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Zeytinburnu The marine area that combines civilization and modernity 2022

Borno olives

Borno olives are located in European side of IstanbulIt is adjacent to the historic city, separated from it only by the magnificent walls of Constantinople, and overlooking the southern side of the city. Sea of Marmara.

Its neighborhoods vary, between historical old neighborhoods, and simple popular ones, and between luxurious neighborhoods that were built on its land, the most important Residential complexesand residential towers.

It is one of the distinguished areas for housing, as well as for investment, as it has a variety of transportation node, starting from metrobus lineAnd even the presence of sea ferries in the nearby port of Bakirkoy, which connects it with the rest of Istanbul, shortening the distances to record time.

as considered Zeytinburnu Beach, one of the most vital places in the region, where there are a series of luxury restaurants and cafes, to welcome visitors and residents to eat their meals and enjoy a charming sea view over Sea of Marmara.

  •  Information about Zeytinburnu district in Istanbul
  •  Where is Zeytinburnu district located in Istanbul?
  •  Advantages of housing and buying an apartment in Zeytinburnu
  •  Population of Zeytinburnu
  •  Transportation in Zeytinburnu
  •  Services in Zeytinburnu / Education_Health_Entertainment
  •  Real estate prices in Zeytinburnu

If you are interested in purchasing Apartments for sale in Istanbul, especially in Buying apartments in ZeytinburnuYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will provide you with all information related to the area Bornu olives in Istanbul.

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 Information about Zeytinburnu district in Istanbul

The area is characterized by a strategic location, and its extension alongside the historical area of Istanbul, where it is separated from the historical city only by the eternal walls of Constantinople until our time.

The area was a small village, and a commercial and industrial center for craftsmen and professions.

And with the beginning general 1958 grabbed attention Turkish government, She began to take special care.

It was named after a compound Borno olives zeytinburnuHe called it the word “olive” in relation to the Turks planting a very large number of olive seedlings, and the word “borno” in relation to the curved shape of the neighborhood, which resembles the nose.


 Where is Zeytinburnu district located in Istanbul?

The area on the European side of Istanbul is considered one of the most beautiful and important areas close to the city center.

It is of vital location, between Ataturk AirportWhich is being converted into the largest park in Europe, and will contain rare flowers and various trees, and tracks for running and cycling, and the area is located in the heart of the old center of Istanbul.

It is surrounded by a number of central areas, from the north it is bordered by Bayrampaşa region, bounded to the south Sea of Marmara, and from the east it is bordered by Al-Fateh area, and from the west it is bordered by Bakirkoy area, while from Northwest side bordered Esenler area.


 Advantages of housing and buying an apartment in Zeytinburnu

There are several components present in the region, and not all of them are available in other regions, including:

  •  The region is witnessing a wide urban renaissance, and the most important buildings are being built on its land Residential towers, which businessmen have taken as a place to launch their trade, as it overlooks the Constantinople walls And the historical city, and thus it combines the modernity of the present and the fragrant history of the past.
  •  Its residential complexes are designed with great care, especially in green spaces and game parks, with large areas, to enjoy nature.
  •  passes through highway E5 and line metrobus The fastest in Istanbul, which gives it investment advantages, and shortens the distances between it and the rest of the city.
  •  The area is close to Eurasia Tunnel Passing under the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the Asian and European continents, in record time, and is also close to Bakirkoy port Which allows navigation to all seaports in the city.

In addition to the quality of educational and health services provided to the region, all these things made Buying an apartment in Zeytinburnu A profitable investment opportunity.

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 Population of Zeytinburnu

The area covers an area of 11.31 square kilometres population 283 thousand people, which is not considered one of the areas with a high population density.

The area consists of 14 neighborhoods, they are:

  •  Çırpıcı Mahallesi . neighborhood
  •  Nuripaşa Mahallesi . neighborhood
  •  Sumer Mahallesi
  • Yeşil Tepe neighborhood Yeşiltepe Mahallesi
  •  Valiefendi Mahallesi . District
  •  Seyitnizam Mahallesi
  •  Merkezefendi Mahallesi . Efendi Center District
  •  Beştelsiz Mahallesi
  •  Yenidoğan Mahallesi . Neighborhood
  • Mall Tebah district Maltepe Mahallesi
  •  Telsiz Mahallesi
  •  Kazlıçeşme Mahallesi . Neighborhood
  •  Gökalp Mahallesi

It is considered Boulevard Street The most important street in the area, where the most important real estate projects in the area are located.

 Transportation in Zeytinburnu

The region is characterized by the presence of a wide network of transportation in it, the most important of which are metrobus line Which is considered the most important and fastest line in the city, as it connects the region to the rest of Istanbul, in record time.

There are also a number of metro lines, the most important of which are Marmaray metro line Which passes in a tunnel under the sea, and connects the two parts of Istanbul, the European and the Asian.

and metro line yen cabbie_kirazli.

In addition to the tramway, and public transport buses.

The area is close to Ataturk Airport, which is being converted into the largest park in Europe, with a distance of only 20 minutes.

It is close to Bakirkoy port, which contains the sea ferries connecting the coastal areas of Istanbul.

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Services in Zeytinburnu / Education_Health_Entertainment

Is characterized by municipality Borno olives To manage the affairs of the region, and all activities in it in proportion to the great urban renaissance witnessed by the Turkish lands, while preserving the historical monuments, and the places that attract foreign tourists.

The municipality is very interested in providing integrated services to the residents of the area, and providing all aspects of civil life, from lighting the streets, building and caring for gardens, and making sure that the buildings built on its land comply with European standards, and other services.


Health services in Zeytinburnu

The region enjoys keeping pace with modern medical developments, as it owns government and private hospitals, and medical centers, that use the best tools and modern technology, in addition to the presence of a medical staff of the most skilled and distinguished doctors, and these hospitals include:

  •  Eurasia Hospital
  •  Damla Dialysis Hospital
  •  Megadent Agaz Dental Hospital
  •  Marter Watan Hospital
  •  Soliman Hospital for Women's Diseases, Training and Research

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Educational services in Zeytinburnu

In the region there are a large number of Turkish public schools for all age groups and stages, in addition to the presence of private international schools, including:

  •  Jalaluddin Gozosulu School
  •  Shaheed Qader Jihan Intermediate School
  •  Effendi Center Primary School
  •  Ataturk Primary School.
  • It is also famous for the presence of a large number of universities, including:

Maslak Aliya Europe Academy is famous for having a physical therapy department and a child development program.

  • Yeni Yuzel UniversityIt is famous for its distance education system
  •  Koç University
  •  Fatih Sultan University

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Recreational services in Zeytinburnu

The area is considered one of the most distinguished areas green areas In it, where almost no neighborhood is devoid of a large-sized garden, which has a variety of activities and games for children, in addition to the presence of huge commercial centers, including:

  • Marmara Forum Mall Which contains the most famous international and Turkish brands, and a series of restaurants and entertainment games for children
  •  The Rouge Port Mall, which specializes only in the sale of veiled and children's clothing
  •  Doctor Luqman's garden
  • The olive grove coast Which includes a series of cafes, restaurants and parks equipped with children's games
  •  The ancient mosques and churches are the first destination for tourists, as thousands visit them annually.
  •  Kazli Shisha Fountain

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 Real estate prices in Zeytinburnu

The area is characterized by its direct view of the Marmara Sea, the historical city, and the quality of its services, and therefore it witnesses a demand for Buying an apartment in Zeytinburnu.

But real estate prices vary based on several factors, including:

*Proximity of the property to public transport lines tramway_ metro_ metrobus)

* The property is close to the tourist and historical places and the walls of Constantinople.

* The property is close to the beach Sea of Marmara

* The quality of social and recreational services provided in the housing project.

* View of the residential project.

* After or near the residential complex for shopping centers, and social services.

* The quality of the residential complex's cladding, and the interior finishes of the property.

* The method of paying the price of the property, the period of installments and their value.

* Different Zeytinburnu Istanbul Apartments Prices Under construction, all apartments are ready for delivery.

* The area of the apartment, the number of rooms and bathrooms.

Based on the aforementioned factors, the price of per square meter In residential complexes, it starts at 8700 TL and above.

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  •  How far is Zeytinburnu from Asian Istanbul?

far of Asian Istanbul A distance of 31.3 km, which is equivalent to approximately 47 minutes using the car.


  •  How far is Zeytinburnu from Fatih?

far of the conqueror A distance of 7.4 km, which is equivalent to approximately 22 minutes using the car.


  •  How far is Zeytinburnu from Taksim?

far of to divide A distance of 14.3 km, which is equivalent to approximately 36 minutes by car


  •  How far is Zeytinburnu from Esenyurt?

far of  Esenyurt A distance of 30.6 km, which is equivalent to approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes using the car


 Also important information: 


Real estate projects in Zeytinburnu:

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