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Famous Sakarya State in Turkey 2022

Sakarya State


considered as Sakarya State One of the Turkish states that is distinguished by its tourist destination, located in northwestern Turkey, and its capital is the city of Adapazari.

It is considered Sakarya city Or Sakarya is one of the cities near the city of Istanbul, where it is only 155 km away, and therefore it is considered one of the preferred areas for housing, due to its proximity to the city and the quality of its infrastructure, especially at the educational level so that it contains Sakarya University Which is ranked 24th in the list of the best Turkish universities.

Characterized by state Sakarya With its view of the Black Sea, and its charming nature, where there are many green spaces, rivers, and natural lakes, the most famous of them are Sapanca lake.

  • Information about the state of Sakarya
  • History of Sakarya
  • Historic Sites in Sakarya
  • Tourist places in Sakarya
  • The beaches of Sakarya
  • Sakarya weather
  • Investing in Sakarya
  • Shopping in Sakarya

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Information about the state of Sakarya

area of Sakarya State Or Sakarya 4895 square kilometers, with a population of 756,168, according to the statistics of the Nafusa Department issued in 2018.

Located state Sakarya In the Marmara region of northwestern Turkey, which overlooks the Black Sea.

It is distinguished by its vital location, as it mediates the road between Ankara city And between the city of Istanbul, as it borders it on the western side Kogali State, bounded on the eastern side Duzga Province, and Bolu state, bounded on the south side Bilecik State, Bursa ProvinceIt is bordered on the north by the Black Sea.

The state consists of 16 counties, and they are:

  • Adapazarı
  • Akyazı
  • Arifiye
  • Erenler
  • Ferizli
  • Giva Geyve
  • Hendek
  • Karapürçek
  • Karasu
  • Kaynarca
  • Koca Ali Kocaali
  • Pamukova Ufa Pamukova
  • Sapanca
  • Serdivan
  • Söğütlü
  • Taraklı


 History of Sakarya

The history of this state dates back to the 12th century BC, in the era of Hetit, and then the Phrygians, Lydians, and Persians followed it.

The Byzantines took it as a colony, and built castles there to protect their empire from incoming raids by the Sakarya River.

Sakarya or Sakarya is named after the grandson of the river goddess Sangari, a name given to it by the Phrygians who controlled it until the seventeenth century.

In the thirteenth century AD, the Ottoman leader Konur Alp was able to inaugurate it, and annex it to the states of the Ottoman Caliphate.

 Historic Sites in Sakarya

resides in Sakarya State Many historical monuments and landmarks extending to all ancient civilizations, the most famous of which are:

  • Justinian's Bridge Its construction dates back to the Byzantine era, when it was erected on the Sakarya River, and it connected Constantinople with the eastern provinces.
  • Harmentip Castle, which dates back to the twelfth century AD, when the Byzantines built it to repel raids on the Sakarya River.
  • Orhan Mosque built of wood, built by the Ottomans in 1325
  • Sheikh Mosleh El Din Mosque.
  • Sakarya Museum
  • The Earthquake Museum, which contains a collection of important information about earthquakes in the form of realistic models and panels that explain the movements of earthquakes, their causes and the effects that cause them.
  • Bayezid II Bridge made of large cut stones.


 Tourist places in Sakarya

Is characterized by state Sakarya As a tourist destination, because there are many natural attractions in it, the most famous of which are:

  • Lake Berzar which is considered from The most beautiful lakes in Turkey, especially in the spring when it is filled with multiple types of migratory birds, and a nature reserve has been established around it.
  • Sakarya River
  • Sapanca lakeIn which a rowing competition is held every year, it receives many Turkish clubs from all states, and is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sakarya.
  • Therapeutic mud resort, with therapeutic mineral hot springs in the city of Tarakli, which helps to cure rheumatic diseases, and some neurological and skin diseases.
  • The plateau of Tarakli Karagul, which has been called the plateau of magic and beauty, is spread by a group of lakes, with winding green roads in the middle.
  • Mount Kartepe, with a length of 1650 meters, and the meaning of the name is the peak of the snow, as it is considered a destination for ski lovers in the winter.
  • The Kozluk Thermal region is rich in hot springs, which has been ranked as the most popular medical tourism destination in Turkey.
  • Water City in ScaryWhich is classified as the largest water city in the eastern Marmara region, and includes family pools, separate pools, and pools for children, all of which are equipped with water games.
  • plateau Sardvan Sakarya Popular with skydiving enthusiasts.

Sakarya State

 The beaches of Sakarya

Located state Sakarya On the Black Sea, where there are many beaches with clean water, the most famous of them are:

  • The Black Sea Beach, where camping and tourism are with clean and clear waters, and is considered the longest beach overlooking the Black Sea from the north side
  • Karasu Beach
  • Koga Ali Beach.


 Sakarya weather

The state enjoys a Black Sea climate, where the weather tends to be moderate. Winter temperatures tend to be warm in the areas near the Black Sea, and cold the farther away from it, where rain and snow fall, especially on the top of Mount Kartepe.

As for the summer, it is pleasant with cool breezes.


 Investing in Sakarya

There are many features that make Invest in Sakarya, or buy Villas in Sapanca An important investment opportunity, which is:

  • considered as Sakarya city One of the large industrial cities, where there are a large number of institutions and factories of sugar, car wheels, minerals and others.
  • Sakarya is one of the important tourist cities due to its location on the Black Sea coast, the presence of natural lakes, and its proximity to Istanbul.
  • Many five-star hotels, the most famous of which are the Ramada by Wyndham Sakarya Hotel near SF Abasianic Park, the Premier Inn Sakarya Hotel, and the Balturik Sakarya Hotel.
  • The large number of tourist attractions and its great fame among Arab and foreign tourists, who flock to it in abundance, and want to spend a wonderful night in Sapanca Huts.
  • Availability of many job opportunities in all fields.
  • Sakarya Prefecture's strong infrastructure
  • There are many public and private universities, including the most famous Sakarya University Which ranks 24th in the list The best Turkish universitiesIts curricula are taught in both English and Turkish.

Sakarya State

 Shopping in Sakarya

The state includes many popular markets, and the most famous of them are The long market in Sakarya Or as it is called Uzun Charshi, whose construction dates back to the seventeenth century.

The state of Sakarya also includes many luxury shopping centers that contain the most famous brands, including:

  • Mall Ada
  • Agora Mall
  • Serdvan Mall


 How far is Sakarya from Istanbul?

It is 155 km away from Istanbul.


 Is Sakarya state affiliated with Istanbul?

No, Faskaria is one of the Turkish states, but it is close to Istanbul, where it is only two hours away by car.


 What are the ways to go from Istanbul to Sakarya?

There are two ways to go to Sakarya city, and they are:

  • The first way is by bus or car, as the road takes about two hours.
  • The second way is by using the train, where the state is connected to the rest of the Turkish states by a railway, and it sets off Sakarya train From Bandak District It is located in the Asian side of Istanbul.




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