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Tourism investment in Turkey 2022

Tourism investment in Turkey


Turkey is located in a strategic location between the Asian and European continents, and is characterized by its picturesque nature and moderate climate, in addition to the presence of many historical monuments belonging to the ancient civilizations that followed it.

All of these factors made Tourism investment in Turkey An excellent investment opportunity that achieves high returns on profits, and attracts businessmen and foreign investors to invest in it, especially in Istanbul city, which was ranked as the second most popular city for tourists around the world.

and also in Antalya state Which is characterized by its charming beaches on the Mediterranean, where foreign investors want to Tourism investment in Antalya Because of the large number of tourists coming to it.

 Information about tourism investment in Turkey

  • Tourism investment law in Turkey for foreigners
  • Advantages of tourism investment in Turkey
  • Conditions for tourism investment in Turkey
  • Tourism investment opportunities in Turkey

If you are interested in Investing in Turkey, would like to know detailed information about Tourism investment in TurkeyYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will inform you of all the details about it.


 Information about tourism investment in Turkey

Turkey is ranked as the sixth best destination in the world, visited by about 46 million tourists every year tourism in Turkey With its diversity and diversity, it contains great historical monuments such as Yildiz Palace, Galata Tower, Istiklal Street and others.

It also contains wonderful tourist attractions, where the charming nature of natural rivers and lakes, health resorts, and luxury hotels with sea views.

Among the most important Turkish cities suitable for establishing a tourist investment in them are:


 Tourism investment law in Turkey for foreigners

The Turkish government supports foreign investors wishing to Tourism investment in TurkeyIn order to improve the Turkish economy and push its wheel to progress and compete with the most important developed countries, the government offers the following:

  • The Turkish government grants foreign investors in the tourism field equal rights and opportunities with Turkish investors.
  • The Turkish government requires foreign companies to have a legal advisor approved by the Turkish government, or a legal advisory office, in order to preserve the interests of the investor who owns the company, settle his affairs, and obtain business licenses.
  • The foreign investor who owns the company must deposit the amount of 25% from the capital of his company in one of the Turkish banks.
  • The priority in hiring for Turkish citizens is required, and the employment of foreigners is in exchange for a studied percentage. For every five Turkish employees, a foreign employee is hired.
  • A work permit is required for each employee of the company, and it is issued by the Turkish Ministry of Labor to guarantee the rights of employees.


 Advantages of tourism investment in Turkey

There are many advantages that encourage investors to Tourism investment in Turkey, including:

  • Turkey has a strong infrastructure.
  • Turkey contains many airports, the most famous of which is Istanbul's new airport, which is ranked as the third largest in the world.
  • There is great cultural diversity in Turkey, and a mixture of European civilization with Eastern customs, and therefore it is considered a destination for tourists, especially Arabs, for its richness in religious archaeological sites.
  • Turkey has many prominent historical monuments that attract tourists, tourist attractions and international commercial markets.
  • Diversity of means of transportation between land, sea and air.
  • It enjoys a moderate climate, hot in summer and cold in winter, and tourism is active throughout the year.
  • Turkey's openness to the Arab world, and to European markets as well.
  • There are luxury buildings and high-end residential complexes, in addition to the presence of traditional folk neighborhoods that fascinate tourists.


 Conditions for tourism investment in Turkey

There are a number of conditions that a foreign investor who wants to Investing in Turkey Especially in the field of tourism to achieve, namely:

  • Establishing a company in Turkey
  • Preparing the company's articles of association
  • Extracting the Turkish tax number
  • Obtaining a commercial register
  • Availability of a minimum capital in the company starting from ten thousand Turkish liras.
  • Translation and stamping of the foreign investor's passport from the Notre Department
  • Deposit at least 25% of the capital of the investor company in any Turkish bank.


 Tourism investment opportunities in Turkey

Turkey has a strong infrastructure that gives investors multiple opportunities and options to invest in it, and one of the most successful projects Tourism investment in Turkey:

  • The tourist hotels project, especially if they have a sea view and are close to the most famous historical monuments, this project will lead to huge profits throughout the year.
  • A luxury mall project, where this project is considered one of the most prominent tourism investment opportunities, as it includes cafes, restaurants and a children's playroom, in addition to a series of local and international stores of the most famous brands, which tourists visit to buy from.
  • The project of tourism facilities that are located in the resting places between the Turkish states, as they are intended for all tourists who visit the Turkish states.
  • The luxury restaurants project, especially if the restaurant offers a variety of foods from all the world's cuisines, and has a distinctive decor and a stunning view, it will achieve high returns on profits.
  • Project for rent chalets or hotel apartments overlooking the sea.
  • The project of establishing a tourism company in Turkey, and organizing trips for tourists coming to Turkey to all areas and charming tourist attractions.
  • project Buying an apartment in Turkey And take advantage of tourist rental returns.
  • project Buying villas in Turkey And take advantage of the returns of daily, weekly or monthly tourist rental.


 Is tourism investment in Turkey profitable?

Yes, as Turkey is an excellent tourist destination for Arab and foreign tourists annually, and the Turkish government encourages tourism and tourism investment.


 What are the types of tourism in Turkey?

Tourism for natural landmarks, historical tourism, religious tourism, medical tourism, winter tourism to enjoy skiing on its high mountainous peaks covered with snow.


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