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Luxurious project in Maslak

 Turkey, Istanbul, European Istanbul, beds, path

Price starts from:

  • ₺2,527,000

the description

مشروع  استثماري فخم وبعدد شقق قليل مع اطلالات ساحرة على مدينة اسطنبول  في منطقة المال والاعمال مسلك 

تم بناء المشروع على مساحة 15000 متر مربع مكون من برج واحد فقط وبارتفاع 15 طابق وبعدد 114 شقة سكنية بمساحات 1+1 و1.5+1 اضافة الى عدد من المحلات التجارية .

Why the project

The distinctive location of the project in the financial and business district of Maslak, which is the commercial center of Istanbul 

المشروع يعتبر سكني واستثماري بنفس الوقت نظرا لقربه من خط المترو ولاطلالته الساحرة على مدينة اسطنبول 

Being one of the most upscale neighborhoods, the area is famous for its abundance of luxury malls, such as Istanbul Valley Mall, Istinye Park, international brand stores, hospitals, international and governmental schools and universities.  

The project is considered a center for sophistication and achieving the highest levels of luxury with its distinguished and hotel services and attractive design . 

Information about the area

The Maslak area administratively belongs to the municipality of Sarayer and is one of the most prominent residential, tourist and investment areas of Istanbul. It is characterized by its attractive views of the Bosphorus and the famous Belgrade forests. It is characterized by its historical facilities that attract attention such as Rumali Hisar Castle and the famous Emirgan Park, resulting in a distinctive area that combines history and urban modernity. 

Maslak is considered the financial and business center in Istanbul, as the area contains several skyscrapers, in addition to the most famous malls and international shops, and the Vodafone International Stadium, which made it one of the most important destinations for tourists, businessmen and investors 

The important location of Maslak is close to Sisli, Taksim and Eyup Sultan, and the area closest to the Asian section, and it provides many metro and bus networks. 

تعتبر مسلك ثاني اكثر المناطق رقي وارتفاع في اسعار العقارات 

the details

property type

  • Property Type Apartments within a residential complex, residence apartments, hotel apartments

delivery date

  • delivery date Ready

Project code:

  • Property ID HG-228

Away from

City center

  • Far from the city center 5km

the airport

  • Far from the airport 15km

the beach

  • away from the sea 2km

Shopping center

  • Far from the mall 600M

the University

  • away from the university 1km

the hospital

  • away from the hospital 500m

Available apartments

امكانية التقسيط

امكانية التقسيط


  • The state  Turkey
  • the state  Istanbul, European Istanbul
  • Region beds, lane
  • Zip Code / Zip

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