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Bakirkoy is the most prestigious area of Istanbul on the coast of the Marmara Sea


Bakirkoy district is located in European side of IstanbulIt is considered one of the finest Istanbul districtsIt is characterized by its strategic location close to the city center, as it is characterized by an extension Its long beach on the Sea of Marmara.

Therefore it abounds Residential complexes Luxurious, high towers.

It is considered Bakırköy One of the best areas to live in, especially for businessmen, as it has a sophisticated and educated environment and is surrounded by many public and private universities and Arab international schools.

If you are interested in purchasing Apartments for sale in IstanbulEspecially in buying apartments in an area BakirkoyYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will provide you with all information related to the area Bakirkoy in Istanbul.



 Information about Bakirkoy district in Istanbul

The area is not new, it was founded by Constantine in 384 AD as a summer recreational resort, and the area gained great importance during the Byzantine era, becoming a military and political center.

It was her name at the time “Hepdomon', and several names rolled on it, until it was finally called Bakırköy.

The area covers an area of 29 square kilometres population According to the statistic for the year 2020, issued by a department of 250 thousand people.

where is characterized by Bakırköy With its wide streets, and the luxurious buildings in it, it does not contain random buildings.

 The most important historical and tourist attractions in Bakirkoy

The region includes many archaeological and historical monuments that testify to the greatness of the civilizations that followed in the region, including:

  •  Garshi Mosque, which is the oldest building in the region, and its construction dates back to the seventeenth century
  • Istanbul Aviation Museum Which displays many types of warplanes and helicopters, and a collection of Ottoman officers' clothes.
  • Botanic Park Bakirkoy Which contains large green areas, and several statues in the form of dinosaurs closer to the real, in addition to statues of golden-winged horses found in its water pool.
  • Florya Garden Istanbul It has green trees and fragrant flowers with amazing fragrances, and is characterized by its picturesque views of Sea of Marmara.
  • Istanbul Aquarium Which contains a huge exhibition of marine creatures, and it is also possible to dive with sharks under the supervision of specialized divers, and enjoy a unique experience.
  • Florya Beach Istanbul Which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the city, where its pure waters and golden beach.
  • Forum Istanbul Mall Which contains the finest brands, as it includes more than 300 stores of various local and international brands, in addition to the Snow Museum.
  • Marmara Forum Istanbul, which contains water parks that suit all age groups, shops, and a large chain of luxury restaurants.
  • Ataturk International Airport Which will be transformed into the largest botanical garden in Europe.


 Educational services in Bakirkoy

region Bakırköy Equipped with a large group of Turkish public schools specialized in all levels of education, In addition to the presence of a number of Arab international schools, including:


  •  Future Schools
  •  Al Nahda Schools
  • Ambassador Schools


The area is also close to a large number of universities, including:

  • Istanbul Aydin University
  •  Istanbul Cultural University
  •  Al-Biruni University
  • Istinye University


 Health services in Bakirkoy

The area is characterized by the presence of many high-end governmental and private hospitals, equipped with the best equipment and medical staff, in addition to a wide spread of health centers in all its neighborhoods, such as:

  •  hospital Bakırköy Dr. Saadi Konkok Governmental
  •  Osmaniye Hospital Clinics Bakırköy
  •  Psychiatric Hospital, the largest psychiatric hospital in Turkey
  •  Danyakoz Hospital
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 Public transportation in Bakirkoy district

The region is characterized by the presence of a huge network of transportation that connects it to the rest of Istanbul, and even to other places.

It is bordered from the northern side by the E5 highway, which connects it with the rest of the regions, even with the Asian section of the city, and has:

  • Line metrobus Which is considered one of the fastest transportation lines in Istanbul, and connects the European and Asian halves, to relieve suffocating traffic and shorten time
  • Subway
  • public transport buses
  • taxi fare
  • Marine ferries located in Marina Bkerkoy which up to Princesses Islands And the Asian section of the city
  • tram
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 Neighborhoods of Bakırköy . District

The area contains 15 neighborhoods, all of which are high-end neighborhoods, with world-class luxury residential complexes and high-rise towers, and they are:

  •  Neighborhood Atakoy Atakoy
  •  Cevizlik حي
  •  Neighborhood Floria Florya
  •  Kartaltepe district
  •  Osmaniye district
  •  Neighborhood Yesil Qui Yeşilkoy
  •  Zeytinlik district
  •  Zuhuratbaba neighborhood


 Bakırkö . Mapy

The area is located in a strategic location, as it is bordered to the north highway E5 And Gungoran District, and to the south it is bordered by Sea of Marmara, and from the east it is bordered by Zeytinburnu region, and from the west area Kucukcekmece.


  •  How far is Bakirkoy from Fatih?

away Bakirkoy area about the conqueror A distance of 9.4 km, which is equivalent to approximately 17 minutes using the car.


  •  How far is Bakirkoy from Taksim?

away Bakirkoy area from Meydan to divide A distance of 17.5 km, which is equivalent to approximately 30 minutes using the car.


  •  How to go from Taksim to Bakirkoy?

It is possible to use taxis to reach the area Bakırköy, or using public transportation and take the M2 metro located in the Taksim area, get off in the Yani Kabe area, and then take the Marmaray subway.


  •  What is the postal code for Bakırköy Istanbul?

There are a number of postal codes used in the area, and they vary by neighborhood, they are: 34158, 34142, 34153, 34145, 34146, 34149, 34140, 34147


  •  How far is Bakırköy from the Asian side of Istanbul?

away Bakırköy district about Asian Istanbul A distance of 16.3 kilometers, which is equivalent to approximately 50 minutes using the car.


Other important areas and information: 


Some projects of Bakirkoy region:


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