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Buyukcekmece, the most beautiful coastal areas in Istanbul

Buyukcekmece, the most beautiful coastal areas in Istanbul

Located Buyukcekmece district It is on the European side of Istanbul, and it is considered one of the coastal rural villages in the city, which is visited by local and foreign tourists, especially in the summer, in order to relax and enjoy its picturesque nature, especially since it has the longest coast in Istanbul, and it has the wonderful Büyükçekmece Lake.

For this reason, the construction companies compete in creating the best residential and investment projects, and complexes with integrated and luxurious services that are worthy of the investment value of the region.

Local and foreign investors are racing to buy a residential apartment in it, whether it is for housing, as the area is qualified for family housing, with ancient schools and universities that teach their curricula in Turkish or English, and shopping and entertainment centers of a global nature. Or to buy an apartment for the summer, or even to invest and enjoy high rental returns.

If you are one of the people interested in buying apartments for sale in Istanbul, especially the Buyukcekmece area on the European side of Istanbul, then you have reached your destination. Hakeem Real Estate Company In our article today, we will provide you with detailed information about the region.

Buyukcekmece district of Istanbul Büyükçekmece

The region has a long history dating back to the Byzantine era, when it was known at that time as “Athera”, and it was known as a hunting and farming area. Even during the Ottoman Caliphate era, it maintained its great importance, as it was a center for the establishment and transit of the Ottoman army, passengers and trade convoys.

Then the Turks flocked to it at the beginning of 1829 and began to rebuild it, but it did not receive government attention due to its distance from the city center and the difficulty of accessing it, and at that time it belonged to the Turkish region of Chatlja.

Where is Büyükçekmece Municipality located?

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Buyukcekmece is located in the European side of Istanbul, in an ideal location on the coast of the Sea of Marmara.
It is bordered on the eastern side by the Esenyurt region and the Beylikduzu region, on the western side it is bordered by the Silivri region, on the northern side it is bordered by the Arnavutköy region, and the Chatalca region, and on the south side it is bordered by the Sea of Marmara.

Buyukcekmece municipality services

Büyükçekmece is one of the modern districts in the European section of Istanbul, as its municipality was established in 1958 and since that day, Buyukcekmece municipality It is concerned with the establishment of residential projects, with luxurious engineering designs.

And the establishment of gardens, restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea and the lake, to suit its presence in a tourist area, and equipped it with the best educational, health and entertainment services. The municipality includes the following places:

  • Büyükçekmece Merkez Center.
  • Kamiloba.
  • Mimar Sinan.
  • Tepecik.
  • Jalal Celalliye.
  • Mr. Murat Muratbey.

Educational services

According to statistics conducted in 2020, the Büyükçekmece region includes 58 public schools, for different age groups, and the number of private international schools has reached 23, including:

  • Al-Fayez International Schools
  • Istanbul International School.

In addition to the presence of universities with advanced curricula and academic education ranked at the best levels in the world, such as Istanbul Ariel University, Beykent University, and Fatih University.

Educational services


Health Services

There are a large number of governmental and private hospitals in the region, in addition to health centers that are distributed in the neighborhoods, and provide integrated medical services to the residents of the region, the most famous of which are:

  • Mimar Sinan Governmental Hospital.
  • Colan Hospital
  • Beckent University Hospital.
  • 2000 Medical Center.
  • Buyukcekmece Oral and Dental Hospital.

Entertainment services

Büyükçekmece is a coastal area visited by thousands of tourists every year to enjoy its golden beaches. Therefore, the recreational services vary, including:

  • Buyukcekmece Beach, which is considered one of the longest coasts in Istanbul, with a length of 26 km, and it consists of 3 coasts, namely, Mimar Sinan Coast, Buyukcekmece Coast, and Albatros Coast.
  • The Grand Aqua Marina water park, overlooking Büyükçekme Lake.
  • Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Mosque.
  • Buyukcekmeh Arts and Culture Festival, which is considered one of the largest festivals in the world, and is held in Republic Square from the first to the seventh of July every year, and attracts many art lovers around the world.
  • Tbejik Chamlik Park, which includes sports fields.
  • Ateros Mall, which includes 80 shops of the most luxurious international brands, in addition to the cinema hall with 4D technologies.

Buyukcekmece population

The area extends over an area of 196 km, and according to the latest statistics issued by the Public Nufus Department in 2018, its population is 683 thousand people.
Therefore, it was classified as one of the non-populated areas in Istanbul.

According to the same statistics, the population of the region doubles during the summer to reach 800 thousand people, because it is a tourist area suitable for summer, attracting residents of Istanbul and foreign tourists coming to it.

The population is distributed among the 12 neighborhoods of the region, and they are:

  • Alkent 2000 Alkent.
  •  Cumhuriyet Mahallesi District.
  • Fatih neighborhood Fatih Mahallesi.
  • May 19 MayIs Mahallesi.
  • Hamidiye neighborhood Ahmediye Mahallesi.
  • Çakaklı Mahallesi Neighborhood.
  • Güzelce Mahallesi neighborhood.
  • Ekinoba Mahallesi.
  • Ataturk Neighborhood Atatürk Mahallesi.
  • Bahçelievler Mahallesi district.
  • Celaliye Mahallesi Neighborhood.
  • Dizdariye Mahallesi neighborhood.

Infrastructure in Buyukcekmece

The region has a strong infrastructure that qualifies it for housing and real estate investments, as it is linked by highways with the new Istanbul Airport, making it easily accessible.
The two highways E5 and E80 pass through it, which connect it to the city center and the rest of Istanbul.

The Turkish government is seeking to supply the Istanbul Metrobus line to it, for easy access and shortening the time, in addition to opening a subway station there, which will encourage many investors and businessmen to invest in the region.

There is also the city of Tuyap to organize international and local exhibitions, which is considered a global trade forum for the most prominent companies and commercial brands, and it is visited by businessmen and investors from all parts of the world. In addition to the presence of the fourth largest television broadcasting tower in the world in the region.

There is a large entertainment project that will be built on its land, which is the “Disneyland” resort and theme park project known in cities around the world, and it will be the largest entertainment project in the Middle East.

Tourist places in Buyukcekmece Istanbul

The region is characterized by the presence of many wonderful and timeless Ottoman monuments, which tourists come to learn about the greatness of ancient civilization, including:

  • The Sincaklar Mosque, which won first place in the architecture competition in the world, and is built in a modern architectural style to resemble the Cave of Hira in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.
  • The Büyükçekmece Bridge, which was built by Eng. Sinan, or as it is called the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent Bridge.
  • The Kursunlu Khan was used by travelers to stay, treat, and dine during their journey on the ancient Silk Road.
  • Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent water fountain.

Buyukcekmece Lake

The region is famous for its wonderful lake, which is named after it, as this lake is connected to the Marmara Sea shore, and this gives it a special feature. Büyükçekmece Gölü Lake is located in the south of the Catalca region, as it extends over an area of 28.47 square kilometers, and is 7 km long, 2 km wide, and 28 feet deep. The lake is used as a fresh water reservoir.

Villas for sale in Buyukcekmece

The region has won the title of “City of Happiness” due to the integration of its services, where construction companies compete to construct residential complexes and villas with luxurious architecture and high-quality interior finishes, conforming to international standards and European style.

The number of villas for sale in Buyukcekmece has reached 15 thousand villas, and this large number of villas is not found in any other region in the world. The municipality has also developed a plan for the reconstruction of 35,000 villas, in addition to many chalets overlooking the sea or Kucukcekmece Lake.

Apartments for sale in Buyukcekmece, Istanbul

Buyukcekmece in Istanbul is suitable for family housing and for investment as well, as it is far from traffic congestion, chaos and hustle and bustle of the city, and close to universities that teach their curricula in both Turkish and English, and therefore it is suitable for family housing.

It is a summer area, visited by thousands of tourists annually, and it is rare to find an empty apartment in the summer, and therefore it is suitable for investment. There are apartments for sale suitable for investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship

Kucukcekmece coast

This coast is distinguished by its great length, as it extends for a length of 26 km, surpassing all coasts in Istanbul. Kucukcekmece coast makes up 3.5% of the area of Istanbul.

It is full of Turkish and international restaurants and cafes overlooking the Sea of Marmara, sports venues, walking and cycling paths. Therefore, it is the first tourist destination in the summer.

Buyukcekmece Beach

The Buyukcekmece region is famous for a group of beaches suitable for swimming, and it is witnessing a great demand from swimming enthusiasts and enjoying the beauty, and the most important of these beaches are:

  • Mimar Sinan BeachWhere Mimar Sinan Beach is located in Buyukcekmece Bay, near the E5 highway, and Mimar Sinan College, and there are many restaurants overlooking it.
  • Buyukcekmece Beach Istanbul near Ataturk Avenue
  • Albatross Beach Which contains walking paths and places for swimming, in addition to restaurants with direct views of the bay.

common questions

How do I go to Buyukcekmece?

It is possible to take the car and go to it using the E80 highway, by public transport buses, or by sea ships that operate daily trips to Bursa.

How far is Buyukcekmece from Taksim?

Buyukcekmece is 56.8 km away from Taksim, which is approximately an hour by car

How far is Buyukcekmece from Basaksehir?

Buyukcekmece is 44.8 km from Basaksehir, which is approximately 45 minutes by car.

How far is Buyukcekmece from Fatih?

Buyukcekmece is 50.2 km away from Al-Fateh, which is approximately one hour and five minutes by car.

Büyükçekmece, how far is it from Istanbul?

Buyukcekmece is 50.7 km from Istanbul city center, which is approximately 48 minutes by car.

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