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Konya is the largest Turkish state

Konya Province


considered as Konya Province The largest Turkish state in terms of area, and one of the oldest cities in Anatolia, it was the capital of the Seljuks and Sufis, and the Turks called it the city of Maulana, because Tomb of Jalal al-Din al-Rumi The mystic world and poet who founded the Mevlevi.

topping Konya city It is ranked seventh in the list of the most populous cities in Turkey. It is one of the cities with low costs of living, with a calm Islamic environment, and a strong infrastructure, especially in terms of education, where it is located Selcuk University, and two stars university erbakan The two are listed The best Turkish universities.

and famous state Konya With its strong economy, it is characterized by its important geographical location, as the ancient Silk Road passed through it, and therefore it is famous for industry, especially shoe cultivation, carpet industry, and aluminum manufacturing.

Konya is also famous for trade, especially grain, legumes, and silk trade.

  • Information about Konya Province
  • Konya Province historically
  • Historical Sites in Konya Province
  • Tourist places in Konya
  • Konya weather
  • Shopping in Konya Province

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 Information about Konya Province

area of state Konya 41,001 square kilometers, as it is considered the largest state in Turkey in terms of area, and the state ranks seventh in the list of the most densely populated cities, with a population of 225,020 people, according to the statistic of 2020.

Its capital is konya city, The state is located in the southern part of Central Anatolia, on the ancient Silk Road, and the southern part of the state is surrounded by the Taurus mountain range.

limit state Konya From the north side Ankara Province, bounded on the southwest side Antalya cityOn the south side, it is bounded by state Karaman, and the state of Mersin.

The state contains 31 counties and they are:

  • Halkapınar مقاطعة County
  • Ahırlı . County
  • Hüyük . County
  • Akören . County
  • Ilgın . County
  • Akşehir Province
  • Kadınhanı . Province
  • Altınekin . Province
  • Karapınar Province
  • Beyşehir Province
  • Karatay Province
  • Bozkır . Province
  • Kulu . District
  • Celtik Province
  • Meram District
  • Cihanbeyli District
  • Sarayönü . Province
  • Çumra . Province
  • Selçuku . Province
  • Derbent County
  • Seydişehir Province
  • Derebucak District
  • Taşkent Province
  • Doğan Province The Siege of Doğanhisar
  • Tuzlukçu Province
  • Emirgazi Province
  • Yeniceoba Province
  • Ereğli . County
  • Yalıhüyük . Province
  • Güneysınır . Province
  • Yunak . Province
  • Wrecker Hadim . County

Konya Province

 Konya Province historically

The effects discovered by scientists indicate that Konya Province It has been inhabited since the Late Chalcolithic, about 7000 BC.

Then many civilizations followed it, the Hittites inhabited it in 1500 BC, the Sea Peoples in 1200 BC, and the Phrygians in the eighth century BC, then it fell under the control of the Persian Empire, and then the Roman Empire.

And in the year 1097 it occurred state Konya Under the control of the Seljuks of Rome, and became their capital, and in the year 1420 the Ottoman Caliphate was able to annex Konya Province to its lands, and was administered by the sons of Sultan Mehmed II.

As for its name, it was known in ancient times in the Greek language as Ikonion, and in Latin as Ikonium, and it was pronounced in English as Konya.



 Historical Sites in Konya Province

that state konya It contains many prominent historical monuments, especially religious historical monuments, as this state inhabited since 7000 BC, and from Konya's most famous monuments:

  • Aladdin Mosque Which, with its decorations and walls with valuable wood carvings, represents the splendor of Ottoman architecture.
  • Selimiye Mosque.
  • Mevlana Museum in Konya Which contains the tomb of Jalal al-Din al-Rumi, the founder of the Mawlawi Sufi order, known as Mawlana.
  • Ins Minaret Museum
  • Konya Archaeological Museum It displays artifacts dating back to the Seljuk and Ottoman periods.
  • Karatay Museum school
  • Aziziyah Mosque
  • Konya Ethnographic Museum
  • Ataturk House Museum
  • St. Paul's Catholic Church at Aladdin Hill
  • Seljuk Tower, or Seljuk Tower Which is considered the tallest building in Konya, and it is a 163-meter-high skyscraper, consisting of 42 floors, and is famous for the restaurants located on its last floor that rotate and provide a panoramic view of the city.


 Tourist places in Konya

Is characterized by state Konya With many green spaces and nature reserves, and it has many prominent tourist attractions that attract tourists, and from The most famous sights in Konya she:

  • Lake Toze, or as it is known as Lake TozeguluIt is ranked second in the list of the largest lakes in Turkey.
  • Beysehir Lake, which is located near the Taurus mountain range, with its fresh water.
  • Butterflies garden Which extends over an area of 1,600 meters, and is considered the largest butterfly reserve in Europe, as the number of rare butterfly species reaches 40 species.
  • garden of justice Spread over an area of 102,000 square meters.
  •  Japanese garden, or Kyoto Park in Konya Spread over an area of 36,000 square meters, designed in Japanese style, it contains large lakes containing fish brought from Japan.
  • Lake Makkah, located on a volcanic land, is surrounded by gray color everywhere, and there are many black and brown rocks around it.

Konya Province

 Konya weather

Konya's weather is considered to have a semi-arid climate, due to the state's altitude above sea level.

where Winter in Konya Extreme cold with low rainfall, and the lowest temperature was recorded in the Konya winter in February of 1972, when the temperature reached -26.5 degrees Celsius below zero.

while characterizing Summer in Konya With extreme heat, the highest temperature was recorded in the summer of Konya in June of 2000, when the temperature reached 40.6 degrees Celsius.


 Shopping in Konya Province

There are many historical popular markets in Konya, dating back to the Middle Ages, and the most famous of them are:

  • Khan Karatay
  • Khan Zazadan
  • Khan Oberuk
  • Khan Haruzli

Konya contains many luxury shopping malls that contain the most important international luxury brands, the most famous of which are:

  • Kent Plaza Mall
  • M1 Mall Konya
  • Cool Set Mall.


 What is the postal code of Konya?



 How far is Konya from Istanbul?

It is 700 kilometers from Istanbul, which is equivalent to about eight hours of travel by car.


 How far is Konya from Ankara?

It is 263 km from Ankara, which is equivalent to about three hours of travel by car.



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