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Beylikduzu is the most prestigious area of Istanbul on the Sea of Marmara

Beylikduzu, the most prestigious area of Istanbul

Increase luster and features Beylikduzu area Due to its privileged location on the Sea of Marmara, and its altitude of 150 km above sea level, which makes its air fresh and free of moisture.

And with a renaissance Real estate in TurkeyAnd the demand to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul, the region took its good fortune from that urban renaissance, where the most important residential and investment projects were built.

Especially after the establishment of the Metrobus line that passes through it, and connects the European and Asian halves of Istanbul, making Beylikduzu Real Estate Investment opportunities, very suitable for raising capital.

If you are interested in buying a property in Turkey, especially Buy apartments in BeylikduzuYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will share with you all the detailed information about it.

A Brief History of Beylikduzu and Turkey

The area is considered one of the ancient areas of Istanbul. Since the second century AD, humans have settled in it, as the Greeks are the first to inhabit the area.
This area became a popular resort for the inhabitants of Constantinople during the Byzantine Empire, and the situation continued in this way even after the rise of the Ottoman Empire.

And yet Founding of the Turkish Republic It was called Kavakli, in relation to the large number of poplar trees in it, and this name remained in use until the end of 2003, when it was given this name.

And this area gained great popularity for people, after the earthquake that occurred in Istanbul city In 1999, it was not affected by the accident because it is a rural area, and since that day its houses have been prepared to be earthquake-resistant.

A Brief History of Beylikduzu and Turkey

Beylikduzu in Turkish

With the advent of 2003, the locals called the area . BeylikduzuBeylikdüzüIt means the plains of the master, to refer to the abundance of its plains and its wide green gardens.

Beylikdüzü municipal services

care Beylikduzu Municipality The development of the region day after day, to attract the interest of many investors to invest in it. Therefore, the municipality has taken care of establishing many sports centers that teach Residents of Beylikduzu Various activities, such as diving lessons, and boat rides, especially in Marina Beylikdüzü. There are also many villas. For investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, its properties are suitable for this request.


Education is one of the most important things that an investor asks about when deciding to live there, but making a decision Buy apartments in Beylikduzu It is the right decision, because it is suitable for family housing.

There are many government schools for different age groups, in addition to private international schools, and universities, including:

  • Beykent University is ranked as one of the strongest universities in Turkey with its academic curricula.
  • Istanbul Galicim University.
  • Kadir Has University.

Among the Arab International Schools in which it is located:

  • Al-Fanar Palestinian International School.
  • Tulip International School.
  • Yemeni International School.
  • King Idris Al-Senussi School.

the health

There are many government and private hospitals in it, with all specialties, in addition to medical centers, including:

  • Kolan Private Hospital.
  • Medicana International Private Hospital.
  • Medilife Private Hospital.
  • Belek Oral and Dental Health Center.
  • Beringey Goose Eye Diseases Center.
  • Kidney Diseases Center.
  • Elderly care center.


The Turks call the area ANM Cumhuriyeti, which means shopping capital, and that is why there are many shopping centers Local and international shopping centers and shops, and entertainment centers, including:

  • Aqua Marina water park.
  • Marmara Park Mall Which is more important shopping centers In Istanbul, it has 250 shops.
  • Luxurious restaurants and cafes.
  • Cinemas with modern audio-visual technologies.
  • Kids Games.
  • Perlavista Mall, which is distinguished by the presence of an ice skating rink.

Accommodation in Beylikduzu

Many moved to the area, and in the early nineties it was population حوالي 3000 نسمة، وبقدوم عام 2018 ازداد عددهم ل 350 ألف نسمة، %55 من الفئة الشابة؛ وجميع سكانها من ذوي الطبقة الراقية، والمثقفة في المجتمع.

The area is characterized by a wonderful administrative organization, its streets are wide and green trees are spread on both sides of the road; and varied Transportation In it, starting with the presence of the Metrobus line in it, which facilitates and speeds up access to the rest of the parts Istanbul districts, abbreviated a few kilometers to reach City center, and even there are buses Public transport.

Accommodation in Beylikduzu

Beylikdüzü areas

There are ten large neighborhoods belonging to the region, some of them take greater importance than others, and all of them have distinctive recreational and social services, and these neighborhoods are:

  1. Yakuplu Mahallesi district, written in Turkish Yakuplu Mahallesi.
  2. Adnan Kahveci neighborhood, writes Adnan Kahveci Mahallesi.
  3. Cumhuriyet Mahallesi district.
  4. Gürpınar Mahallesi district.
  5. Marmara Mahallesi neighborhood.
  6. Kavaklı Mahallesi neighborhood.
  7. Dereağzı Mahallesi district.
  8. Coast neighborhood Sahil Mahallesi.
  9. Buyuksehir district is a big city.
  10. Barış Mahallesi neighborhood.

Beylikduzu Gardens

The area is characterized by a lot of green spaces and large gardens, which give the area fresh air throughout the year, and among the most famous of these gardens, is
The Garden of Life, or the Green Valley “Yashma Valley”, which is a series of adjacent gardens, andIts area is An area of one million square meters, adjacent to the coast Sea of MarmaraIt contains waterfalls, streams, fountains, walking and jogging paths, cafes and restaurants, and statues of famous people, poets and artists to attract visitors to it.

The most famous restaurants in Beylikdüzü

The region’s restaurants vary, between luxurious five-star restaurants, serving the most luxurious main dishes from various international cuisines, and between fast food restaurants, which offer pizza, hamburgers, and fried chicken of all kinds, and between international and Turkish restaurants and even Arab restaurants, including:

  • Bubble Pick Boss Restaurant.
  • Shamiya Nights Restaurant.
  • Big Bite Restaurant.
  • Haretna Restaurant.
  • Balcony cafe.
  • Abu Zalouf Restaurant.
  • Tawq Al Yasmeen Restaurant.
  • Coca Café.
  • Big Chef Restaurant

Apartment prices in Beylikduzu

Recently, domestic and foreign investors have increased their appetite for purchasing Apartments in BeylikdüzüDue to its calm and distance from the hustle and bustle of the city, its clean air, and the presence of some ancient historical monuments in it, such as Sultan Suleiman's Palace (Al-Khan Al-Rasasi), the Fateh Mosque and others.

And the presence of the Metrobus line in it, which facilitates access to the city center, and this led to an increase in the prices of apartments in Beylikduzu.

But the price per square meter varies based on several factors, namely:

  • The property is close to the metrobus line
  • The property is close to the Marmara sea shore
  • Awareness of social and recreational services provided in the housing project.
  • The view of the residential project, the prices of the apartments overlooking the forest.
  • It differs from the prices of apartments overlooking the sea, and apartments overlooking the gardens of the residential complex.
  • After or near the apartment complex about shopping centers, and social services.
  • The quality of the residential complex's cladding, and the interior finishes of the property.
  • The method of paying the price of the property, the period of installments and their value.
  • Different Beylikduzu apartments prices Under construction, all apartments are ready for delivery.
  • Apartment area, number of rooms and bathrooms.

Based on the aforementioned factors, the price per square meter starts at 5800 TL and above.

Beylikduzu Map

Beylikdüzü is strategically located, as it is located west of Istanbul cityIt is bordered to the east by the Avcilar region, to the west by Buyukcekmece, to the north by the Esenyurt region, and to the south by the Marmara Sea.

common questions

How far is Beylikduzu from Asian Istanbul?

The area is 40.8 km away from Asian Istanbul, which is equivalent to 49 minutes by car.

Where is Beylikduzu located in Istanbul?

It is located in the west of Istanbul, along the E5 highway, and surrounded by important areas. From the north, it is bordered by Esenyurt, from the south, by the Marmara Sea, from the east by Avcilar, and from the west by a region buick chekmece.

What is the postal code of Istanbul Beylikduzu?

There are 3 postal codes for the Beylikdüzü area in Istanbul, which differ according to its neighborhoods

  • The neighborhoods of Barış Mahalci, Buyuksehir, Cumhuriyet Mahalci, and Kavalki Postal Code Theirs is: 34520.
  • As for the neighborhoods of Gurbanar, Adnan Kahwaji, and Diragazi Mahlisi, zip code Theirs is: 34528.
  • While Yakuplu neighborhood, Beylikdüzü industrial area, Marmara Mahalsi, and Sahel Mahalsi, zip code Theirs is: 34524.

How far is Beylikduzu from Taksim?

The area is 40 km away from Taksim, which is approximately 45 minutes by car.

How far is Beylikduzu from Basaksehir?

It is 34.6 km away from Basaksehir, which is approximately 36 minutes by car.

How far is Beylikduzu from the new Istanbul airport?

The area is 54 kilometers away from Istanbul's new airport, which is equivalent to about an hour using the car.

Is there a metro station extending to the new Istanbul Airport?

Railway construction companies have started to construct excavations and rails for a subway connecting Istanbul's new airport to the city center, specifically in the Girtepe district in Sisli, with a length of 72 km.

Residents of this region can use the Metrobus line to reach Girtepeh station, and to reach the new Istanbul Airport.

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