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Bolu State Heart of Nature



that Bolu It is one of the Turkish states, and its capital Bolu CityIt is considered one of the most attractive areas in Turkey, as it has vast green areas, diverse vegetation, wonderful waterfalls cascading from the tops of the mountains, and hot sulfur springs, in addition to its mountainous nature, which is visited by climbing lovers in summer, and ski enthusiasts in winter.

Located state Bol In the northwestern region of Turkey, overlooking the Black Sea, between the charming city of Istanbul and the city of Ankara, the capital of the Turkish Republic, it is known as Polo Abant, Ratio Abant Complex in Bolu Popular with tourists.

The state is famous for producing the finest and most luxurious types of perfume, as it contains a very large number of rare aromatic flowers, with a distinctive and fragrant smell, in addition to distinctive plants and wonderful trees.

Bolu is also famous for its historical monuments and tourist attractions, especially its lakes Bolu Lakes 200 lakes, and its hot sulfur springs, which visitors visit to recover from skin diseases, bone diseases and rheumatism.

  • Information about Bolu
  • Historically Bolu State
  • Historic Sites in Bolu
  • Tourist places in Bolu
  • Bolu weather
  • Shopping in Bolu

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 Information about Bolu

Located Bolu On the northern side of Turkey, overlooking the Black Sea, between the charming city of Istanbul and the capital, Ankara.

The area is state Bol 10716 square kilometers, mostly green areas and vegetation cover, the number of the population is small compared to other Turkish states.

According to the statistics of 2018, the number of Inhabitants of Bolu It has 205,525 people.

It is considered Bolu One of the favorite areas for picnics, and spending the most beautiful times in the lap of nature.

Where domestic and foreign investors buy Villas in Bolu For holidays, and for summer, due to the calmness of the state and its distance from the hustle and bustle of large cities, it was classified Bolu It is the 59th most crowded city in Turkey, and has been named the Heart of Nature.

The state is made up of 8 major districts, which are:

  • Dörtdivan County
  • Gerede County
  • Göynük . County
  • Kıbrıscık . Province
  • Mengen County
  • Mudurnu District
  • Seben . County
  • Yeniçağa Province.


 Historically Bolu State

Scientists in the state have discovered ancient artifacts and fossils confirming that Bolu It has been inhabited since the Neolithic period, as well as ruins dating back to the Bronze Age.

A large number of ancient civilizations followed the state, and it was ruled by the Persians, the Romans, and the Byzantines.

After the Byzantine Empire lost its war with the Seljuk Turks, the state Bol to the Komnenos era.

In 1461 the Ottomans were able to annex the state to the lands of the Ottoman Caliphate.


 Historic Sites in Bolu

resides in state Bol A large number of historical monuments, this Turkish state has been inhabited since the Neolithic and Bronze Age, in addition to many civilizations that followed it, and from The most famous effects of Bolu

  • Polo Museum Which contains antiquities and fossils dating back to the Neolithic and Bronze Age, in addition to the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Seljuk periods. The museum was established in 1975 to be a witness to the splendor of ancient civilizations.
  • Victory Tower, which indicates victory in the Battle of Sakarya Square.
  • The rocky houses that date back to the period of Frankish rule in the region.
  • Yildirim Bayezid Mosque It has a unique architecture, and contains a library containing precious books.
  • The historical Sultan Hammam, which is located in the city center, and is for women only
  • Mudurnu Ya Bayezid Bath, which is designed in the Ottoman style, and has a special wedding ritual.


 Tourist places in Bolu

enjoy state Bol With its charming nature, it is famous for its vegetation cover, green forests with vast areas, and its 200 lakes, and it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bolu.

  • Lake Abant in Bolu The area is 1.28 km, and a large number of pets live around it, such as deer and rabbits, and it has a 7 km long walkway intended for jogging and walking enthusiasts.

The lake includes a large number of water lilies that decorate the lake, and in the winter the lake freezes, and becomes a haven for lovers of snowboarding.

  • garden andSeven Lakes Reserve, or as some call it the secret paradise, which contains beech trees, oaks, pines, and rose plants numbering up to 236 species.

The reserve extends over an area of 1642 hectares, and consists of seven lakes on two hills, one 100 meters above the other, which allowed for the emergence of small waterfalls in it.

  • Samandra waterfall Which flows into Lake Aftini, and its area reaches 12,000 square feet.
  • Sari Kaya Cave
  • Vakili Cave
  • Aksu cave
  • Lake Golcik It is an artificial lake, known as the Sky Lake, due to its enormous height at the top of the mountain, and it extends over 1000 meters, and its width reaches 2.5 kilometers.
  • Kartal Kaya area where Aladag meadows are located, which visitors come to in winter to enjoy skiing.
  • Mengen, where the annual Chefs Festival is held.
  • Modorno is famous for its traditional wooden houses, which represent the classic face of ancient Turkish architecture.
  • Goynuk, famous for its old houses built in the traditional Ottoman style, is also home to the mausoleum of Aq Shams al-Din, the educator and educator of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.
  • Karajasu hot springs flowing from the ground, which helps to heal joint diseases, skin diseases, osteoporosis, rheumatism, and stroke, in addition to treating the skin, and providing the body with energy and vitality.


Bolu weather

Is characterized by state Bol It has a humid continental climate, rising 1325 meters above sea level Winter in Bolu It is very cold, and snow falls a lot, and the average temperature in January is 0.9 degrees Celsius.

While the summer in Bolu is hot, but it is interspersed with nice and cool breezes, as the average temperature in June is 31 degrees Celsius.


 Shopping in Bolu

There are many popular markets scattered around state BolIn addition to many luxury malls that contain the most important international and local Turkish brands, and one of the most famous Polo malls

  • Mesopotamia markets.
  • Bodrum Mall 14
  • Start Mall
  • Highway Outlet Mall
  • Ozdilek Polo Mall


 How far is Bolu from Istanbul?

It is 262 km away from Istanbul, which is approximately 3 hours.


 How far is Bolu from Ankara?

It is 192 km from Istanbul.


 What is the zip code for Bolu state?




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