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The best time to buy a property in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular

The best time to buy a property in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular

The opportunity has become easier to buy a house in Turkey, especially for those wishing to invest, with the improvement in real estate prices in general in the coming stages and the encouraging data and opportunities


 The best time to buy a property in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular

Investment in Turkey occupies a high position with the high demand for buying a property in Turkey, and despite real estate investment from options that give benefit and profit in the future, most people buy a residential property for stability or for the purpose of summer vacation in Turkey.

Therefore, it is necessary to take a look at the reality of the real estate market in Turkey to answer the following question:

Is this the right time to buy a property in Turkey?

The best time to buy a property in Turkey

Economic investors are divided into two parts

  • the first: He thinks about keeping his money in cash at this time for fear of the money market
  • Second: Proves that real estate investment is the most powerful investment to get interest and profit

Real estate investment experts in Turkey believe that this time is a golden opportunity for real estate investment, especially for those who have money and can pay for the property in cash without installments. They get a discount of up to approximately 30 %.

The experts confirmed their opinion, which was achieved through the statistics that proved the art of Turkish real estate investment, and they confirm the proposed increase for these profits in the coming time.

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Will it decrease or will prices rise in Turkey?

Through the statistics provided by the Turkish Statistical Institution regarding the financial costs of construction, these costs are living an increase that is many times their cost, as the cost of establishing a property in Turkey has increased from last year, according to official statistics.

Statistics prove that the construction pumping in Turkey has begun to shrink a little, and this positively affects price stability at the present time with an intense rise in the coming days, and it constitutes a real investment opportunity in real estate because the investor will reap distinguished results with the value of the property at an unprecedented speed.

A director of one of the major construction companies in Turkey said: Whoever does not own real estate in this golden time when real estate prices in Turkey have become cheap will feel remorse over time because they will witness a significant increase in prices.

He explained that the number of construction licenses may drop significantly, and this means that real estate in the Turkish market will witness an inevitable increase in demand, and therefore the large number of demand means an increase in prices.

Commenting on this, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Real Estate Construction Sector: “The companies have not yet reflected the increase in costs on prices. He also made it clear that real estate today is cheap in the real sense and with the passage of time it will witness an increase in prices.

In conclusion, according to the vision of Hakim Real Estate, the opportunity to own real estate in Turkey is a unique opportunity in the true meaning of the word, especially with the current reality of prices and expectations of their rise in the near future.

Apart from that, the advantages that buying a property provides, the most important of which is obtaining Turkish citizenship for anyone who buys a property or more with a value of 250.000 dollars, and Hakeem Real Estate Company | The real estate expert in Turkey provides distinguished real estate opportunities within the most important and best residential and commercial projects.

It is among the best residential and investment neighborhoods in Istanbul for those looking for real estate for sale in Turkey with a range of services included in the process of buying a property in Turkey.



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