Hakim Property - حكيم العقارية

Real estate expert in Turkey


Apartment and citizenship with Hakim Real Estate

Our prices start from 80,000 $

Own one or more properties
Worth 250,000 $
And get Turkish citizenship
With Hakim Real Estate

Free Citizenship Service


Within a maximum period of 90 days
The minimum requirement to obtain Turkish citizenship is to buy a property with a value of 250.000 $
It qualifies you to enter more than 75 Arab and European countries without an entry visa and the rest of the countries with a visa directly from the airport
Qualified real estate projects
High return on investment

Don't wait to buy land buy land and then wait

Real estate in convenient installments in Istanbul

No bank interest 0%

Price starts from 70,943 $

Live and invest in our project HG-207
With sea views and Girl's Island
On the Asian side of Istanbul

Price starts from 85,640 $

Avcilar beauty without borders and neighborhoods that do not sleep
Apartments inside or outside a residential complex
With views between the sea and the lake

The real estate expert is at your service from the airport until receiving the property

We will help you choose the best investment for you

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