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Eskişehir, the home of white gold



considered as Eskişehir One of the Turkish states, located in northwestern Turkey, and its capital is Eskişehir cityIt is one of the largest cities in Turkey, and ranked twenty-fifth as the most crowded city in Turkey, with a population of 871,187.

It is considered state Eskişehir It is one of the preferred states for families to live in, as it contains advanced universities that teach their curricula in an advanced academic manner. Osman Gazi University, and Eskişehir University, And Anadolu University In it, where a very large number of students flock, to the point where it has been called the university city, or the city of students, the ÜNİAR Foundation has awarded the city of Eskişehir the title of a friendly city for university students.

It is also ranked as the safest state in Turkey, as it is famous for its quiet people and low crime rate.

topped Eskişehir Eighth place as the safest state in the world, according to international statistics.

and famous state Eskişehir  By extracting the meerschaum stone, which is called the white gold, and is also famous for the spread of thoroughbred horse farms in it

  • Information about Eskişehir
  • Eskişehir is historically famous
  • Eskişehir state website
  • Historical Sites in Eskişehir
  • Tourist places in Eskişehir
  • Eskişehir weather
  • Shopping in Eskişehir

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 Information about Eskişehir

Located Eskişehir In the center of Anatolia, with an area of 2,678 km, and the 440 km long Borsk Chai River.

considered as state Eskişehir One of the large cities, and ranked 25th as the most crowded city in Turkey, according to the statistics of 2018, its population was 871,187.

The state is famous for its lush hills, green spaces, and hot springs, which are popular with tourists for treatment and recovery from skin diseases and rheumatism.

Eskişehir is also famous for being the home of white gold, from where meerschaumite is extracted, which is called by several names, including white gold, sea foam, or mole stone.

and famous state Eskişehir It is the home of purebred horses, due to the large spread of thoroughbred horse farms in it since the nineteenth century, especially the purebred Arabian horses known for their patience and speed in running.

In the nineteenth century, the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II allocated a large-area farm in the state to breed thoroughbred horses that would lead the conquests and fight against colonial countries. Until now, thoroughbred horses are still bred there.

It is considered a state Eskişehir It is one of the safest Turkish states to live in, due to its low crime rate, and the majority of its residents are young people and science students, and therefore ranked eighth in the world as the safest city to live in, where the population is distributed within its 14 provinces, and they are:

  • Alpu County
  • Beylikova District
  • Çifteler Province
  • Günyüzü . County
  • Khan District
  • İnönü . County
  • Mahmudiye . District
  • Mihalgazi District
  • Mihalıççık . District
  • Odunpazarı . Province
  • Sarıcakaya Province
  • Seyitgazi District
  • The Siege of Sivrihisar
  • Tepabaşı . Province


 Eskişehir is historically famous

signed a mandate Eskişehir Under the rule of many civilizations, where the Hittites established a settlement in 1460 BC.

has been built Eskişehir city In the first millennium BC, specifically the time of the Greeks on the shores of the Porsik River, it was nicknamed Dorillion.

Many civilizations were established in it, such as the Phrygia civilization in the twelfth century BC, the Byzantine Empire, and the Seljuks of Rome, who called it Sultanunu, and worked to develop architecture in it.

In 1289, Osman bin Ertugrul was able to conquer Eskişehir It was annexed to the lands of the Ottoman Caliphate, and its name was changed, as it was called Eskişehir, meaning the old city, due to the large number of historical monuments of all the civilizations present in it, especially the monuments of the Phrygian Kingdom.


 Eskişehir state website

located in the state of Eskişehir In a strategic location, it is bordered on the north by Mahal Gazi and Sari Cakia states, Albo state on the east and Ankara state, Afyon state, Mahmudiyah on the south, and Seyed Gazi on the west, Kütahya and Inonu state on the west.


 Historical Sites in Eskişehir

successively over the mandate of Eskişehir Many ancient civilizations, and therefore contain many prominent historical monuments that attract tourists, the most famous of which are:

  • Oden houses in my view
  • Contemporary Glass Art Museum
  • Al-Rasas Complex, which is one of the monuments of the Ottoman Caliphate, was established in 1525 during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent
  • Anadolu University Museum of Animation Art
  • Eskişehir Archeology Museum
  • Wax Museum, which displays statues made of wax of famous personalities in different historical and contemporary times.


 Tourist places in Eskişehir

The state of Eskişehir is famous for its diverse nature among the mountains, valleys and plateaus. Among the most famous tourist attractions in Eskişehir are:

  • Wadi Al-Farij is located in the southeast of Eskişehir, in the south of the Turkmen Mountains
  • Science and Arts Park
  • Musa Oz Dam
  • Qalabqa waterfall
  • Sazova Castle and Garden
  • Princesses Palace or Cinderella Palace
  • Porsuk River
  • Kent Park, which includes various recreational facilities, including gyms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a horse riding track.


 Eskişehir weather

Featuring The climate of Eskişehir It is a continental climate, as the weather in the winter is very cold, and it snows heavily.

while considered Eskişehir weather In the summer it is very hot, and it rarely rains.


 Shopping in Eskişehir

Famous for the state Eskişehir With a large number of popular markets spread among its ancient alleys of a historical nature, the most famous of them is the manual labor market located in the Odon Pazari neighborhood, which is a popular market with handicrafts, in addition to stone and wood artifacts.

as famous Eskişehir With many luxury shopping centers that contain the most luxurious prominent international brands, in addition to local and international restaurants, and recreational activities, and among the most famous Eskişehir malls:

  • Spark Shopping Center
  • Vika Outlet Mall
  • Cantlie Mall
  • NeoPlus Mall


 How far is the state of Eskişehir from the city of Ankara?

It is 233 km from Ankara, which is approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes by bus.


 How far is Eskişehir from Istanbul?

It is 330 kilometers from Istanbul, which is approximately 4 hours by car.


 What is the postal code for Eskişehir?



 How can I go from Istanbul to Eskişehir?

By bus or car, or by using Eskişehir trainIn the state, there is an express train linking Istanbul, Ankara, and Konya.



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