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A guide about buying a property in Turkey 2022

Buying a property in Turkey

that Buying a property in Turkey It is a dream for many people around the world, as it has a charming nature, a mild climate, and a strategic location linking the Asian and European continents.

It is a crossing to Europe, and it is also open to the commercial markets in the Middle East, so foreign businessmen and investors want to start their trade from it.

even Buying apartments in Turkey For housing, it is from The most favorite countries of the ArabsThe customs and cultures of its people are close to those of the East, and it contains the most important universities with international rankings, whose academic curricula are taught in an advanced manner and based on the best advanced technology.



If you are interested in Buying a property in Turkey, especially Buying apartments in IstanbulYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will share with you all the detailed information about it.

Types of real estate in Turkey

Is characterized by Real estate in Turkey Diversity, it meets all the needs of investors, whether they need to buy residential, investment, commercial, industrial, or for tourism investment.

Real estate in Turkey is many and varied, and all of them are offered for investment by foreigners, and their types are:

  • Residential real estateThese are apartments, whether they are regular apartments, residential complexes, villas, palaces, and chalets overlooking the sea.
  • Commercial real estate It includes shops, commercial centers, administrative buildings, commercial offices, hotels, restaurants and cafes, schools and educational bodies.
  •  Industrial real estate, including factories, warehouses, small or large workshops for the practice of sewing professions
  •  Agricultural real estate includes the purchase of farms, agricultural or commercial land, and orchards.


 Advantages of buying a property in a residential complex

Contains Residential complexes There are many advantages that are not available in independent apartments, including:

  • Providing a sense of security for the presence of security in the complexes, preventing them from entering any stranger, in addition to the presence of 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  • Modern building service corresponding to the European style, where the complexes were built with a unique architecture that varies between them, and the presence of green gardens gives for the residential complex A feeling of happiness.
  • The presence of recreational services, such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sports clubs, and playgrounds that prevent you from leaving the complex.


 The best cities to buy a property in Turkey

Turkey is characterized by its wonderful climate, charming nature, in addition to being located within the Asian and European continents, which made it attract many foreigners, especially Arabs, as its customs and traditions are close to their customs and cultures.

But the most important question remains, which The best Turkish cities for families, which we will answer you in Hakeem Real Estate Company.

According to the latest opinion polls, The best Turkish cities for family housing she:

  • Istanbul city

topping Istanbul, both parts European And the Asian existing The best Turkish cities for family housingThis is due to its charming nature, moderate climate, and the demand of tourists to it because of the presence of many tourist and historical attractions, which makes job opportunities in it diverse, and this is what matters to anyone looking for better life opportunities.

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  • Antalya city

occupied Antalya city Ranking second in the world, as the second best tourist destination for foreigners in Turkey.

It is characterized by its charming nature, picturesque beaches, and many waterfalls.

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  • izmir city

This city is characterized by its calm, charming sea view, and the habits of its residents are closer to the societies of European life.


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 What are the procedures to be followed when buying a property in Turkey

There are a number of actions to be taken when making a decision Buying an apartment in Turkey, or Buying an apartment in IstanbulAnd those procedures are:

  1.  Determine the purpose of the purchase, is it for the purpose of housing, or for investment
  2.  Determine the geographical location, and specifications of the property.
  3.  Choosing a real estate agent in Turkey with a good reputation and credibility in dealing, which is available in Hakeem Real Estate Company, which helps you choose your property in a way that meets your tastes and budget.
  4.  Visiting Turkey, and touring real estate projects
  5.  We will take over in Hakeem Real Estate Company Negotiating the prices of the selected apartment, and thanks to our strong relationships with construction companies, we will get exceptional discounts.
  6.  Pay the purchase deposit, and start preparing the papers
  7.  Getting Tax Number in Turkey
  8.  Opening a bank account in a Turkish state bank
  9.  Sign the real estate purchase contract, then go to the Land Registry Department, to install the property and obtain Title Deed (Tabu).


 What is a title deed?

Title deed or title deedIt is the document that legally proves the ownership of the property of the person, and is issued by the Directorate of Real Estate Registry. It bears the name and picture of the property owner, the type and location of the property, and detailed information about the property.

This document allows its owner the right to benefit from the property, whether by renting it or selling it, and without it, the property owner cannot dispose of his property.

Several people can participate in owning one property, and all of them get real estate residency.

If they want to get Turkish NationalityEach partner in the property must have a share of $250,000.

There are several types of tapu in Turkey, namely:

  • red taboo For residential real estate, such as apartments, villas, or shops
  • blue tabooIt is allocated to lands, whether suitable for construction and the establishment of projects and housing units, but provided that an area is allowed, or for agricultural investment.


 Taxes incurred by the investor when buying a property

There are two types of taxes that the investor must pay when buying a property in Turkey, and they are one-time taxes, and they are:

  • Title tax: It is the costs of registering the property in Turkey, and its value is 4% of the value of the full property, and it can be paid by the buyer or seller or shared between them.
  • value added tax: Its value ranges between 1% and 18% depending on the property license and its total net area, and it is paid once when buying a property in Turkey.
  •  Fees for registering and opening water, gas and electricity meters and transferring them to the name of the property buyer.

There are annual taxes, which the investor pays once a year, which are:

  •  Insurance fee for Real estate in Turkey Against earthquakes and natural disasters, and equal to approximately $2 per square meter of property area.


 Why should you use a real estate agent to buy a property in Turkey

If there is a real estate agent It will make it easier for you by the mechanism Buying an apartment in Turkey, and saves you effort and time, as he is an expert in the Turkish real estate market, and we are in Hakeem Real Estate Company We will provide our clients with the following:

  •  After the work determines its budget, and the location that meets its expectations, we will inform it of the most suitable properties that meet its ambition.
  •  We will conduct an examination and study to prove the importance of the investment value in the region
  •  We will get the best prices thanks to our extensive relationships with construction companies
  •  Getting real estate valuation Which enables the customer to access many information, such as the real sale price of the apartment, occupancy information, land registry records, building plan, and previous value.
  •  Follow up on legal matters with our clients until receiving the title deed (Tabu).


 Are there any restrictions for foreigners buying real estate in Turkey?

There are some restrictions for foreigners, as they are not allowed to own a land group exceeding 2.5 hectareThey are not allowed to own real estate or land in security or military areas in Turkey.


 Is there a difference in the prices of real estate sold to foreigners, from those sold to Turks?

No, the prices are the same in all projects, and there is no difference between a foreigner or a Turkish citizen.


 Who can buy real estate in Turkey?

All nationalities can buy a property in Turkey, except for Syria, North Korea, and Armenia. 


 Can a foreign investor invest his real estate in Turkey by renting it on a daily or monthly basis?

Yes, the investor has the right to invest his property as he sees fit


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