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Izmir State Important information to know 2022

Izmir Province

that Izmir Province It is one of the Turkish states, and ranked as the third most populous city in Turkey, and ranked first in terms of exporting goods and selling pharmaceutical products to all parts of the world.

Located state izmir It is located west of Anatolia on the coast of the Aegean Sea, in the Asian continent of Turkey.

It is considered Izmir Province One of the major cities in Turkey, it is famous for its nature, charming forests and fresh air.

as famous state izmir With its port, which is the first main port for export from Turkey to all countries of the world, it was ranked as the second largest port in Turkey after the port of Istanbul.

  • Information about Izmir
  • Historically, Izmir
  • Historical Sites in Izmir
  • Tourist places in Izmir
  • Izmir beaches
  • Izmir weather
  • Investing in Izmir
  • Shopping in Izmir

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 Information about Izmir

Located Izmir Province In western Anatolia, on the coast of the Aegean Sea, it is considered the pearl of the Aegean Sea.

It has an area of 11,973 km², and it surrounds the state of Izmir It is bordered by many important states, from the north side Balıkesir StateOn the east side, it is bounded by Manisa StateOn the south side, it is bounded by Eden StateOn the western side, the Aegean Sea.

According to the latest statistic issued in 2021, its population is 4,425,789.

The state consists of 39 counties, which are:

  • Aliaga district
  • Balçova . County
  • Bayındır . Province
  • Bayraklı . Province
  • Bergama County
  • Beydağ مقاطعة Province
  • Bornova Province, Bornova
  • Buca . District
  • Ceşme . Province
  • Çiğli مقاطعة Province
  • Dikili District
  • Foca . Province
  • Gaziemir Province
  • Güzelbahçe . Province
  • Karabağlar Province
  • Karaburun Province
  • Karşıyaka . Province
  • Kemalpaşa Province
  • Kınık . County
  • Kiraz . Province
  • Konak . Province
  • Menderes Province
  • Menemen مقاطعة County
  • Narlıdere مقاطعة County Narlıdere
  • Ödemiş . Province
  • Seferihisar Siege Province
  • Selçuk . Province
  • Tire . County
  • Torbalı . Province
  • Urla County

Izmir Province

 Historically, Izmir

establish Izmir Province The Greeks, whose name is derived from the Greek, where they were known as Smyrna, or Smyrna.

In the Middle Ages, Westerners called it several names, such as Samir, Zamira, Ismera, and Isamira.

Ibn Battuta called it Yazmir.

Several ancient civilizations followed the city of Izmir, namely the Greek, Byzantine, Seljuk, and then Ottoman civilizations.


Historical Sites in Izmir

Several ancient civilizations followed the state of Izmir, and therefore it contains many prominent historical monuments and monuments, the most famous of which are:

  • izmir clock tower The 25-meter-long, which is located in Konak Square, was built in 1901 AD to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Abdul Hamid II's accession to the throne.
  • Kadivi Kali CastleBuilt by General Lysmachus, it is known as the Velvet Castle
  • Assur, or izmir elevatorIt is a historical building located in Kratas Square.
  • The city of Ephesus, which was built by the Greeks before six thousand years BC, and includes a number of famous monuments, such as the ancient city, St. John's Leap, the Library of Celsus, and the Temple of Artemis.
  • Hisar Mosque Its construction dates back to the sixteenth century AD, and was designed in the Ottoman style, and is characterized by its circular minaret built of natural stone, and its dome surrounded by seven smaller domes.
  • Izmir Museum The archaeological site, which contains antiquities, drawings, and statues belonging to the ancient civilizations that followed the state, namely the Greek, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman civilizations.
  • agora city Its effects go back to the Greek era, and there are the king's palace and temples, and many houses built of rock
  • Qadifa Castle Built by Iskandar when he came to Izmir, it is distinguished by its architectural splendor and immensity.
  • The Greek city of Bergama, which contains luxurious palaces, a performance theater, an ancient Greek bath, and large temples.



 Tourist places in Izmir

famous state Izmir With its charming nature, the abundance of green forests in it, and its most famous tourist attractions:

  • Bozdag mountain kayak Located in the center of the village of Bozdag, which is popular with climbing and skiing enthusiasts
  • Angeralth Forest Which is located on the northern coast facing the Gulf of Izmir, and is characterized by its dense trees with evergreens, and the spread of multiple types of birds in it.
  • Ala Chati village Which contains many luxury tourist stations, and has been classified by the West as one of the most important tourist attractions in Izmir, and they said that it is more beautiful than Rome and more wonderful than Paris.
  • Konak Square Where is the clock tower?
  • Izmir cable car Passing from the foothills of the Balkova Mountains, located at an altitude of about a thousand meters, overlooking the Gulf of Izmir.

Izmir Province

 Izmir beaches

The state is characterized by its charming view of the Aegean Sea, where its beaches extend over an area of more than 600 km, and it owns more than fifty clean beaches with clean and clear water, and the most famous of them are:

  • Cesme BeachIt is famous for both individual and group kayaking
  • Sevier Hisar Beach.


 Izmir weather

Is characterized by state izmir Mild weather, similar to the Mediterranean climate, where the climate in the summer is dry and apricot.

While the climate in the winter is windy and rainy, with the possibility of snowfall.


 Investing in Izmir

There are many factors that make investing in Izmir a golden opportunity to achieve great returns of profits, which are:

  • There are many luxury hotels in the state, and the most famous of them are Mövenpick Hotel IzmirHilton Hotel, Ramada Encore Izmir, Orti Airport Hotel, Baylan Hotel.
  • Izmir is Turkey's first export port, and it has the second largest port in Turkey.
  • The state is famous for tourism, as it is visited by tourists from all over the world.
  • The state is famous for its industry, as it is considered the second largest industrial city in Turkey.
  • There are job opportunities in all fields.
  • The state has the largest international trade fair, which runs throughout the year.


 Shopping in Izmir

There are a large number of popular markets and bazaars in the state, the most famous of which are:

  • Kemeralti Market, which is one of the historical markets of Izmir, which was established in the seventeenth century, and includes leather goods, clothes, jewelry and flower markets.

There are also a large number of luxury malls, the most famous of which are:

  • Optimum Mall Izmir
  • Forum Bornova Mall, Izmir
  • Mavi Mall Bahjat Izmir
  • Izmir Agora Mall
  • Set Park Outlet Izmir.


 How far is Izmir from Istanbul?

The state is 471 km from Istanbul.


 What are the ways to go from Istanbul to Izmir?

There are three ways to go to the state, and they are:

  • By car or bus, it takes approximately five hours to reach it.
  • By ship, it takes approximately seven hours to reach it.
  • By plane, it takes approximately one hour to reach it


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