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The urban area is Istanbul's most developed and urbanized region

Urban area


Located Urban area In the Asian section of Istanbul, surrounded by some tourist areas, as well as the vitality in Asian Istanbul.

It is considered one of the most densely populated areas, due to its advanced infrastructure, in many parts of which the TEM highway passes, as well as the TEM line. Uskudar Metro _ Sancaktepe who reaches areas Asian Istanbul each other and shorten the distances.

But the most important characteristic of the region Ümraniye It is the presence of the Istanbul International Center for Finance and Business in it, as it will be allocated to offices and international trade companies, luxury stores, and Turkish and international banks, which encouraged businessmen and investors to head towards the region, as it is considered Buying a property in Omrania A golden investment opportunity that achieves attractive returns.

  • Information about the urban area in Istanbul
  • Urban area historically
  • Urban District Map
  • Infrastructure in the urban area
  • Real estate investment in the urban area of Istanbul
  • Recreational places in the urban area
  • Educational services in the urban area

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 Information about the urban area in Istanbul

Located Urban area In the Asian section of Istanbul, with an area of 45.30 square kilometers, according to the latest statistics issued by the Department of Nafuha, in 2018, its population was 690,193.

and includes region Ümraniye Fourteen neighborhoods, four villages, and seven important municipalities:

  • Umraniye
  • Çekmeköy
  • sarıgazi
  • Yenidoğan
  • Taşdelen
  • Flag of Dar Alemdar
  • Ömerli

. area Urban Istanbul It is one of the regions with a medium climate, where it enjoys a cold winter, as it is high above sea level, and that height reaches 120 meters, and it witnesses heavy snowfall, and the summer season is warm.

Urban area

 Urban area historically

In the old days, the area consisted of dense forests containing evergreen trees such as cypress and pine, and the inhabitants of Phrygia settled there, then the Roman civilization followed, and then the Byzantine civilization.

During the era of the Ottoman Caliphate, the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I made the Ümraniye region a waqf for Sheikh Aziz Mahmoud Al-Hadaei.

Upon the establishment of the Turkish Republic, the area became affiliated with the municipality of Uskudar, until it gained its administrative independence in 1989, and the municipality of Umraniye was established at that time.


 Urban District Map

Located region Ümraniye In the Asian side of Istanbul, surrounded by vital areas in Asian Istanbul, where it is bounded on the north side Shila District, bounded on the southeast side Kartal DistrictOn the east side, it is bounded by Sultanbeyli District, bounded on the western side Kadıköy District, Uskudar regionIt is bounded on the northwest by Beykoz District.


 Infrastructure in the urban area

The region has a strong infrastructure, it has taken care Omrania Municipality By constructing wide streets, and spacing between buildings to give a civilized impression of the area.

It also preserved the vegetation cover, where there are abundant green spaces, and gardens with green areas.

The area is also characterized by the passage of the TEM highway in a large part of its neighborhoods, which gives it a suitable investment character, in addition to the passage of the Uskudar-Sincaktepe metro line from it.

There are many luxury entertainment venues in it, such as malls, cultural centers, cinemas and theatre, in addition to schools, universities, and government and private hospitals, all of which made the area one of Istanbul's most popular Asian areas for housing.


 Real estate investment in the urban area of Istanbul

area Ümraniye It is one of the areas that attracted local and foreign businessmen and investors to invest in it, for several important reasons, namely:

  • The region is one of the central regions in the Asian section of Istanbul.
  • The Istanbul International Financial Center, which includes the most important international trading companies, and all branches of banks in Turkey, is located in the region.
  • The area is characterized by its proximity to the Uskudar metro line, which connects between Uskudar Region And the area of Sancaktepe.
  • The TEM motorway passes through many neighborhoods in the area.
  • The strong infrastructure that the region enjoys, from private and government hospitals, schools, universities, and land, sea and air transportation.
  • The heavy demand from the population, as the area is considered one of the most preferred areas for families to live in Istanbul, Asia, and this encouraged Turkish construction companies to establish luxury projects and high-end residential complexes in the area.
  • Despite the modernity, luxury and sophistication of the region, it has many green spaces and evergreen trees, which gives it a character of civilization and sophistication.
  • All residential and commercial buildings built in the region are equipped with the best earthquake-resistant systems, and are characterized by high standards of modernity and durability, and thus the region is considered one of the best areas of Istanbul safe from earthquakes.
  • Availability of many recreational and cultural facilities in the area.
  • The increase in the population of the area has led to an increase in monthly rental returns, and in Urban real estate prices, which gave the investor a golden opportunity when Investing in the urban area.

Urban area


 Recreational places in the urban area

The area is characterized by an abundance of recreational places in it, commensurate with the population density that it witnesses, and the most important recreational places in it are:

  • An urban park that spans over an area of 330,000 square metres
  • Osman Ghazi Park
  • IKEA Mall
  • Jan Park Mall


 Educational services in the urban area

The region is characterized by the presence of a large number of Turkish public schools for all ages, from kindergarten to high school. There are also some Arab international schools, including:

  • Belem School
  • Rainbow School, which teaches its students based on the British Cambridge curriculum.

It is also located in the area Ozyegin University Which is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.



 How far is Umraniye from Sabiha Airport?

The area is 33.8 km away from Sabiha Airport, which is approximately 33 minutes.


 How far is the urban area from the famous Taksim Square?

The area is 15.5 km from Taksim Square, which is approximately 40 minutes.


 How far is Umraniye from the new Istanbul Airport?

The area is 52.5 kilometers from Istanbul's new airport, which is approximately 50 minutes.



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