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All you need to know about Kayseri

Kayseri Province


that Kayseri Province It is one of the Turkish states, and its capital is Kayseri The city has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. It is the birthplace of the Turkish engineer Mimar Sinan, who built architectural masterpieces in Istanbul and the rest of the Turkish states during the era of the Ottoman Caliphate.

Located state Kayseri In the south of Turkey on the Taurus Mountains, east of the Cappadocia region (the region of charming balloons, and caves), the state is famous for trade, especially the trade of handmade carpets.

as famous Kayseri Province Mining, mines, underground wealth, livestock, and tourism, as it is considered one of the states rich in charming natural resources that attract foreign tourists from all over the world, especially in the winter season.

It means visitors Mount Erciyes Classified as the third highest mountain peak in Turkey, and as the highest mountain peak in the Anatolian region for skiing.

The state is characterized by its Islamic character, as it is forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages in restaurants, and men and women do not mix in the streets, and therefore Arabs prefer Living in KayseriThe nature and customs of its people are conservative and closer to Arab customs, in addition to the low cost of living there, and the abundance of job opportunities, in addition to the availability of many important universities in it, and the most famous of them are Erciyes University.

  • Information about Kayseri
  • Historically, Kayseri
  • Historical Sites in Kayseri
  • Tourist places in Kayseri
  • Kayseri weather
  • Shopping in Kayseri

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 Information about Kayseri

considered as Kayseri Province It is the capital of the Anatolia region, and the state of Kayseri On an area of 17,116 square kilometers, the state is located in southern Turkey on the Taurus Mountains, and is considered one of the largest cities in Turkey.

has been ranked Kayseri ranked fifteenth as the most crowded city in Turkey, according to the statistic in 2021, the population of Kayseri is 421,455 people distributed among its 16 provinces, and they are:

  • Tomarza Province
  • Yahyalı . District
  • Yeşilhisar . Siege Province
  • Özvatan مقاطعة County
  • Pınarbaşı . Province
  • Sarıoğlan Province
  • Sarız . Province
  • Talas County
  • Melikgazi District
  • Kocasinan Province
  • İncesu . County
  • Akkişla District
  • Bunyan . Province
  • Develi County
  • Felahiye . agricultural district
  • Hacılar . County


 Historically, Kayseri

considered as state Kayseri It is one of the oldest inhabited places in Turkey, specifically dating back to the Bronze Age, as traces of Assyrian trading colonies of 6000 BC were discovered.

It was also inhabited by the Hittites about 4000 BC, and it was called Mazaka.

Many civilizations followed the state, such as the Roman civilization, who called it Caesarea, where they built near it Koltebe Mond City which was a meeting place for merchants.

Then it was captured by the Byzantine Empire, then the Seljuk Empire, and finally the Ottoman civilization.


Historical Sites in Kayseri

Is characterized by state Kaysari With its timeless monuments, several ancient civilizations such as the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman civilizations followed it. The most famous monuments of Kayseri:

  • Koppali Church
  • The historic city of Garama, which is located near Mount Erciyes, was built before BC, in the time of the Hittite civilization.
  • Karabash Church
  • Saint Babara Church
  • Soganli village Which includes about 50 churches decorated with rocks
  • The Hunat complex, which dates back to the thirteenth century, is considered the first Seljuk complex in the Anatolian region, which contains a mosque, a public bath and a tomb.
  • Princess Hunat Hatton Mosque The archaeological site, or the city mosque, whose construction dates back to 1238 AD, is the daughter of one of the Seljuk sultans who converted to Islam and left the pharaohs.
  • Kayseri Museum, which contains an important library that tells the secrets of the ancient city, and the sarcophagus of Hercules
  • Ataturk Museum
  • Gobar Oglu Mosque
  • Agernas City Which dates back to the Byzantine civilization, and is an underground city, and contains churches, houses and kitchens
  • The pyramidal dome of Alaga The most famous religious tourism attractions in KayseriIt is used to provide a place to hold prayers for those coming to the city, and it was built by the Umayyad prince Jamal al-Din bin Muhammad in 1208.
  • The Gohar Nusseibeh Historical Museum of Medicine, which was established by order of the Seljuk Sultanate, Gohar Nusseibeh, to be a hospital for patients, is the first hospital in Europe.
  • The ancient city of Kol Tepe Mond, which dates back to 6000 BC, was in the second millennium BC an important commercial center and a meeting place for merchants
  • Kayseri Castle, which was built in the Roman era, and was restored in the Ottoman era.

Kayseri Province

 Tourist places in Kayseri

enjoy state Kayseri There are many tourist attractions that attract tourists, where nature varies between valleys, wonderful plains, and high mountain peaks. The most famous tourist attractions in Kayseri:

  • Mount Arges Which is meant for ski lovers in the winter, as it is the highest mountain peak in Anatolia, and the third highest mountain peak in Turkey, with a height of 3,916 km.
  • Yahali villageOr Yehia Ali, which is characterized by its picturesque scenery, where orchards planted with fruit trees and irrigated by natural waterfalls are spread.
  • Kayseri cable car spanning large areas
  • Kaposbashi Falls Classified as the second largest waterfall in the world, it consists of seven waterfalls that cascade from the tops of high mountains.
  • Lake Palace Tuzla
  • Wadi Hajar, which contains many natural plants and dense trees, is the first destination for mountaineering enthusiasts amidst the charming nature.
  • Zamante Valley
  • Adglar National Park
  • Dora Baghi Falls

Kayseri Province

 Kayseri weather

Weather tends in Kayseri Province It has a temperate semi-Mediterranean climate due to its altitude.

As the summer in Kayseri is hot and dry, the highest temperature was recorded in July, when it reached 40.7 degrees Celsius.

While Winter in Kayseri It is cold, and snow falls most of the winter. The lowest temperature was recorded in January, when it reached 3 degrees Celsius.


 Shopping in Kayseri

famous state Kayseri There are many markets, as it contains 500 traditional folk markets, and the most famous of them are:

  • The popular covered market in Kayseri, which is the second largest covered market in Turkey.
  • People's Bazaar

It also contains Kayseri Province On many luxury shopping centers that contain the most important international trade brands, the most famous of them are:

  • Kayseri Forum
  • Epic Saray Mall
  • Mix Mall Kayseri Yaşam


 What is the postal code for Kayseri?

38999- 38000


 How far is the distance between Kayseri and Istanbul?

The distance between them is 780 kilometers, which is equivalent to about nine hours using the car.



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