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Information and advantages of Turkish banks 2022

Turkish banks


Turkey is witnessing a wide renaissance in all fields, and opening a bank account in one of the Turkish banks An urgent need, and it is not one of the types of luxuries that a person brags about in front of others as in the past, but rather it has become one of the requirements of modern life.

Through the bank account in one Turkish banks The customer can pay his bills and his monthly rent, and benefit from electronic shopping by buying necessities from the Internet, and even ordinary shopping in the wonderful markets of Turkey. Services and other features.

If you are interested in opening a bank account in one Turkish banksYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will share with you all the detailed information on this matter.


 The most important Turkish banks

On Turkish soil, there are 47 banks, of which are affiliated with the Turkish government and others are private, and many of them deal with the Islamic transaction system that Arabs prefer to avoid usury.

There are also four types of banks in Turkey, and they are:

  • Banks  for savings or deposits, such as: Ziraat Bank of Turkey, Türkiye iş bankası, Halk bank, Waqf bank, Garanti BBVA, Yapı Kredi Bank, Akbank, Qatar Finance Bank, Deniz Bank The Turkish Economic Bank.
  • Islamic banksSuch as: Kuwait Turk Bank, Al Baraka Bank
  • Turkish banks for development and investment, which is specialized in providing investors with the necessary resources for the industry to develop it, such as: Türk Exımbank, Türkiye sınai kalkınma bankası
  • Turkish banks Participation where the investor and businessmen enter into a partnership with the bank in order to establish a specific project, and they share in the division of profits, such as: partnership with Baraka Bank, partnership with Ziraat State Bank.

Turkish banks


 Advantages of opening an account in Turkish banks

There are a number of advantages that a bank account holder enjoys in one Turkish banks, Which:

  1.  system features Turkish banks Relying on the latest technology, it makes it easy for its customers to follow their accounts through a mobile application.
  2. The customer can make the money transfer and receive them quickly through the mobile application, and pay the bills for water, electricity, gas and the Internet.
  3. The customer can pay the university tuition fees through it.
  4. The customer can exchange foreign currencies or buy them through the mobile application.
  5. The customer can open accounts for precious metals, such as gold and silver.
  6. The customer can benefit from the Western Union international transfers service.
  7. The customer can benefit from the mortgage service when buying a property in Turkey, in addition to the possibility of obtaining credit loans.
  8. The customer can shop online via the Internet, or the normal shopping through his bank card.


 Types of accounts in Turkish banks

There are five types of bank accounts in Turkish banks, delusion:

First: The current account, which is an account that is not restricted for a period of time, where money can be deposited and withdrawn at any time the investor wants without any profits being generated from it. It is characterized by:

  • Speed in transferring to any other bank account
  • The investor can obtain a check book
  • The investor can trade and exchange foreign currencies through the mobile application of the bank that deals with him.
  • The investor can pay the monthly rent, water, electricity and gas bills by activating the automatic payment feature on the mobile application, without having to go anywhere.

Second: The Participation Account, which is the account that allows the bank to distribute interests between itself and the account holder as a partner in profit and loss, where the bank finances projects in various real estate, industrial, commercial and other fields, and then shares profits and losses with the participatory account holder within the principles of Islamic transactions.

Third: The gold account, which is an account that is not restricted for a period of time, where the investor can buy and sell gold at any time, and withdraw it from the bank with ease and ease, or from any other bank where gold and buying and selling operations are available, such as Kuwait Turk Bank, and the customer often uses this account In order to save and save.

Fourth: The insurance account, which includes life insurance, housing, personal accident insurance, study guarantee insurance, critical illness insurance, and all insurance procedures

Fifth: The savings account, which allows the investor to move his money, withdrawing or depositing, at the time he wants, and it is not restricted to a specific period. Daily, monthly or annual commission, but the savings account does not give its owner the right to receive a check book.

Turkish banks


 Documents required to open an account in Turkish banks

  1.  A valid passport, or a valid Turkish residency
  2. Turkish tax number
  3. A paper proving the investor's address issued by the Soul Department, or an electricity, water or gas bill that shows the client's address in detail.


 Can a foreigner open a bank account in Turkish banks?

Yes, a foreigner can open a bank account in some countries Turkish banks which does not require the foreigner to have a Turkish NationalityThe foreign customer only needs to open a bank account for a Turkish residence, a valid passport, and a Turkish tax number, in addition to an invoice or a paper from the Soul Department detailing his residence address.


 What are the best types of Islamic Turkish banks?

Kuwait Turk Bank Which had the highest percentage of net profits for the year 2021, reaching 180 million US dollars.

And Al Baraka Bank Which has many branches throughout Turkey, numbering 202 branches, and supports and finances commercial projects.


 What Turkish banks provide service to their customers in Arabic?

Kuveyt turk Bank, Al Baraka Bank, AK Bank


 What are Turkish state banks?

Zıraat Bank, Vakif Bank, Halk Bank

Turkish banks

 Can a non-resident customer open a bank account in Turkish banks?

Yes, as some banks do not require the customer to be in Turkey, and all transactions are allowed online.


 What are the bank deposit methods in Turkish banks?

There are several options for bank deposit, namely depositing in Turkish lira, depositing in euros, depositing in dollars, or depositing precious metals such as gold, silver, and others.


 What are the best Turkish banks to open a bank account for Syrians?

There are a large number of Banks in Turkey Which allows Syrians to open a bank account in it, as long as they have a temporary protection document, but according to the latest opinion polls, the best banks in Turkey to open a bank account for Syrians is Ziraat Bank of the Turkish government.



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