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The dream came true at the Sheraton Hotel

 Turkey, Istanbul, European Istanbul, Esenyurt

Price starts from:

  • ₺3,145,000

the description

Do you dream of living inside the Sheraton Hotel? Now the dream has become a reality. The project cannot be described with more than its internationally known name. Today, Hakeem Real Estate has provided you with the opportunity to live and invest in the giant Sheraton Hotel.

Why Sheraton Project

The Sheraton Residence project is one of the investment projects in Istanbul in the Esenyurt district
The Sheraton Hotel consists of a tower with a height of 43 floors, 11 floors of which will be dedicated to a five-star Sheraton hotel and two floors for recreational services located in high-end hotels, in addition to two buildings, the first with a height of eight floors dedicated to shops, and the second with a height of four floors, which will be offices
While the last floor of the tower was dedicated to an art gallery, which added a distinctive value to the project
The apartments will be equipped with the latest equipment, and the project in general is very suitable for businessmen and investors, as there are offices in the second block and the Sheraton Hotel, which includes elegant meeting rooms, in addition to a rare feature, which is the presence of a helipad.
In short, the project is a huge investment, and the construction company offers you a rental return guarantee for three years

Information about the area

Esenyurt is one of the largest areas within the European regions of Istanbul. It is the second largest municipality in the city. The area is famous for its many high-end public services. Wherever you look, you will find beautiful public facilities and parks.

Esenyurt is considered one of the most popular areas for real estate purchase due to its large population, the large intellectual diversity that exists and its proximity to all means of transportation.

Esenyurt is one of the most areas that provide all services due to the large number of Arab and Turkish markets that work around the clock, day and night, as it is the city that does not feel alienated in it.



the details

property type

  • Property Type Apartments, apartments within a residential complex, residence apartments, apartments, hotel apartments, hotels

delivery date

  • delivery date 30/12/2021

Project code:

  • Property ID HG-019

Away from

City center

  • Far from the city center 24 KM

the airport

  • Far from the airport 40 KM

the beach

  • away from the sea 5 KM

Shopping center

  • Far from the mall 0.5 KM

the University

  • away from the university 1 KM

the hospital

  • away from the hospital 1 KM

Available apartments

Possibility of installment Down payment 35% Installment up to 6 months Guaranteed rental return for three years 7%

Possibility of installment Down payment 35% Installment up to 18 months Guaranteed rental return for three years 7%


  • The state  Turkey
  • the state  Istanbul, European Istanbul
  • Region Esenyurt
  • Zip Code / Zip

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