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Turkish state of Adana Important information to know 2022

Adana Province


considered as Adana Province It is one of the important states in Turkey, located on the northeastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and ranks sixth in the list of the most crowded cities, due to its moderate climate affected by the Mediterranean climate, and the quality of its infrastructure, especially at the level of educational services.

famous state Adana In industry, it ranks fourth in Turkey and has Şakirpaşa International Airport. and Adana International Airport It is ranked seventh in the list of the best airports in Turkey, which makes it one of the most suitable states for investment.

and owns Turkey's Adana Province Very fertile soil suitable for growing many crops, such as olives, legumes and cotton Adana city It is one of the most important cities that export cotton and cotton products in the world.

  • Information about Adana Province
  • Historically, Adana Province
  • Historical Sites in Adana Province
  • Tourist places in Adana Province
  • Adana beaches
  • Adana weather
  • Shopping in Adana

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 Information about Adana Province

area of Adana Province 13,844 square kilometers, and the population is distributed within its fifteen provinces, as Adana is one of the most populous states.

Located center Adana city On the Seyhan River, in the heart of the Shorukova region in southern Anatolia, 30 km from the Mediterranean Sea, and close to the Iskenderun district.

Characterized by state  AdanaWith its strong economy, it ranks fourth in Turkey in terms of its richness in mineral resources, as it contains many mines of chromium, iron, manganese, lead and zinc.

The state is also surrounded by many important states, as it is bordered on the western side Konya Province, bounded on the north side Ankara Province and the State of SivasIt is bordered on the eastern and southern sides by the Wilayat of Aleppo.

Adana Province consists of 15 provinces, and they are:

  • Aladağ Province
  • Ceyhan County
  • Çukurova Province
  • Feke County
  • İmamoğlu مقاطعة District
  • Karaisalı . Province
  • Karataş . Province
  • Kozan . Province
  • Pozantı . Province
  • Samibeyli District Samibeyli
  • Sarıçam Province
  • Seyhan County
  • Tufanbeyli District
  • Yumurtalık . Province
  • Yüreğir . County

Adana Province

 Historically, Adana Province

dating back state Adana To the Stone Age, there are many discoveries that confirm this, especially in the Çukurova region.

Even in the legends of the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, it was talked about Adana Province.

I also found Hittites inscriptions describing that Kizotna was the first kingdom that ruled Adana under the protection of the Hittites in 1335 BC.

Multiple civilizations followed this state, as the Assyrians ruled in the ninth century BC, the Achaemenids in the sixth century BC, Alexander the Great in 333 BC, the Seleucids, the Armenian kingdom, the Roman Empire, then the Byzantines, and after them the Ottomans.

The origin of the name goes back to the time of the Hittites, when it was called Adania, and it was said that it was derived from the name of the Greek tribe of Dana, and some attribute its name to the state of Dhangana, which appeared after the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization in 1200 BC.

The state was called by the Arabs the state of Adana, then the Turks changed the name to Atna, after the Sublime Porte issued an order for this amendment, in order to avoid confusion in the city of Edirne.


 Historical Sites in Adana Province

The civilization of the state of Adana dates back to the Stone Age, and therefore it contains many prominent historical monuments, and the most famous monuments of Adana are:

  • Tash Bridge, which dates back to the Byzantine Empire, or as some call it rome bridgeIt is the oldest bridge in the world, and currently it is intended for pedestrians and bicycles only.
  • Adana Archaeological Museum
  • Adana Ethnography Museum
  • big clock tower With a height of 32 meters, it is considered the tallest clock tower in Turkey, and was established in 1882
  • An Armenian suburb with stone houses and schools that show the city's Armenian architecture
  • The three-storey Ramazanoglu Palace built with stones and bricks
  • Çarşı Hammam, which is the largest of the baths in Adana, is characterized by the presence of five domes, the inner parts of which are covered with marble.
  • Irmaq Bath, built in 1494, modeled on the baths of ancient Rome.
  • Sabanci Mosque Center Which is considered one of the largest mosques in the Middle East, with a capacity of 5,028 worshipers, and has six minarets.
  • Ulu Jameh Mosque, which was established in the form of a college during the era of Ramadan Oglu, and is distinguished by the decorative arts that dazzle the eye around the windows, where the mosque has black and white alabaster stones, and the beacons reflect the art of the Mamluk era because of the vertical diagram in it.
  • Buckley Church Located in Ocak Square in the city center of Adana.
  • Akkapi Palace Sheikh Jamil Nardali
  • Ancient Anavarsa Castle
  • Komona archaeological area
  • Yilan Castle


Adana Province


 Tourist places in Adana Province

resides in state Adana Many prominent tourist attractions, the most famous of which are:

  • Markaz Park, located on the banks of the Seyhan River, with an area of 33 square meters
  • Chinese garden.
  • Ataturk Park in Adana Which contains the statue of Ataturk
  • Süleyman Demirel Park is a large botanical garden with a lot of woody plants, created for the private work of Çukuru University researchers.
  • Inonu Botanical Park, which contains many types of jokurwa flowers
  • Lake Aqiyan.
  • Lake Tuzla.


 Adana beaches

Located Adana Province On the Mediterranean coast, there are many distinct beaches, the most famous of which are:

  • Yamurtalik Beach Which is only 300 meters from the city center, and is considered the perfect beach for swimming and camping, as it is close to the green mountain heights, and there are many restaurants, cafes and luxury hotels.


Adana Province


 Adana weather

enjoy state Adana It has a Mediterranean climate, as the summer climate in Adana is hot and dry, and the highest temperature was recorded in the summer of Adana in June of 2012, when the temperature reached 53 degrees Celsius.

While the winter climate in Adana is mild and interspersed with rainfall, and the lowest temperature was recorded in the Adana winter in January of 1980, when the temperature reached 2 degrees Celsius.


 Shopping in Adana

The state contains many popular markets, the most famous of which are:

  • Kazancilar Market next to the big clock tower
  • Adana Market for Decoration and Antiques
  • Khan Korkolagi

There are also many luxury malls in the state, the most famous of which are:

  • M One Adana Mall
  • Checkmake Plaza Mall
  • Adana Park Mall.


 What is the postal code for the state of Adana?



 How far is Adana from Istanbul?

It is 195 km from Istanbul.


 How far is the state of Adana from the city of Ankara?

It is 390 km from the city of Ankara.



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