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طرق الحصول على الجنسية التركية

Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

In light of the comprehensive renaissance that Turkey is witnessing, citizens of many countries in the region aspire to obtain Turkish citizenship and enjoy its advantages In the following article, …

الاختلاف بين العقار التجاري والسكني

The difference between commercial and residential real estate The differences between commercial and residential real estate

The owner of the property does not have to deal with the expenses related to the repair and maintenance of the property or to develop it significantly because in many …


European Istanbul, the meeting point of the past and the present

Constantinople of the past, the capital of the civilized world, the Pearl of Marmara, and the landing site for the hearts of those looking for life, investment and the launch …

الاستثمار في اسطنبول

Investing in Istanbul – Why invest in Istanbul?

INVESTING IN ISTANBUL MEANS A GOOD RETURN ON INVESTMENT AND STRONG COMPETITION A safe and stimulating investment environment is a key factor in a successful investment Developed infrastructure cannot be …

ولاية ازميت

Learn about the Turkish state of Izmit

  IZMIT PROVINCE, TURKEY It is considered one of the most famous and charming Turkish cities with a calm nature, scenic views and beautiful green forests Kocaeli, the charming Turkish …

باشاك شهير

Do you know the Basaksehir district of Istanbul

Basaksehir is considered the most attractive area for investors and those looking for a quiet life and safe real estate investment in Istanbul, so there are many questions and inquiries …

اسطنبول الاسيوية

Asian side of Istanbul

The city of Istanbul, with its geographical location, ancient history and social and cultural characteristics, is a melting pot of eastern and western civilizations, and that one city sits on …

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