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Do you know the Basaksehir district of Istanbul


Basaksehir is considered the most attractive area for investors and those looking for a quiet life and safe real estate investment in Istanbul, so there are many questions and inquiries around it to learn about its advantages and the most important vital areas in it, housing opportunities and stability in it and the ingredients for that.

In a quick tour with this article from Hakeem Real Estate Services Group, you can get answers to the questions you have about it

The location of Basaksehir district

It is located in European Istanbul with an area of approximately 104 square kilometers, and it is in the middle of several important neighborhoods where:

  • Arnavutkoy is located on the northern edge of it
  • From the north-east is the region of Ayoub
  • From the east, it is connected to Sultan Gazi and Esenlar
  • From the south, it is connected to Bagcilar, Avcilar, and Kucukcekmece
  • From the southwest side, it connects to Senyurt

Far from:

  • Fatih: 17 km
  • Taksim: 24 km
  • Istanbul Airport: 26 km

Because of the large area that Basaksehir enjoys in Istanbul, it has turned into an important area for real estate investments, the construction of modern residential complexes, and new infrastructure projects.

The population of Basaksehir

In the last census of the population of Basaksehir, it was in 2018, about 428,000 people, with an annual increase of approximately 8%. The following are the population census statistics in the region during the past decade:

the year The population of Basaksehir


2018 427.835
2017 396.729
2016 369.810
2015 353.311
2014 342.422
2013 333.047
2012 316.176
2011 284.488
2010 248.467
2009 226.387
2008 207.542

The expectations of the Turkish municipality indicate that the population will reach about 800,000 people by the end of 2020, and this is due to the presence of many ingredients for increasing the population, namely:

  • The investment and residential importance of Basaksehir
  • The Turkish government has improved and rehabilitated many old neighborhoods
  • Increasing infrastructure projects in and near it
  • Increasing the influx of foreign capital owners, especially Arabs, to it, which gave it many investment advantages.

Transportation in Basaksehir

There are several means of transportation in Basaksehir, which are:

  • Basaksehir Metro - Kent Metro

The longest subway line in Istanbul

It links between Ataturk Airport “formerly” and the International Atatürk Olympics, which is one of Istanbul’s largest stadiums

It also reaches the best industrial and commercial areas in Istanbul

  • Basaksehir Metro - Esenyurt

Metro is under construction and is expected to open between 2020 and 2021

This metro will shorten a lot of time and effort to move between many areas in Istanbul

  • The transportation network and internal buses that connect Başakşehir directly to more than 75% from European Istanbul
  • Among the plans of the Istanbul municipality for the region is to extend the Tramway line to it

Educational institutions

It has many public and private universities, including Arabic-speaking universities such as Ibn Khaldun University, which allows teaching some of its courses in Arabic, in addition to the presence of a branch of Bahçeşehir University, a well-known Turkish university.

The region also includes a large group of Turkish schools of various specializations and stages, in addition to international and Arab schools, and there are also many educational facilities such as kindergartens and educational institutes for languages, and training institutes for various professions and skills, so that all education options for your children are available when you live in Basaksehir.

Health facilities

There are about 25 medical centers, in addition to the largest governmental hospitals in Istanbul and a number of private hospitals, and all of this is considered nothing in front of the upcoming plan for the region, as Turkey started some time ago to build the health city, and it is expected to bear the title of "the largest European health city".

There are also several Arab health centers and clinics that contribute mainly to health services for Arabs, through which they can avoid worrying about the Turkish language barrier and the difficulty of understanding with Turkish health centers.

Recreational facilities

The area is famous for its many recreational facilities, the most famous of which is Kayişehir Square, which is being expanded to be larger than Taksim Square It will also have many ingredients to be a field of tourism, entertainment and shopping par excellence.

The People's Park is also one of the distinctive recreational areas, the People's Park, the largest European gardens, built on an area of 360 acres, of which 280 acres are designated for picnics, and it has a biological lake, a library, and places designated for relaxation and rest, and for sports.

And the Green Valley as well, which constitutes an attractive green space, and one of the most important advantages of real estate near it is the charming view of this valley.

Ataturk Stadium, or what is known as the Olympics, is one of the most important stadiums in Turkey, where local, European and international matches and leagues are held, and it is one of the important infrastructure in Istanbul.

Real estate prices in Basaksehir

On average, the price per square meter is between 4 and 5 thousand Turkish liras

Its real estate prices have increased over the past two years at a rate of approximately 45%

And the value of real estate in it is increasing in residential complexes with ideal services, which are equipped with recreational and service facilities that facilitate many life opportunities in Istanbul.

In order to obtain better prices, we recommend buying properties under construction, as this contributes to obtaining a reduced price for the apartment, in addition to the possibility of paying in installments, as well as the majority of modern projects built in areas with promising investment values, meaning that real estate prices in them will increase after a period of two or three years as an average period .

Basaksehir is famous in Istanbul, one of the most important European neighborhoods and one of the largest in terms of space.

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