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Beyoglu, Embassies District and Eternal Byzantine Monuments | 2022


Beyoglu district is located on the European side From the city of Istanbul, which is still witness to its immortal monuments to the succession of the greatest civilizations in this charming city.

It contains the most important Byzantine monuments known around the world, such as Galatasaray Tower, And Istiklal Street who goes through red tram archaeological, And Taksim Square Known to everyone, even to those who have never visited Turkey.

Therefore it is considered Beyoğlu The first compass, and the first destination for all tourists, from different parts of the world, strolling in its ancient streets, visiting its luxury stores, and tasting their food in its restaurants that offer different types of Turkish and international dishes.

The area is considered one of the important investment areas, as it attracts businessmen and local and foreign investors to invest in it, especially because there are many Foreign embassies and consulatesAll types of transportation are available, starting from metrobus, and even the sea ferries in Besiktas region.

Which gives it a distinct investment character, especially as it is surrounded by the most important areas in the city such as Sisli district.

If you are interested in Buying a property in Turkey, especially Apartments for sale in Istanbul And want to buy Apartments in BeyogluYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will share with you all the detailed information about it.


 Information about the Beyoglu district of Istanbul

It is not a modern area, it has been known since antiquity in the Byzantine period, and was called at that time by the name of PeraIt means the opposite beach, and it was a major center for merchants from Europe, resting in its luxury hotels, and touring its various markets.

With the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans, the Pera region was also opened, and a large number of foreign embassiesWhich made it the preferred area of residence for a large number of foreigners in general and Europeans in particular.

The area received the attention of the Ottoman Caliphate, and electric cables and telephone lines were introduced to it. And the tram lineThus, it became the first district in Istanbul to enjoy all these privileges.

With the establishment of the Turkish Republic, its name changed to Beyoğlu In Arabic, it means "Ibn al-Sayyid".

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 Advantages of living in Beyoglu

There are many factors that make the region one of the most important The best residential areas in IstanbulIt represents its cultural identity and economic strength, and among those factors:

  1.  It contains an integrated transportation node, where it passes through metrobus line The fastest in Istanbul, in addition to a huge network of metro lines, trams, public transport buses, as well as sea ferries in Besiktas, and this makes it easier for its residents to reach any area of the city easily.
  2.  The number of universities in it, as well as health and recreational services commensurate with its position as a compass for foreign tourists.
  3. Surrounded by areas of strategic and investment importance, such as Nishan Tach, And theSisli District, and Besiktas.
  4. It is witnessing a continuous rise in prices, which means a high increase in capital, and double profits when selling.
  5. verification Buying an apartment in Beyoglu High income for those wishing to achieve returns from profits through rent, as it is close to embassies and consulates, and therefore foreigners prefer to stay in the area, close to diplomats representing the authority of their country.


 The best tourist places in Beyoglu district

The area is famous for many Byzantine monuments that are still immortal until our time, and thousands of tourists come to enjoy the ancient architecture, including:

  • Taksim Square Which is considered the first destination for tourists, as they picnic in Taksim SquareThey tour its various commercial markets, where the most important international and local brands are located.
  • flower aisleIn the era of the Ottoman Caliphate, it was a street for evening parties and revival of ancient occasions, and today it has become a place for selling various types of flowers, in addition to the presence of a large number of Turkish and international luxury restaurants.
  • Galatasaray Tower, the first compass and the most important destination for any foreign tourist in Istanbul, which is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful towers in the historical city, with a height of 67 meters, and consisting of 9 floors, on the last floor there is a luxurious restaurant overlooking its circular balcony on the Eminonu area, the historical city, and the bay Sea of Marmara In a dazzling and charming view.
  • Qamar Hatton MosqueBuilt in 1511 AD, it was called Qamar Hattun after the nurse of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I. It extends over an area of 223 square meters and is distinguished by its stone walls, turquoise tiles, and its wooden ceiling with a layer of lead, in addition to its mosaic decorations.

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 Beyoglu municipality/ health, educational, and recreational services

The area occupies an area of 8.67 square kilometers, and according to the latest statistics issued by the Department of Nafuha in 2020, it reached population 400,000 people, mostly foreigners.

So you care Beyoglu municipality It does a lot to provide the region with all the services that make it suitable for receiving thousands of tourists annually.

The number of its neighborhoods is 45, and the most famous of them are:

  •  Bankalar Caddesi
  •  Algeria neighborhood Algeria Street
  • Taksim district Taxim
  •  Zürafa Sokağı . Street
  • Taksim Square Taksim Meydanı
  •  Boğazkesen Caddesi
  •  Yeşilçam Sokağı . Street
  • Istiklal Street İstiklal Caddesi
  •  Sıraselviler Caddesi


Educational services in Beyoglu

The region is famous for the presence of a large number of public schools for all age groups, in addition to the abundance of public and private universities in it, including:

  1.  Gulf University
  2.  American University
  3. Beynet University
  4. Mimar Sinan University
  5.  Istanbul Informatics University
  6.  Istanbul Technical University
  7.  Istanbul Commerce University
  8.  Bosphorus University

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Health services in Beyoglu

The area contains a large number of private and governmental hospitals, which are considered one of the most prestigious hospitals in the city, and are equipped with the latest medical tools with advanced technology, and the best and most skilled doctors, including:

  •  German Hospital
  •  Deniz Clinic Pankasi Hospital
  •  Gomoshio Asker Hospital

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Leisure services in Beyoglu

The municipality has taken great care in preparing the area with many gardens, with large green spaces, equipped with children's games, and jogging and walking paths, in order to suit the area being considered the first compass for tourists, and among those gardens:

  1.  Gezi Park division
  2.  Golden Horn Park
  3.  Findiklei Park
  4.  artisan garden
  5.  Jihan Geer Park
  6.  Algiers Garden Hassan Pasha
  7. Bayoglu Park
  8.  Gumusoyu Park
  9.  Demerwin Mall Istiklal
  10.  Grand Pera Mall

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Infrastructure in Beyoglu District

The area is equipped with the latest infrastructure, and a large network of transportation, which passes through it metrobus line Which is considered one of the fastest transportation lines in Istanbul, and there are many subway lines, in addition to buses Public transport and sea ferries.

It also contains many luxury hotels with a five-star rating, and one of the most famous Beyoglu Hotels:

  •  Pera Palace Hotel
  •  Rixos Pera Istanbul Hotel
  •  House Hotel
  •  Bunkerhan Hotel
  •  The Marmara Taksim Hotel is located in the center of Taksim Square
  •  Lazzoni Hotel overlooking the Golden Horn

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It also contains a large number of luxury restaurants, which serve all Turkish and international dishes, and one of the most famous Beyoglu Restaurants:

  •  360 Istanbul Restaurant, which has a great view of the sea.
  •  Yakub Restaurant specializes in fresh seafood.


 Markets in Beyoglu district in Istanbul

The area is considered one of the most attractive areas for tourists, and therefore there are many markets, including the ancient historical, and the modern ones, in addition to the presence of luxury malls, and among the most famous Beyoglu Markets:

  • Istiklal StreetWith a length of 3 km, there are many wonderful archaeological buildings, embassies and consulates buildings, cinemas and theaters, the most prestigious bookstores, in addition to clothing stores of various Turkish and international brands, and a lot of luxury restaurants that offer various dishes of food.
  • fish market The old one, which was established in 1974 and specializes in selling fish, and next to it are many restaurants specializing in fresh seafood, in addition to a large number of cafes.
  • Historic Enpolo Market, which is considered one of the oldest Istanbul Bazaars, where there are a lot of heritage souvenirs, foodstuffs, oils, perfumes and household items, in addition to fabrics, clothing and cosmetics.


 Advantages of investing in Beyoglu district in Istanbul

The area is considered one of the most important investment areas in Istanbul, and it is preferred by many investors and businessmen to start their trade from, as it has many advantages, including:

  •  Its proximity to foreign consulates and embassies, which facilitates the work of service companies for foreigners.
  •  It contains the most important Byzantine antiquities and a long history, making it the first tourist destination for all foreigners.
  •  Equipping it with a strong infrastructure, and providing it with various types of public transportation
  •  The centrality of the area, as it is close to the most important areas of Istanbul, such as Sisli, Fatih and Besiktas.


 Apartment prices in Beyoglu

The area is a high-class tourist and historical area, receiving thousands of tourists annually, and it is one of the Advantages of buying an apartment in Beyoglu, where real estates Beyoğlu Golden opportunity for investment Real estate in Turkey.

 Therefore, it witnesses the construction of housing projects of international standards, and it is considered one of the areas with high apartment prices in the city.

but vary Apartment prices It depends on several factors, including:

  •  The apartment is close to the historical and touristic places in the area.
  •  The property is close to Istiklal Street.
  •  The property is close to The famous Taksim Square.
  •  The quality of services provided by the housing project, social and recreational.
  •  View of the residential project.
  •  After or near the property for shopping centers, and social services.
  •  The quality of the residential complex's cladding, and the interior finishes of the property.
  •  The method of paying the price of the property, the period of installments and their value.
  •  Different Apartment prices Beyoğlu Under construction, all apartments are ready for delivery.
  •  Apartment area, number of rooms and bathrooms.

Based on the aforementioned factors, the price of per square meter Starts at 19,500 TL and above.


 Map of Beyoglu in Istanbul

Is characterized by Beyoglu District It is of a vital location, surrounded by the most important Istanbul districts.

Where it is bounded on the north side Sisli DistrictOn the northwest, it is bounded by Kathane DistrictOn the east side, it is bounded by Besiktas region, and the Bosphorus Strait, and from the southwest bounded by The Golden Age which separates it from the historical city.



  •  Where is Beyoglu district located in Istanbul?

The area is located in European side of IstanbulOn its southern side, it overlooks The Golden Age and the Bosphorus, which separates it from the historical city of Istanbul.

  •  How far is Beyoglu district from Fatih?

away Beyoglu district about the conqueror A distance of 10.2 km, which is equivalent to approximately 19 minutes using the car.

  •  How far is Beyoglu district from Taksim?

away Beyoglu district about to divide A distance of 2.6 km, which is equivalent to approximately 10 minutes using the car.

  •  How far is Beyoglu from the new Istanbul airport?

away Beyoglu District About an airport The new Istanbul is 40.5 km away, which is equivalent to approximately 39 minutes by car.

  •  How far is Beyoglu from Asian Istanbul?

away area Beyoglu About Asian Istanbul A distance of 5.3 km, which is equivalent to approximately 17 minutes using the car.

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