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The difference or advantages of a housing project guaranteed by the Turkish government or a private project

Housing project guaranteed by the Turkish government

Turkey is witnessing a great urban renaissance in all its cities, especially Istanbul cityWhich managed to draw attention with its residential and investment projects.

Where real estate projects enjoy attractive urban architecture, conforming to European specifications, and approximately 60 % of the project are allocated to green spaces and social facilities, which vary between real estate projects, increasing or decreasing.

With this great renaissance in urbanization, investors began to hear new terms, such as Housing project guaranteed by the Turkish government, special projects, and on their minds a lot of questions about what is The difference or advantages of government projects and private projects before they make a purchase decision.


If you are interested in Buying a property in Turkey, or Buy apartments for sale in Istanbull, interested to know The difference or advantages of government projects and private projects, get to know the meaning Housing project guaranteed by the Turkish governmentYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will inform you of the details in full.


What is meant by the term housing project guaranteed by the Turkish government

nickname Housing project guaranteed by the Turkish government On construction projects that are based on partnership between private companies and government construction companies, but provided that they are reliable, strong and reputable.

The Turkish government company provides the land, and the private company carries out construction and reconstruction operations under the supervision of the Turkish government construction company.

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What are the measures taken by the Turkish government in its construction projects

tracking Turkish government In its projects, there are several procedures that make its projects very desirable for purchase by Turkish citizens and even foreign investors, and these procedures are:

  •  The Turkish government guarantees the investor's right in all stages of a housing project with the guarantee of the Turkish government, starting from the pre-sale stage.
  • The Turkish government informs about all the licenses that the private company extracts to start implementing the housing project
  • The Turkish government scrutinizes all promotional catalogs on the basis of which the project will be marketed.
  • The government sends an official delegation to visit the project and see and inspect the model apartments before offering the project for sale in the sales offices.
  • Sales contracts are attested directly at neutrino circle (Notary Public) The Turkish government will be the selling party, meaning that the investor will own the property directly from the Turkish government.
  • The Turkish government translates all purchase contracts through a sworn translator.
  • The investor will transfer the monthly installments of the property directly to the bank accounts of the Turkish government, where the Turkish government maintains it in its bank accounts and does not transfer it to the private construction company until after the completion of the entire project.


 What are the advantages of a housing project guaranteed by the Turkish government

Is characterized by Projects or a housing project guaranteed by the Turkish government Lots of advantages, namely:

  1.  build quality
  2. Safety due process
  3. The elegance, modernity of designs and keeping pace with international standards
  4. Complete reliability and no cheating in finishes.
  5. The strength of the government guarantee, as the buyer is confident that the project will not fail or be handed over to investors other than the specifications indicated in the catalog.
  6. All residential projects guaranteed by the Turkish government Choose their areas carefully.
  7. Apartment prices, a residential project guaranteed by the Turkish government Moderate, carefully studied and suitable for the real estate market in Turkey.
  8. The Turkish government provides its projects with service facilities. Nearby we see parks, health centers, schools, or government hospitals, as well as a municipal public transport bus station.
  9. available Projects and a housing project guaranteed by the Turkish government in long installmentsWhere the investor can buy an apartment in Istanbul with installments of up to twenty years, and in Turkish lira.

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What are the advantages of buying in private housing projects

There are a number of advantages that make the residential projects of private construction companies more attractive to investors for purchase, and these advantages are:

  •  Private companies compete in engineering the designs of their real estate projects, based on the best international standards and built on the European style.
  •  The residential projects of private companies are distributed throughout the cities, even in the city center of Istanbul, and this is rarely seen in housing projects with government guarantees.
  •  Residential real estate prices vary between low, medium and high, depending on the project area and the neighborhood in which it is located.
  •  Commitment of reputable private companies in the Turkish real estate market to the designs they promote in project catalogs
  •  The quality of the finishes, especially the exterior finishes.
  •  Private companies are interested in building their projects in investment areas and neighborhoods, and focus on projects of a commercial nature, while the Turkish government is interested in focusing on residential projects.
  •  Private companies are characterized by speed in completing their projects, unlike housing projects with a government guarantee, which are late for delivery due to the many procedures imposed by the Turkish government on the private company.


 What is the difference between a housing project guaranteed by the Turkish government and private projects

There are several things in which government projects and projects implemented by credible and reputable private construction companies are similar, and they are:

  1.  Architectural quality
  2. Accuracy in project delivery
  3. Delivery according to the terms stipulated in the sales contract.

But there are also a lot of differences in Housing project guaranteed by the Turkish governmentAnd among the special projects, which are:

  •  first batch in Housing project guaranteed by the Turkish government Low unlike private projects.
  • Architectural designs are similar in government projects, while private companies compete to create unique projects and different and more attractive designs, to attract the attention of local and foreign investors.
  • The projects of the Turkish government are residential projects, while private projects are of an investment nature.

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 What are the types of contracts in government projects?

There are two types of contracts that an investor signs when buying an apartment in Housing project guaranteed by the Turkish government, and they are:

  •  A direct contract, where this contract is signed directly between the foreign investor and the government sector guarantor of the project, and this type of contract does not have long-term installment offers, because the investor is a foreigner and not a Turkish citizen.
  •  A contract of assignment, where this contract is signed between the foreign investor and a Turkish citizen, and thus the installment plan will be transferred to the foreign investor, which often ranges between 10 to 20 years.

 The mechanism of purchase in a housing project with the guarantee of the Turkish government

When the investor wants to buy in a government project, he will take the following actions

  •  Inspect the property's location, catalogs and views, and even the property and its finishes if the property is ready to move in.
  • After making the purchase decision, the buyer will sign a contract with the Turkish government, and make the down payment.
  • Receipt of the apartment and follow-up of the recorded installments according to the purchase contract.
  • The foreign investor can take advantage of the offers of discounts on apartments, which are carried out by the Turkish government twice a year, with discounts of up to 35%.


 The most important construction companies of the Turkish government

There are two government companies that are considered the most effective and active in the Turkish real estate market, namely:

  •  a company Emlak Konut Emlak Konut Famous for implementing huge projects, and its ability to build entire cities.

Where this company was established in 1987 and is affiliated to the Turkish Urban Development Department, and is distinguished by the fact that its projects are not offered for sale until after completing all the residential licenses required for construction and construction, and verifying the construction operations and their compliance with international quality standards.

The signing of purchase contracts is in the presence of an official from a notary public.

  •  a company Talkie Toki Which was established in 1984, and seeks to create large residential cities with attractive and attractive features and integrated services on the borders of the main cities in order to relieve pressure and population congestion in the city center.


Some of the important government projects:


Other important topics:



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