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Ranking and forecast of the Turkish economy 2022

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Turkey is one of the developed countries in the world, as it is one of the modern industrialized countries, especially in agricultural products, textiles, cars, weapons, and household appliances.

Turkey has the nineteenth rank of nominal GDP in the world, and ranks thirteenth in GDP by purchasing power parity.

And he could Turkish economy It is ranked 11th in the world, thanks to the strategic plans followed by the Turkish government, especially with regard to increasing the flow of foreign currency to Turkey.

  • The mechanism adopted in ranking the countries of the world economically
  • Ranking of the Turkish economy in the world
  • Turkish economy in a year 2022
  • Industries that support the Turkish economy
  • The expectations of international organizations regarding the affairs of the Turkish economy
  • Reasons for the rise of the Turkish economy

If you are interested in Turkish affairs andInvesting in Turkeyespecially in knowing everything related to Turkish economy, You have arrived at your destination, we are in Hakeem Real Estate Company We will share with you all the detailed information on this matter.


 The mechanism adopted in ranking the countries of the world economically

The world’s countries are ranked economically by a group of international economic organizations based on deep research and studies aimed at identifying the economic situation of each country separately and its economic development, and comparing it with the rest of the world.

I made sure International Monetary Fund The ranking of the world's countries in economic terms based on the value of each country's GDP based on its measurement in US dollars.

Accordingly, Turkey has the 19th largest nominal GDP in the world.

Turkey ranks thirteenth in GDP by purchasing power parity.

Turkish economy


 Ranking of the Turkish economy in the world

Turkey has a strong economy Turkish economy Ascending from thirteenth rank in the world to eleventh rank globally.

According to the data of the Turkish Statistics Authority and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has achieved Turkish economy In the fourth quarter of the previous year 2021 growth of 9.1%.

Turkey ranked third among the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

According to the Nike Frank International Index, Turkey is one of the largest markets in the world for the growth and increase in real estate prices.

Also, statistics organized by Ernst & Young showed that Turkey ranked second in the most attractive markets for investment, due to the Turkish government's encouragement to invest and provide incentives to investors, and even exempt them from taxes in order to flow foreign currency into it, which contributes to raising and developing Economy in Turkey.


 Turkish economy in a year 2022

announced Turkish Statistics Authority In a report published on its website on the annual economic growth rate for the first quarter of this year.

Where the authority clarified that Turkish economy It was able to achieve during the first quarter of this year 2022 a growth of 7.3%, despite the fluctuations Turkish lira rates Its difference against the exchange rate of a basket of other foreign currencies.

The authority announced that the value of the growth in Turkish economy It amounted to two trillion and 496 billion and 328 million Turkish liras.


 Industries that support the Turkish economy

Many industries spread in Turkey that enhance its economic position, and play an important role in supporting Turkish economy, and the most important:

  1.  cotton industry
  2. Tobacco
  3. The automotive industry, especially Electric cars in Turkey
  4.  Electrical Appliances Industry
  5. textile industry
  6. industry Turkish clothes.
  7. home furniture industry
  8. Plastic Products Industry
  9. Steel and iron industry in TurkeyTurkey ranks eighth in the world among iron and steel manufacturing and exporting countries.
  10. Shipbuilding in Turkey
  11.  Military and defense arms industry in Turkey

In addition to the spread of agricultural activities in the country that contribute to supporting Turkish economy By 30%, including:

  • Grain cultivation and export
  • Vegetable cultivation and export
  • Fruit cultivation and export.
  • Honey.


 The expectations of international organizations regarding the affairs of the Turkish economy

Economic forecasts published by the Spanish magazine "Moi Negocios ie Economia", which specializes in global economic affairs, indicated that the emerging countries are currently heading in the future to take the lead.

In its report, the magazine clarified its expectations regarding the shape of the economy and balances in the world by 2030, noting that countries that are in the process of growth, and enjoy a high percentage of youth, dynamism, stability and continuity of economic growth, will be eligible to be in the forefront, and will lead to a change in the ranking of the most countries The world's richest based on GDP-to-population calculations.

The forecasts of the Spanish magazine "Moi Negocios i Economia" for the year 2030 are as follows:

  • China ranks first as the most powerful economy in the world
  • India is in second place, characterized by the growth of the workforce, economic reforms and the development of investments.
  • The USA is in third place.
  • Indonesia ranks fourth, due to its young demographics and progressive workforce.
  • Turkey ranked fifth, as the magazine actively praised Turkish economy After the stagnation period, the Turkish government was able to benefit from the young demographics, the influx of foreign investments, and other factors in the development of the wheel Turkish economy.


 Reasons for the rise of the Turkish economy

There are a number of reasons that contributed to the development and advancement Turkish economyand maintaining its upward growth indicators, namely:

  1.  interest Turkish government Its focus is on production, especially in economic areas of a strategic nature, such as the energy, steel and mining industries.
  2. Protecting investments in the stock market from risks.
  3. keeping up Economy in Turkey Updates on the international economic map.
  4. openness Turkish economy On ideas of renewal, and employ creative mechanisms to solve emerging problems.
  5. Floating the price of the Turkish lira.
  6. Emphasize financial discipline.
  7. Granting independence to the Central Bank of Turkey.
  8. Opening the way for the flow of foreign capital to Turkey, where it provides Turkish government A lot of facilities for foreign investors, it allows them to work in Real Estate InvestmentAnd tourism companies, educational companies, and free businesses, such as opening large or small shops, with very low taxes compared to the rest of European countries.

Turkish economy


 Who is the most powerful country in the world economically?

The United States of America, with an estimated nominal GDP of $21.44 trillion.


 What is the global ranking of the Turkish economy?

occupy Economy in Turkey Ranked 11th in the world.



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