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Eyup Sultan area, mixed with the fragrance of history and Islamic heritage

Eyup Sultan District

Eyup Sultan district is located in European side of Istanbul, overlooking The Golden Ageand the Bosphorus Strait.

It is located in the heart of Istanbul, where it contains many immortal Byzantine and Ottoman monuments, one of the most famous of which is Sultan Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari Mosque, which is considered a religious symbol for the Turks, due to the scarcity of companions buried in Turkish lands.

So I gave Turkish government Great care in the area, so I took care of equipping it with all kinds of transportation, from the metro and tramway, in addition to its proximity to the metrobus.

It also took care of its educational, health and recreational facilities. It is impossible for a tourist to go to Turkey, without passing through the region, and its most prominent recreational attractions such as Ayoub cable car, The hill of Pierre Loti Famous, with a charming view of the Golden Horn and the Princess Islands.

It is considered one of the preferred areas for housing, especially among Arabs, because of its conservative environment, and the customs and traditions of its residents that are similar to Arab and oriental customs.

If you are interested in purchasing Apartments for sale in IstanbulEspecially in buying apartments in an area Eyup SultanYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will provide you with all information related to the area Eyup Sultan in Istanbul.


 Information about Eyup Sultan district in Istanbul

Turkish historical sources indicate that the first work he did Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, after he conquered Constantinople, in general 1453 It is knowing and locating a shrine The great companion Abu Ayyub al-Ansari.

The area was named Eyupsultan Due to the presence of the companion’s shrine in it, where the area is an important tourist and religious landmark, frequented by many Turks and tourists, especially on religious occasions, where we see it crowded with visitors.


 Where is Eyup Sultan district located in Istanbul?

The area is located in European section From Istanbul city, overlooking Golden Horn Bay which connects to the Bosphorus.

It is surrounded by vital areas, as it is bordered on the east by Sariyer district, on the southeast by Kathane district, Beyoglu district, and bordered by the western region Arnavutkoy area, And theSultan Ghazi DistrictOn the north side, it is bordered by the Bosphorus Strait and the Golden Horn, while it is bordered by the southern side Zeytinburnu region, And theAl-Fateh area, bounded on the southwest side region Basaksehir.


 Advantages of living in the Eyup Sultan area

The area is characterized by being one of the most conservative areas for religious customs and traditions. The presence of the tomb of the great companion Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari gives it a religious character and wonderful rituals, especially on religious occasions and the nights of the holy month of Ramadan.

It also contains many elements that make it suitable for family housing, including:

  •  The presence of the region in the center of Istanbul, and its borders to important areas of the city.
  •  The area is close to important tourist and historical places
  •  The quietness of the area and away from the noise of the city


 Tourist places in Eyup Sultan district

Tourist and historical places abound in the area, as it is within the old city of Istanbul, and it has immortal monuments, especially during the Ottoman Caliphate, when the Ottoman Caliphs built monuments that immortalize them in a religiously important area, and these monuments include:

  • Eyup Sultan Mosque On the coast Golden Horn Bay, which is considered one of the most important architectural monuments in Turkey, where we see its main dome based on eight columns, and in it there is a mausoleum. The great companion Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, which the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, singled out for his home, when he arrived in Medina as an emigrant, and therefore has a great place in the Islamic world.
  • Sultan Ayub cable car, which is 384 meters long, 55 meters high, and its position is distinct above Pierre Loti hillWhich gained its name from the famous French writer, who loved Istanbul, so he wrote the most beautiful stories about it, and it is distinguished by its charming view of the Bosphorus Strait.
  • Pierre Loti hill Distinguished by a series of Turkish cafes and restaurants, the most famous of which is Pierre Loti Café, which is visited by thousands of tourists to enjoy watching the most prominent landmarks of Istanbul, where it is possible to see the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Galata Tower, and the Gulf Bridge, The Mosque of Sultan Ayyub, And Aya Sophia.


 Population in Eyup Sultan District

The region extends over an area of 223.78 square kilometers population 400 thousand people.

They are distributed among its 28 neighborhoods, and 8 sections, and they are:

  •  Alibeyköy Mahallesi
  •  Çirçir Mahallesi
  •  Eyup Mahallesi . Neighborhood
  •  Göktürk Mahallesi
  •  Işiklar Mahallesi . Neighborhood
  •  Kemerburgaz Mahallesi
  •  Rami Mahallesi . neighborhood
  •  Yeşilpinar Mahallesi

 Transportation in Eyup Sultan

The area is centrally located, and therefore has multiple options in terms of transportation, including the subway, tramway, public transport buses, and close to the metrobus line.


 Services in Eyup Sultan / Education_Health_Entertainment

take care Ayoub Municipality In its services a lot, given that the region receives thousands of tourists annually, and therefore it directly supervises all Residential projects It takes care of the engineering of roads and streets, and pays attention to the civilized appearance.

Therefore, the region is witnessing a wide spread of municipality restaurants, which provide their food with very high quality, and at low prices compared to other restaurants, including Ansari Konagi Social Tacisleri Restaurant, Osmanli Park Social Tasılıri Restaurant, and many others.


Entertainment services in Eyup Sultan

Since the area is a first-class tourist, so there are many recreational services, and they vary to suit all classes of society, including:

  • The fantasy city of Vialand games “IsfanbulWhich was ranked in 2021 as one of the largest gaming cities in Turkey, and the best in the Middle East.

It covers an area of 600,000 . Square metersIt includes more than 60 different games for adults and children, including water games, roller coasters, death train and others.

  • Forum Istanbul Mall Which contains a number of international and Turkish brands, in addition to an aquarium and a hall for ice skating enthusiasts
  • Access Mall Istanbul It has a unique design, and a wonderful geometric shape.
  •  Sultan Eyup Park with a charming sea view.
  •  Popular markets that contain religious souvenirs, essential oils, and rare Islamic books.


Educational services in Eyup Sultan

considered as Eyup Sultan District It is one of the most preferred areas for housing in Istanbul by local investors in general, and Arabs in particular, due to its conservative environment and religious rituals, where its residents feel as if they are in their Arab country.

Therefore, there are a large number of Turkish public schools in the region for all classes and levels, in addition to the presence of private international schools, including:

  •  Amjad Al Orouba International School

In addition, the area is close to universities, including:

  •  Gulf University, whose curricula are taught in both Turkish and English
  •  Istanbul Ayvansaray University


 Health services in Eyup Sultan

Turkey is witnessing a great renaissance at the medical level, as it has become a destination for all countries of the world, as well as the region Eyupsultan It has enjoyed medical development, as it contains a number of private and governmental hospitals with advanced technologies, modern medical devices, and excellent medical staff, including:

  •  Ayoub Governmental Hospital
  •  Europe Shafak Private Hospital


 real estate prices in Eyup Sultan District

There is a remarkable turnout by the local population, and the Arabs as well Buying an apartment in Eyup, especially in Residential complexesand urban projects based on European style, which meet the standards set by the Turkish government, as Accommodation in Eyup Sultan Desirable by the Arab communities, and therefore they often wonder about the prices of real estate there.

However, real estate prices in the region are not uniform, but rather vary based on several factors, including:

  •  Proximity of the property to public transport lines tramway_ metro_ metrobus)
  •  The property is close to tourist and historical places.
  •  The property is close to the Golden Horn
  •  The quality of social and recreational services provided in the housing project.
  •  View of the residential project.
  •  After or near the residential complex for shopping centers, and social services.
  •  The quality of the residential complex's cladding, and the interior finishes of the property.
  •  The method of paying the price of the property, the period of installments and their value.

Different Prices of apartments in Eyup Sultan district Under construction, all apartments are ready for delivery.

Apartment area, number of rooms and bathrooms.

Based on the aforementioned factors, the price of per square meter In residential complexes, it starts at 8,500 TL and above.


 Advantages of investing in the Sultan Eyup district of Istanbul

enjoy Sultan Eyup area BMany of the advantages that make it a suitable area for investment, many businessmen go to to seize investment opportunities, and these features are:

  •  A central area, close to tourist places such as Taksim and Sisli, and despite that, the prices of its properties are suitable
  •  The area is touristy, witnessing a heavy turnout of tourists and locals, to ride the cable car, or to visit the Sultan Ayyub Mosque, or to visit the amusement park.
  •  The area is suitable for families, due to its religious character, conservative environment, and the availability of services


  •  How far is Eyup Sultan from Asian Istanbul?

 away Eyup Sultan district of Asian Istanbul A distance of 6.5 km, which is equivalent to approximately 31 minutes using the car.


  •  How far is Eyup Sultan district from Taksim?

away Eyup Sultan area from Taksim A distance of 7.9 km, which is equivalent to approximately 34 km using a car.


  •  How far is Eyup Sultan from the new Istanbul airport?

away Eyup Sultan from Istanbul Airport A distance of 46.6 kilometers, which is approximately 44 using the car.


  •  What is the postal code in Eyup Sultan district of Istanbul?

The postal code for the region varies, depending on the department it belongs to, and the postal codes for the region are: 34060, 34070, 34050, 34077, 34076, 34055, 34075


  •  How far is Eyup Sultan area from Fatih?

away Eyup Sultan on the authority of Al-Fatih A distance of 5 km, which is equivalent to approximately 14 minutes using the car.



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