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Learn about the strategic Kağıthane district of Istanbul


The central location of Kağıthane district in Istanbul

Kâğıthane is characterized by its central and strategic location in the heart of Istanbul on the ancient European side, adjacent to the two tourist areas of Sisli and Maslak, only 7 minutes from the Bosphorus Bay, and 10 minutes from the famous Taksim Square, to be one of the most important areas in Istanbul that attract tourists and investors Turks and Arabs.

Kaythane district is surrounded from the north by the Sariyer (Maslak) district, to the northeast by the touristic Besiktas district, to the east by the Sisli district, to the southwest by the Beyoglu district, and to the west by the Eyup Sultan district, which overlooks with Kâğıthane on the coast of the Golden Horn Bay.


General information about Kaethane District

Kaythane area is one of the best housing options suitable for families to settle in, because of its diverse and modern services, and its relatively large green spaces, and the spread of water tables, in addition to its charming view of the Golden Horn Bay.

Kâğıthane has a population of about half a million people on an area of 23 square kilometers, and it includes within this area 19 administrative districts, the most famous of which are:

(Chaglian - Chili Tabeh - Omniyat Evler - Gul Tabeh - Hurriyet Mahalsi - Hamidiya Mahalsi).

Kaythane witnessed a great industrial leap after 1946, and it became at the forefront of the areas in which industrial investments are active, after many companies went to work there, which prompted the children of the working class and immigrants to go to it and reside there.

Over the years, the Kâğıthane district has become one of the largest and most famous areas in the urban and service fields, after it was an area belonging to the working class in the last century, and the government’s interest in it increased after implementing many service projects, such as new transportation networks, high residential towers, shopping centers, hotels Five stars, schools and other advanced projects.

After the remarkable real estate development witnessed by the region, real estate sales and rentals in the region became very active, and the prices of sold properties increased by more than 50%, and the prices of rented homes by about 45%, which increased the pace of urban development in the region further, through the establishment of many modern projects. , making Kaytaneh district a promising and pioneering business center in the present and the future.


The most important service centers in Kaethane district

Hospitals in Kaetane

Kâğıthane has many advanced hospitals equipped with the latest technologies, including all medical and health specialties, the most important of which are:

  • State Hospital in Kaetane.
  • Okmeedan Dental Hospital.
  • Hilal Private Medical Center.
  • Levent Private Physiotherapy Hospital.


Transportation lines in Keethane

Kâğıthane's central location helped it contain many important transportation lines and networks, which connect the region to all Istanbul neighborhoods, and the most important means of transportation that serve the region are:

  • metrobus line

The most important and largest public transportation line in Istanbul, where the metrobus passes at the Çağlayan station of Kağıthane.

  • metro

The M2 metro line reaches the outskirts of Kâğıthane through stations (Levent - Sanayi - Seyrantepe), in addition to the newly established M7 metro line that passes through the area.

  • mini bus

Kaythane has an interconnected network of minibus lines, which help connect the region to each other on the one hand, as well as connect it with the nearby areas, especially Besiktas and Beyoglu, all the way to the Bosphorus coast.

Many highways that cross the Bosphorus strait, and link between the Bosphorus Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, pass through Kâğıthane. These roads include:

  • The highway (1-0) passes through Sisli in the south.
  • The highway (2-0) is in the northern part of Kâğıthane in an east-west direction.


Shopping malls in Kaetane

Kaythane is similar to its neighbor Sisli in that it contains many shopping centers and large malls, including:

  • AXIS Mall.
  • Ambassador Tower.
  • Chaglian Mall.
  • House Mall.
  • BEREKET Mall.
  • River Mall.



Famous tourist areas

  • Asadabad Palace Sadbad Palaces.
  • Chalian Mosque in Istanbul.
  • Hasbahçe Park.
  • The fountain of Imrahor.
  • Miniaturk Park.


Universities in Keethane

  • Istanbul Technical University.
  • Istanbul University Atlas.
  • Gelish University.
  • Bahcesehir University.
  • Gulf University (Halleke).
  • Kemal Hilal Tanir University of Information Technology.




Advantages of real estate investment in Kaytaneh منطقة

As mentioned earlier, Kâğıthane is an attractive point for real estate investors for many reasons, including:

  • The square meter price is relatively cheap.
  • The central location of Kaytaneh is among the most vital areas of Istanbul, such as Sisli, Besiktas, Taksim and Eyup.
  • The metro line is under construction, which will connect Kaythane to the airport, which will raise the investment return for real estate owners in the area.
  • Strong infrastructure.
  • The beautiful nature and the level of luxury enjoyed by the region.
  • The spread of many high-end residential complexes equipped with the latest ideal services, and features that help to settle and live safely in the region.
  • The quality of educational and health services, and the spread of international schools and public and private universities.
  • Numerous vital highways connect the Kâğıthane district to the rest of Istanbul and Turkey.



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