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A wonderful and special project in Kadikoy

 Turkey, Istanbul, Asian Istanbul, Kadikoy

Price starts from:

  • ₺1,271,000

the description

يقع المشروع في منطقة كاديكوي في الجزء الاسيوي من اسطنبول إن مزايا وموقع كاديكوي الاستراتيجي جعل منه منطلقاً لأهم وأضخم المجمعات الإنشائية، تم انشاء المشروع على مساحة 26000 متر مربع يتكون من 3 أبراج من 24 طابقًا تبدآ خيارات الشقق من 1+0 حتى 1+3 باطلالات بحرية

Why the project

يتمتع المشروع بمرافق للياقة البدنية والساونا ومسارات للمشي وملاعب ومركز سبا ، بالإضافة إلى حمامات سباحة خارجية وداخلية لكل برج في أبراج المشروع، كما تنتظرك حياة سعيدة مع فرص التسوق التي تجعلها متاحة لك لتلبية جميع احتياجاتك دون الابتعاد عن منزلك.

It is a real opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship in only 90 days and to obtain the Tapu on the same day.

The project is a real real estate investment opportunity because it is located in the best areas and important locations in Istanbul.

Information about the area

Kadikoy is considered one of the most vital areas in the Asian part of Istanbul, because it is considered the confluence of the Bosphorus Strait with the Sea of Marmara, in addition to its meeting with the Eminonu area on the European side of Istanbul, in addition to having a touristic character and attracting visitors from all over the world thanks to its markets And its streets, all these factors made it an investment point that led to the launch of dozens of construction projects in it.

Ease of access to Kadikoy is one of the advantages of living in it, as it has various means of land, air and sea transportation. It is 20 km from Sabiha Airport, and Haydarpasa Train Station is located in the center of the region, in addition to the presence of a port for sea ferries coming from Eminonu.

One of the advantages of living in Kadikoy is its distinguished geographical location, its social and cultural characteristics, and its long history, in which ancient civilizations were fused.

the details

property type

  • Property Type Apartments, apartments within a condominium, apartments

delivery date

  • delivery date Ready

Project code:

  • Property ID HG-401

Away from

City center

  • Far from the city center 14 KM

the airport

  • Far from the airport 30 KM

the beach

  • away from the sea 5 KM

Shopping center

  • Far from the mall 5 KM

the University

  • away from the university 8 KM

the hospital

  • away from the hospital 2 KM

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  • The state  Turkey
  • the state  Istanbul, Asian Istanbul
  • Region Cady Qui
  • Zip Code / Zip

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