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What are the rights of the tourist in Turkey 2022

Tourist rights in Turkey


Turkey is ranked among the top five tourist destinations in the world, as the World Tourism Organization announced that the annual growth rate in Turkish tourism sector It is the highest in the world, with a growth of 12%.

Turkey is the dream of every foreign tourist because of its historical monuments, tourist attractions and charming nature, in addition to its openness to European and Arab markets.

and not limited tourism in Turkey For recreation and hiking, but also Medical tourism in Turkey, as Tourist rights in Turkey Diverse and comprehensive, he will enjoy his annual leave and stay in an atmosphere full of safety and love.

If you are interested in tourism in Turkey, and would like to know What are the rights of a tourist in TurkeyYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will share with you all the detailed information on this matter.


 Information about tourism and tourist rights in Turkey

that Tourist rights in Turkey Diverse and comprehensive, it is sufficient for the tourist to know that he is in a safe and politically stable country that respects all religions and sects, and that the period of his stay will be filled with a safe and calm atmosphere.

As Turkey has been able to consolidate relations with the West and with Arab countries, by joining international organizations and alliances, such as NATO, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and others. This makes the tourist feel safe, thanks to the close relationship between Turkey and his country.

Turkey has also been able to exploit its tourism resources and its picturesque nature, and tourism varies between eco-tourism, medical tourism, and religious tourism, due to the large number of luxurious mosques dating back to the era of the Ottoman Caliphate, and the ancient historical churches in them.

Tourist rights in Turkey


 Reasons for booming tourism in Turkey and tourist rights in Turkey

There are several factors that Turkey has that led to its classification among the top five tourist destinations in the world, which are:

  • Turkey's distinguished geographical location, as it links the European and Asian continents, and is considered the gateway for Europeans wishing to visit the Middle East.
  • The historical depth and historical monuments that Turkey enjoys, attracting tourists from all over the world, and many of the monuments in Turkey have been classified on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • The temperate climate, in Turkey, the tourist will experience the four seasons, which is what tourists miss from cold European countries.
  • The charming nature and diverse terrain, from mountains, lakes and seas


 The best tourist cities 

From Tourist rights in Turkey He can go to a city he wishes to visit and learn about its historical monuments and tourist attractions. Among the most important tourist cities in Turkey, which are visited by thousands of tourists annually are:

  • Istanbul city
  • Trabzon city
  • Bursa city
  • Antalya city
  • Cappadocia
  • Marmaris

Tourist rights in Turkey 


 Tourist rights in Turkey and entry procedures

From Tourist rights in Turkey The great facilities that he enjoys upon entering it, as Turkey grants a visa (visa) to tourists from some Arab countries free of charge, and they are:

Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco.

The rest of the Arab countries are entitled to apply for a visa through Turkish consulates located in the Arab countries, at moderate and acceptable prices.


 Tourist rights and residence in Turkey

From Tourist rights in Turkey He can reside and reside anywhere he wants, whether near the tourist attractions, in the city center he is visiting, or near the sea views.

There is no law restricting his freedom to reside throughout his stay in Turkey.

And from Tourist rights in Turkey He can choose between the following:

  • Accommodation in luxury hotels with a sea view, an interior view, or even close to historical monuments.
  • Accommodation in hotel apartments with all hotel services
  • Accommodation in tourist apartments in the area preferred by the tourist.
  • accommodation in Tourist villas in Turkey


 Tourist rights in Turkey and tourism activities

From Tourist rights in Turkey He can visit all places and exercise all Tourist activities in TurkeyIt is diverse and full of adventure and excitement, including:

  • Balloon flight in Cappadocia
  • Skydiving from the tops of the highest mountains in Turkey
  • The sport of group kayaking through the rubber boat, and riding it between the valleys amidst the clashing waves and the flowing waters from the high waterfalls.
  • The sport of windsurfing from the plane.
  • Diving in the seas.

as that of Tourist rights in Turkey Visit all historical monuments, the most famous of which are:

  • Sultanahmet area, where the Hagia Sophia Mosque and the Blue Mosque are located, in addition to the ancient columns dating back to the Greek era.
  • Shopping in the Grand Bazaar
  • Pierre Loti hill
  • Galata Tower and Istiklal Street
  • Princesses Islands
  • Shopping on Baghdad Street in the Asian side of Istanbul.

Tourist rights in Turkey


 What are the most famous tourist cities in Turkey?

Istanbul is one of the most popular and popular tourist cities, followed by Antalya and Ankara.


 What are the most important museums that a tourist can visit in Turkey?

Topkapi Palace Museum, Dolmabahce Palace Museum, Mina Turk Museum, Chocolate Museum, Wax Museum, Sadberk Hanim Museum, Sakip Sabanci Museum.

 How much does a visa (visa) cost to Turkey?

The cost of a visa to Turkey is approximately $70.


 How can I apply for a visa (visa) to Turkey?

Through the Turkish consulate located in the country of the tourist, or through the website of the Turkish consulate.



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