Хаким Недвижимость | Эксперт по недвижимости в Турции





Хаким Недвижимость | Эксперт по недвижимости в Турции





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Who are we

Hakim groups : a large-scale Turkish company specializing in real estate consultancy and brokerage, headquartered in Istanbul, with many agents in various parts of the Arab world. Hakim Real Estate has great agreements with major Turkish construction companies and focuses its attention on foreign investors in the real estate field who wish to live and own real estate in Turkey

Why Turkey

Карта флага Турции svg
Turkey since 2010 has become a rapidly rising country like lightning coinciding with a revolution in infrastructure and real estate, medical and tourism development with government facilities at the highest levels resulting in the third (new) Istanbul Airport project, which is located in the north of Istanbul and receives more than 200 million passengers annually and resulted in the Canal project Istanbul, which will be ready in 2023, according to a circular by the Turkish government, which is the modern project, which is a waterway connecting the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, and thus becomes the new Bosphorus of Istanbul, from which it allows you to go to all parts of Turkey by sea in the water taxi. Unlimited government, Turkey has become attracting all foreign investors to invest their money in it.

Хаким Имущество

Apartments of all kinds

An apartment with a sea view – an apartment with a green view (gardens) – a smart apartment – an office apartment – a duplex apartment – apartments at cheap prices – a large area apartment – a small apartment – a residential apartment – an investment apartment – a hotel apartment.

Villas of all kinds

Independent villas – villas within a complex – villas with sea views – villas with green views (gardens) – large areas villas.


We have many commercial offices and shops ready and under construction in vital investment areas.

Lands of all kinds

We offer many lands prepared for residential, commercial or agricultural construction

Hakim Property Features

Hakim deals with the most powerful contracting companies in Turkey and Turkish government projects
It has agreement contracts with nearly 300 real estate projects in Turkey.
Through its extensive experience and relationships, it puts (a summary of real estate projects in your hands).
Most of its after-sales and pre-sale services are free and do not take a commission from the buyer or investor

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