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General information about Turkish real estate that you should know

General information about Turkish real estate


Foreign investors and businessmen aspire to expand their trade and launch from Turkey, but before that they want to get acquainted with General information about Turkish real estateBefore making any decision, they must conduct a study, feasibility and strategic plans for their commercial projects.

Also, people who want to reside in Turkey always ask about General information about Turkish real estate, they need the guidance of an expert real estate agent who explains to them all the information, even the legal ones, so that they can buy a property in Turkey in proportion to their allocated budget and their desired location without being exposed to any fraud or fraud.


If you are interested in Buying a property in Turkey, especially Buying apartments in Istanbul, and would like to know General information about Turkish real estateYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will inform you of all its details.



 General information about Turkish real estate and its types

There are several types of real estate in Turkey, all of which allow the foreign investor to invest in them, namely:

  •  Turkish commercial real estate, include:
  1. offices
  2. Companies, whether import and export companies, or real estate companies, health insurance companies.
  3. Hotels
  4. Restaurants and cafes
  5. Schools and educational institutes


  •  Turkish residential real estate, include:
  1.  Ordinary apartments are found in Turkish neighborhoods
  2. Apartments within complexes where many recreational services are available, in addition to the presence of surveillance cameras, and security that does not allow any stranger to enter the complex until after confirming his target and the person coming to it.
  3. Ordinary villas located in rural areas, and are independent.
  4. Tourist villas located within complexes, which are usually close to the coasts and enjoy sea views
  5. Penthouses, which have a system similar to standalone villas, have large areas and walls are mostly glass to allow panoramic views, as this type of apartments are available in skyscrapers.
  6. Duplex apartments that consist of two apartments, one above the other, linked by an internal staircase, and their system is similar to that of small villas
  7. Triplex apartments, which consist of three apartments on top of each other, are among the preferred apartments for large families, where they use the last apartment to be a private office or health club.
  8. Studio apartments, which usually do not exceed 60 square meters, and consist of a spacious room with an American kitchen in addition to a bathroom.
  • Turkish industrial real estate, include:
  1.  Factories
  2. stores,
  3. Small or large workshops to practice sewing professions
  • Turkish agricultural real estate, include:
  1.  farmer
  2. Agricultural land or orchards.

General information about Turkish real estate



General information about Turkish real estate and the best cities to buy in

Turkey, with its strategic location and moderate climate, attracts many foreigners, especially Arabs, to work and reside in it, because the customs and traditions of the Turks are close to the eastern culture, and there are many Turkish cities suitable for work and residence, especially for families in Turkey, and they are:

  • Istanbul city

occupy Istanbul city existing The best Turkish cities for family housingBecause of the diversity of job opportunities in it, it contains a large number of communities from different countries of the world, and therefore foreign consulates and embassies are stationed there.

In addition, it has a charming nature, a mild climate, and there are many historical relics of the Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations, and this increases the demand for tourists to it.

  • Antalya city

This wonderful city ranks second in the world, as the second best tourist destination for foreigners in Turkey, and therefore it is an ideal choice for investors wishing to Buying an apartment in Antalya In order to benefit from the tourist rent.

  • izmir city

This city is considered one of the favorite cities for families to live in, due to its tranquility and its view of the sea, and with regard to the habits of its residents, they are closer to European societies of life.

General information about Turkish real estate



General information about Turkish real estate and buying procedures

When a foreign investor makes a decision to buy Real estate in Turkey, or Buying an apartment in Istanbul Must be familiar with General information about Turkish real estate and procurement procedures, which revolve around:

  • That the investor determines the purpose of the purchase, is it for the purpose of housing, or for investment?
  • The investor must choose the geographical location of the property, and its specifications in line with his objective.
  • It is preferable for the investor to choose a real estate agent in Turkey with a good reputation and credibility in dealing, which is available in Hakeem Real Estate Company, which helps you choose your property in a way that meets your tastes and budget.
  • The investor must visit Turkey, and take tours on real estate projects that suit his goal and budget.
  • We will present in Hakeem Real Estate Company Negotiating matters about the prices of the selected apartment, and thanks to our strong relationships with construction companies, we will obtain exceptional discounts and competitive prices.
  • After choosing the property, the investor must pay the purchase deposit, and start preparing the papers
  • The investor must have Tax Number in Turkey
  • The investor must open a bank account in a Turkish state bank
  • The investor must sign the property purchase contract, then go to the Land Registry Department, to install the property and obtain Title Deed (Tabu).


 General information about Turkish real estate and title deed (Tabu)

one General information about Turkish real estate Which is considered extremely important is the title deed, or as it is called in Turkey a title deed, which is a document that proves the ownership of the property for the foreign or local investor in a legal manner, as it is issued by the Real Estate Registry Directorate, and bears the name and picture of the property owner, the type and location of the property, and detailed information about the property.

Under this document, its owner is allowed the right to benefit from the property, whether he rents it or sells it, and without it, the property owner cannot dispose of his property.

Multiple investors can subscribe to owning one property, and all of them get real estate residency.

If they want to get Turkish NationalityEach partner in the real estate must have a stock share of 250 thousand US dollars, and this offer is valid until the sixth month of this year 2022, when the Turkish government issued a decision to amend the acquisition of Turkish citizenship through real estate investment to 400 thousand dollars, and this decision is considered Effective from June.

And from General information about Turkish real estate It is that the title deed in Turkey has several types, and they are:

  • red tabooIt is intended for residential real estate, such as apartments, villas, or shops.
  • blue taboo: It is designated for lands, whether suitable for construction and the establishment of projects and housing units, but provided that an area is allowed, or for agricultural investment.

General information about Turkish real estate

 General information about Turkish real estate and taxes

One of the general information about Turkish real estate is the taxes that the investor must pay when buying a property in Turkey, and they are of two types:

  • Taxes are one-time taxes
  1. Tapu tax: It is the costs of registering the property in Turkey, and its value is 4% of the value of the full property, and it can be paid by the buyer or seller or shared between them.
  2. Value Added Tax: Its value varies between 1% and 18% depending on the property license and its total net area, and is paid once when buying a property in Turkey.
  3. Fees for opening water, gas and electricity meters and transferring them to the name of the investor, the buyer of the property.
  •  Annual taxes, paid by the investor once a year

insurance tax on Real estate in Turkey Against earthquakes and natural disasters, and equal to approximately $2 per square meter of property area.




  Why should a foreign investor use a real estate agent when buying a property?

Because having a real estate agent makes it easier for a foreign investor to have a mechanism Buying a property in Turkey, saves himself effort and time, and informs him of General information about Turkish real estateIt provides the best deals at reasonable prices.




  Are there any restrictions for foreign investors when buying real estate in Turkey?

Yes, foreign investors are not allowed to own a land group of more than 2.5 hectares, and they are not allowed to own real estate or land in security or military areas in Turkey, these are just the two restrictions imposed on foreign investors.


  Is there any difference in the prices of real estate sold to foreigners, from Turks?

There is no difference between a foreigner or a Turkish citizen in prices.



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