes and high towers, it has many skyscrapers, and the most famous of them are Mertim Tower Which ranked as the second tallest skyscraper in Turkey.

  • Information about Mersin State
  • Historically, Mersin
  • Historic Sites in Mersin State
  • places to visit in Mersin
  • The beaches of Mersin State
  • Mersin weather
  • Shopping in Mersin ولاية

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 Information about Mersin State

Located Mersin State In southern Turkey, it is characterized by the presence of a port on the Mediterranean coast, its capital Mersin city Which was ranked as the tenth most crowded city in Turkey, with a population of state Mersin 1814,468 people, according to the statistics of 2018.

area of state Mersin 15,853 square kilometers, and is considered the third largest state in Turkey of the states located on the shores of the Mediterranean, and the eighth largest state in Turkey in terms of size.

The state is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and is bordered on the eastern side Adana Province, bounded on the western side Antalya Province, while it is bordered on the north side Konya Province, and the state of NidiOn the south side, it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea.

divided state Mersin into 13 provinces, and they are:

  • Akdeniz Province
  • Mezitli District
  • Toroslar Province
  • Yenişehir Province
  • Anamur Province
  • Aydıncık . Province
  • Bozyazı . Province
  • Çamlıyayala Province
  • Erdemli district
  • Gulnar Province
  • Mut County
  • Silifke County
  • Tarsus Province


 Historically, Mersin

There are a lot of monuments in Mersin State Which dates back to the ninth millennium BC.

and dwelt in Mersin coast Several civilizations, including the Hittites, the Assyrians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Macedonians of Alexander the Great, the Seleucids and the Ptolemies.

The name of the state was Zephyron in the era of the Greek civilization, then its name was changed during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, and it became called Hadrianopolis.

In 1473 AD, the Ottoman Sultan Selim I was able to conquer Mersin and annex it to the lands of the Ottoman Caliphate, and its name became Achill.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, the name of the state was changed to Mersin, in reference to a Mersinian clan that lived in one of the villages of the state.

Mersin State

 Historic Sites in Mersin State

was established state Mersin Since the ninth millennium BC, it contains many immortal historical relics of several civilizations in which they inhabited. Historical landmarks of Mersin:

  • Adam Kaylar area with rock carvings representing human and animal figures, located on the southern slopes of the Taurus Mountains, in addition to the presence of some ancient houses of worship
  • Mamore Kaleiçi fortress overlooking the Mediterranean. It was of great value in the past, as it had a great impact in repelling pirate attacks during the time of the Armenians.
  • The ruins of Kanpazli, which are rock-cut sculptures in the form of tombs, cisterns, and the remains of a mysterious church dating back to the beginning of the Byzantine era.
  • Olba, the historic colonnade, and the Temple of Zeus.
  • The Kanlidivan region, which has been a religious center since the time of the Roman Empire, and continues to this day attract Christians from all over the world.
  • girl's castle
  • Ataturk Museum
  • Mertim Tower
  • Koryakos Castle, whose construction dates back to the fourteenth century.
  • Tarsus Museum, which contains all the historical monuments of successive civilizations in the state.
  • Mamora castle
  • Kentlis, which dates back to the Hellenistic Roman civilization, and this historic city contains an amphitheater, luxurious carved and decorated palaces, baths, houses carved in stone, and large monasteries located within the mountains.


 places to visit in Mersin

considered as Mersin State It is one of the tourist states par excellence, as its economy depends on tourism, as it is rich in tourist places that attract foreign tourists from all over the world, especially as it is close to Antalya state The first destination for foreign tourists, and this gave it a distinctive character, and from The most famous tourist attractions in Mersin:

  • Mersin port Which can accommodate 800 yachts
  • Kayagi Valley, which has a pleasant atmosphere, is 130 km long, surrounded by green trees on all sides, and a powerfully flowing river passes through it. This valley ends at the Mediterranean Sea, and is considered one of the most popular areas for camping and barbecue parties.
  • Kushkbuku Cave, located among the forests in the Anmur region, is a destination for tourists to recover from asthma.
  • Anamur Valley
  • Gosco River, which originates in the Tarsus Mountains.
  • limonloo valley
  • Ilisu Waterfall, which rises from the mountains and pours into a natural lake

 The beaches of Mersin State

It is considered Mersin coast The longest coast in Turkey, and in the eastern Mediterranean region, with a coastline length of 321 km, and containing many luxury hotels to suit everyone.

and owns Mersin State Many beaches, the most famous of which are:

  • Kizkalesi Beach, which is characterized by its clean beach and algae-free water, and its visitors can take an enjoyable cruise by renting boats and boats.
  • Chemli Beach
  • Lamas Beach
  • Ovacik Beach
  • Tash Ogo Beach
  • Balik Urfa Beach
  • Arun Beach

Mersin State

 Mersin weather

Is characterized by state Mersin It has a Mediterranean climate, where its weather is influenced by the Mediterranean climate.

as Mersin weather in winter It is cold and has a high level of humidity, so it rains heavily.

While that Mersin weather in summer It is hot and dry, with no precipitation.


 Shopping in Mersin ولاية

Mersin is famous for having a lot of luxury shopping malls that include many international and local brands and a lot of activities and games, and the most famous of them are:

  • Forum Mersin Mall
  • Marina Mersin Mall
  • Sayapark Mall
  • Sully Center
  • Kiba Mall
  • Palm City
  • Chetin Kaya Mall


 How far is Mersin from Istanbul?

It is 936 km away.


 What is the postal code for Mersin state?



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