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Investing in Istanbul - Why invest in Istanbul?

Investing in Istanbul

Investing in Istanbul means a good return on investment and strong competition

A safe and stimulating investment environment is a key factor in a successful investment
Developed infrastructure cannot be overlooked, as it must constitute the base on which investment is based
So that the probability of investment success increases whenever the infrastructure is more solid and developed and keeps pace with the requirements of the times.
This is achieved well by investing in Istanbul
Because of the importance of this city on the domestic and international economic levels, Turkey and the world
The government plans to invest 1.5 trillion Turkish liras ($300 billion).
To develop the infrastructure and transportation sector throughout the country
One of the reasons for Istanbul's economic importance is that it is the gateway to export and import to Turkey
As stated by the annual data of the Turkish Statistical Institute

Istanbul accounts for about 50% of exports and 54% of imports into Turkey
As the financial capital of Turkey, it contributes annually to the Turkish GDP
Where it is considered the largest industrial center in the country with approximately 35% industrial employment in Turkey.
No less important than this is the provision of a legislative structure and economic laws that equalize between the local and foreign investors alike.
It is one of the most important factors that led to an increase in the rate of foreign investment in the Turkish real estate market
Where the Renaissance is the reality that Istanbul witnessed in the past period and the continuation of the civilizational transformation projects in the city
In full swing, it has made it among the most attractive cities for investment energies in the world.


The importance of Istanbul in terms of real estate investment

Multiple investment styles in the city

Where there are many different real estate projects in Istanbul according to the style of housing, there are residential projects in traditional houses, and luxury projects with a villa system, in addition to the availability of smart home projects, and the diversity of project areas between the different neighborhoods of Istanbul affects their prices, of course, housing in the city center is different from other extreme neighborhoods , but the most important thing that distinguishes the various projects in Istanbul is the focus of the construction companies on meeting all the needs and different demands in terms of prices and quality of housing, in addition to the luxury and diversity of services to ensure the comfort of residents. Municipalities are constantly working to provide the latest and best services, especially the Greater Istanbul Municipality.

Turkey employment in Istanbul

Istanbul covers about 35.1% of the employment in Turkey, and the average monthly income in Istanbul is about 640 USD which is the highest in Turkey, Istanbul is also an important center for international maritime trade with its commercial ports and position as a crossroads of international lands.

Investing in pioneering infrastructure projects

Global Data expects the Turkish real estate market to grow by 12.19%, and the forecast was based on the Turkish government's focus on investing in the development of the transportation sector within the vision of 2023.
Among the most important infrastructure projects (the three Bosphorus bridges, Istanbul's new airport, advanced public transportation, shopping malls and luxury Istanbul malls, 18 new metro lines, the Eurasia Tunnel connecting the two parts of the city across the bottom of the Bosphorus Strait, in addition to the upcoming Istanbul Water Canal project).

Continuing urban transformation projects in the city in full swing

The central location of the city

Industrial cities in Istanbul, free trade zones, as well as roads and bridges, diversified modes of transport, loading and unloading, water and sewage resources, electrical networks and communications of all kinds are allocated.

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