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Antalya state important information to know 2022

Antalya state


Located Antalya state In the southwest of Turkey, overlooking the Mediterranean, and part of it is surrounded by the Taurus mountain range, and therefore it enjoys a mild climate in summer and winter.

It is considered city Antalya One of the most attractive cities for foreign tourists in Turkey, due to its many beaches with clear waters to the point of seeing pebbles and sea creatures in them, in addition to golden sands, multiple activities and the presence of water sports such as surfing and others.

It is not a recent city, but its foundation and existence date back to the third century BC.

As for its name, it dates back to the 150th century BC, when Attalus II, King of Pergamon, ordered his soldiers to search for a paradise-like area on earth.

After a painstaking search, they found Antalya, so Attalos II lived in it and chose it as a naval base for his mighty fleet in it, and he named it Atalia, which became in the time of the Byzantine Empire Adalia and then during the era of the Ottoman Caliphate and to this day Antalya.

  • Information about Antalya
  • Historically, Antalya
  • Historical Sites in Antalya
  • Tourist places in Antalya
  • Antalya beaches
  • Antalya weather
  • Investing in Antalya
  • Shopping in Antalya

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 Information about Antalya

Antalya is located in the southwest of the Republic of Turkey, overlooking the Mediterranean coast, with an area of 1,417 square kilometers, and its population density was ranked fifth, according to the latest statistics issued in 2020, its population reached 2548,308 people.


 Historically, Antalya

Antalya is one of the ancient cities, where excavations dating back to the third century BC were discovered.

As for its name, it goes back to Attalus II, King of Pergamon, who ordered his soldiers to search for a paradise-like region on earth.

After a painstaking search, they found Antalya, so Attalus II dwelt there and chose it as a naval base for his mighty fleet in 150 BC, and named it Atalia.

In 133 BC Attalia became part of the Roman Empire.

And its name was changed to the city of Adalia and then Antalya.

Antalya state

 Historical Sites in Antalya

The establishment of the city dates back to the third century BC, and therefore it contains many historical places, the most famous of which are:

  • Kaleici district, which was able to obtain the Golden Apple Award for tourism, for its preservation of its historical character, where there are hotels, clubs, restaurants and Kaleiçi Museum.
  • The old building s which includes the city walls, hydralic tower, hadrian's gate called triple gate and clock tower.
  • The Broken Minaret Mosque, formerly a Byzantine church.
  • The Yevlev Minaret Mosque or the so-called decorated minaret, which is considered a symbol of the city, was built by the Seljuks and decorated with dark blue and turquoise tiles.
  • Murad Pasha Mosque
  • Ahi Youssef Mesidi Mosque
  • Osman Effendi Mosque.
  • The archaeological site of Aspendos

Antalya state

 Tourist places in Antalya

There are many tourist places that tourists go to to take pictures and enjoy the most beautiful memories Tourist places in Antalya:

  • Duden Waterfalls, Antalya
  • Larra Falls
  • Manavgat Waterfalls
  • Antalya old city
  • old city port
  • Koprulu Valley

Antalya state

 Antalya beaches

The most characteristic of this wonderful city, or as it is called the paradise of the earth, is the large number of wonderful beaches in it, as its beaches are with clear water, golden sand, and an enjoyable atmosphere that attracts tourists from all countries of the world, especially European, and its most important beaches are:

  • Phaselis Beach which is located in Kemer region North of Antalya, which enjoys its pure water and golden sands.
  • Konyaalti Beach It is considered one of the most Antalya beaches Fame, due to the presence of the international blue flag, which indicates the cleanliness and vitality of the beach, and because of its humid weather.
  • Cirali Beach, southwest Antalya state, which is famous for having a secluded beach with a length of three kilometers.
  • Olympos Beach It is considered The purest beach in AntalyaSo much so that pebbles can be seen at the bottom of the sea water at a depth of eight metres.
  • Damlatas Beach, a sandy beach located in the west of the ancient peninsula, is one of the beaches with clear waters that you can see fish and marine life.
  • Adrasan Beach
  • Lara Beach, which attracts a lot of tourists and locals, with a series of restaurants and luxury hotels scattered on it.
  • Patara Beach, which is ranked as one of the best and largest beaches in the world, is characterized by its clean water and fine fine sand.
  • Cleopatra Beach with its clear blue waters, soft sand and bustling atmosphere.
  • Kaputas Beach, which is characterized by the color of its white sand.
  • Fugla Beach with golden sands, where there are a series of restaurants, hotels and luxury tourist resorts.
  • Kadinlar beach which is Antalya beach for women Just.
  • Kemer Beach Which is one of the most famous beaches of Antalya, characterized by its warm waters, and the presence of many recreational activities and water sports.
  • Belek Beach, which has multiple water sports.

Antalya state

 Antalya weather

The weather in Antalya is characterized by a warm climate. It is hot and dry in summer, and warm and rainy, due to the presence of the Taurus Mountains that protect it from the cold northern winds.


 Investing in Antalya

There are many advantages that make investing in state Antalya A golden opportunity for investors wishing to achieve high financial returns, and these advantages are:

  • The city is considered one of the most touristic cities in Turkey, as millions of people visit it annually to enjoy its picturesque atmosphere and charming beaches.
  • The city is located on the Mediterranean coast, and therefore enjoys a mild climate in summer and winter.
  • The city has a strong infrastructure to match its touristic character.
  • all Apartments in Antalya, or Real estate in Antalya, or Villas in Antalya Suitable for investors wishing to acquire Turkish Nationality.
  • The abundance of government and private medical centers and hospitals, schools, universities and shopping centers in the city.
  • When the investor wants to rent his property, he will get very high rental returns.
  • increase Antalya real estate prices Annually at a rate of 30%.
  • Presence Antalya International Airport Which is the main airport for cities located in southern Turkey, and is considered one of the newest airports in Turkey, and is designed to accommodate more than thirty-five thousand passengers.

Antalya state

 Shopping in Antalya

not limited Shopping in Antalya On the luxury shopping centers only, but there are markets in the old city of ancient history that attract tourists and fascinate them with its splendor, and one of the most famous Antalya markets:

  • Kaleici Bazaar, which is surrounded by ancient walls dating back to the era of the Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk empires, was restored during the era of the Ottoman Caliphate.
  • Laura Street Market, which is considered one of the popular markets, and there are local products at cheap prices.
  • Wednesday market in Antalya Which is meant for tourists because of its acceptable prices.

There are also many luxury malls in the city The most famous malls in Antalya:

  • Erasta Retail Mall
  • Ozdilek Park Mall
  • Terra City Mall
  • Mall Mall Mark
  • Antalya Mall

Antalya state

 How far is Antalya from Istanbul?

away Antalya About Istanbul A distance of 697.5 km, equivalent to approximately 8 and a half hours by car, and an hour and twenty minutes by plane from Istanbul Airport to Antalya Airport.


 Is tourism in Antalya expensive?

Tourism in Antalya Acceptable if compared to tourism in Europe or some Arab countries, where the average cost of Accommodation in Antalya per person, about $20 per day, and it varies according to the type of accommodation desired (a hotel near the sea, a hotel apartment, a two-star hotel…etc).


 Is Antalya safe?

Yes, considered Antalya It has been a safe city for decades, and therefore it is crowded with tourists from all over the world.



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