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Basin Express, the way for money, business and the future of real estate in Istanbul

the description:
The area was named after him. Now, when we say Basin Express, we do not mean only the road, but also the area around it, whether on the eastern side, such as Bahja Feller, Bagcilar, Yeni Bosna, Guneshli, and Mahmoud Bey, or the western side, such as Kushok Chekmece, Atakent and Halkli.

The Baskin Express area was also named after the new Maslak, and the Basin Express Road was named after the Business and Money Road, as it is a residential investment area with distinction. Why?

The Maslak area, which includes the largest Turkish companies, banks, projects, and others, is now very crowded, and real estate prices there have increased significantly,

Therefore, the Turkish government has given priority to the Basin Express area to replace the Maslak area in the reconstruction and reconstruction. Billions of dollars were pumped into the region, in addition to tax exemptions, many companies, banks, malls, commercial centers, transportation lines and a large number of real estate projects in the region turned to serve the reconstruction in the region.


The Basin Express road is an essential artery for life in the center of Istanbul because it extends over 8 km and connects the two most important roads in Istanbul. The first road is the E5 road, which is the longest road in Istanbul and extends from the far east of the Asian part to the far west of the European part, and the metrobus transportation line that It works the whole day 24 hours without stopping, and the second road is the E80 road or the European road, which connects the Asian continent from Iran through Turkey to Europe via Bulgaria.

The actual start of the Basin Express road from the south side of the roundabout of Ataturk Airport or the old airport and heading north to the roundabout of Mall of Istanbul, and then the road extends north until it reaches the new Istanbul airport.

The Basin Express area is suitable for tourists because it is a new and luxurious area, and it is a central area that connects the East to the West, and the start of the road is about 11 km from the city center of Istanbul with Al-Fatih.


The most important transportation

Transportation is the artery and vein of cities, so any area in which Emaar has to be connected to all areas, in Basin Express, the new metro line M9 is now being built, which connects the north of Istanbul from Iketli station in Başakşehir and southern Istanbul and the Marmaray line at Atakoy station, in addition to For the Mahmud Bey metro line in Bagcilar to Megdeköy in Sisli.

The most important international and Arab schools

  • Tulip International Schools
  • Al-Manar International Schools
  • Al Aqsa International Schools
  • Arab International Schools
  • Knowledge Academy Schools

Most important hotels

The Hilton in Mall of Istanbul, J Rotana, Wanda Vista, Wyndham, Elite, Pullman, Sheraton, Mercury.

The most important universities

The Basin Express area is suitable for student housing due to the abundance of universities around it, such as Sabahattin Zaim, Kultur, Ariel, Kemerburgaz and Istinye universities.

The most important malls

The Basin Express area is a suitable area for families because there are a number of huge malls such as Mall of Istanbul, 212, Starcity, a plus, Galleria.

The most important commercial centers:

The area is also suitable for workers, investors and traders due to its proximity to the most important commercial centers such as Ashtok Center which is the most important market for the total sales sector, Ikiltli Industrial Zone, and Masco Market, the largest market for home and office furniture and furnishings, the Gold Center, the World Trade Center with the presence of the largest Turkish and international companies , in addition to the CNR Expo Center near Ataturk Airport, and Merter Market for Clothes and Fabrics.

The most important hospitals

In addition to the fact that the Basin Express area is suitable for tourism and investment, it is also suitable for the flourishing medical tourism in Turkey. The patients - may God heal them and grant them well - will be near the most important hospitals such as Acibadem Hospital, Bakirkoy, Istanbul Heart, Bagcilar, and also the largest hospital in Europe in the Basak region. Famed.

The most important projects

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