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Bahcesehir, the city of parks and the most profitable investment in Istanbul


Bahcesehir is located in the European side of Istanbul, and it is close to the center as it is only 24.4 km from the city center, and it is connected to all areas by highways. It is also rich in educational, health and recreational facilities, which made it one of Istanbul's most preferred areas for family housing.

It is one of the most green areas of Istanbul, with a diverse vegetation cover of trees and flowers, in every corner, in addition to its wonderful lake that overlooks a wide range of restaurants, cafes, clubs and children's games.

Bahcesehir is considered one of the closest areas to modern infrastructure in Turkey. If the real estate investment in Turkey is active, the Bahcesehir area has good luck with it.

If you are one of the people interested in buying apartments for sale in Istanbul, especially the Bahcesehir area on the European side of Istanbul, you have reached your destination, we at Hakim Real Estate will provide you in our article today, detailed information about the area.

Bahcesehir district, Istanbul

The region is located in the European section of Istanbul, and administratively belongs to the municipality Basaksehir, with an area of 3703,000 square meters. It has a distinctive strategic location, as the Ispartakule and Bahcesehir areas are close to the huge projects in Turkey, such as the Istanbul Third Bridge Project, the New Istanbul Airport Project, and the Northern Marmara Highway Project. Therefore, the real estate investment in this region,

It is considered one of the most successful real estate investments among all areas of Istanbul. It also includes many centers, modern commercial markets and health facilities that have obtained an ISO 9001 quality control certificate due to the quality and level of advanced services and modern technologies they provide.

Bahcesehir in Turkish

Bahçeşehir, which means the city of gardens, has estimated per capita share in the area about 12 square meters of green space, and this indicates a diverse vegetation cover of various trees; The region contains many small plateaus, hills and valleys, which gives it beauty.

Departments and regions of Bahcesehir region

composed Bahcesehir area It has four sections, they are:

  1. The first section contains the famous Gullit Lake, and there are many residential complexes and villas around it.
  2. The second section contains the center of Bahcesehir district, Bahcekent district, and Boğazköy district.
  3. The third section contains the Sparta Kole region.
  4. The fourth section contains the Asnkent area.

Villas for sale in Bahcesehir

There are many luxury residential complexes in the region, which are equipped with the highest comfort facilities, in addition to security and other service and recreational facilities.
And because the area is eligible for family housing, there are luxury villa projects, especially in the areas adjacent to the lake.

Where villa projects for sale in Bahcesehir were built with international specifications matching European standards, and with stunning architecture, an abundance of green spaces and social recreational services, and many projects in the region made each villa its own recreational services, for more privacy and luxury.

If you are looking for high-end villas in the area, we at Hakeem Real Estate have attractive offers, and all you have to do is contact us and seize the opportunity.

1 scaled

Apartments for sale in Bahcesehir

The area is well serviced, as it is easily accessible by public transport buses; There is also a new metro project, which will connect the Esenyurt district, Bahcesehir district, Ispartakule district, Mahmudbey district, and Mecidiyeköy district, so that the travel time from Bahçeşehir to Mahmud Bey will take only 18 minutes.

The aforementioned metro line will also be linked to the Marmaray metro line project, which connects European Istanbul with the Asian side. With the start of this project, the real estate market in the region witnessed a remarkable urban activity, attracting many local and foreign investors to invest in it.

Where apartments for sale in Bahcesehir witnessed a quantum leap and prices increased by 20%, and this price will gradually rise with the completion of the new metro project.

Prices of apartments in Bahcesehir

The area is considered one of the most prestigious residential areas in Istanbul. It is characterized by its wide streets, many green gardens, fresh air, and it is far from the fault line that causes earthquakes. Therefore, it has attracted interest in housing and investment, and the most intriguing question has become about the prices per square meter.

but different Price per square meter It is based on several factors, namely:

  • Real estate near Bahcesehir Lake.
  • Real estate near the new metro line, which will connect the Esenyurt area with Mahmud Bey, passing by Bahcesehir area.
  • The quality of social and recreational services provided in the housing project.
  • The view of the residential project, the prices of apartments overlooking the public gardens differ from the prices of apartments overlooking the lake.
  • After or near the residential complex from shopping centers, and social services provided by the municipality.
  • The quality of the housing complex's cladding, the interior finishes of the property, and the quality of materials used in it.
  • The method of paying the price of the property, the period of installments and their value.
  • The prices of Bahçeşehir apartments under construction differ from the apartments ready for delivery.
  • Apartment area, number of rooms and bathrooms.
  • Based on the aforementioned factors, the price per square meter starts at 5000 TL and above.
  • Special real estate offers / apartments for sale in Bahcesehir, Istanbul.
  • Several factors made the area the first destination for family housing and investment as well.

Its proximity to mega projects, its distance from the earthquake line, its location on solid ground, its picturesque nature, and the provision of educational, medical and recreational services in it at the highest level.

All these things made investors prefer the area to invest in it, and they are looking for special real estate offers in Apartments for sale in Bahcesehir, Istanbul.

We at Hakim Real Estate Company, and thanks to our experience in the Turkish real estate market, and our extensive relations with construction companies, we have special real estate offers, competitive prices, and real investment opportunities. All you have to do is contact us, to provide you with the most important offers and real opportunities to achieve the highest profitable benefits.

Bahcesehir gardens and lakes

The area is famous for its many gardens, and that is why it was called Bahcesehir. It has beautiful gardens, parks, and recreational areas, which are not found in any other area, including:

  • Gulet Park, which contains the largest artificial lake in Turkey, with an area of 300,000 square meters, and on the banks of the lake is a wide chain of Turkish and international restaurants and cafes, in addition to clubs and children's games.3 scaled
  • Akbati complex, which contains many shops of the most luxurious international brands, in addition to restaurants

7 scaled

  •     Pazarturk, which is open for 5 days a week, and residents of the region buy fresh vegetables, fruits and fish.

Bahcesehir municipality services

Education in Bahcesehir

The region is characterized by an abundance of educational services, as it has a large group of Turkish schools for all ages, in addition to private international schools, including:

  1. Al-Nahda Schools.
  2. Sana schools.

There is also the famous Bahcesehir University, which is ranked among the advanced stages in the world, and whose curricula are taught in an innovative academic way. The area is also close to Sabahattin Zaim University, Eden University, Galissim University, and other prestigious universities in Istanbul.

2 scaled

Health in Bahcesehir

There are many private and governmental hospitals and medical centers in the region, and it is close to the largest medical city in Europe, and there are Egbadem Hospital, Istinye Hospital, Bahcesehir Medical Center and others.

6 scaled

Bahcesehir complexes

The area is considered one of the modern areas that has been established recently, and therefore all the housing projects built on its land are modern projects and housing complexes that meet the best standards set by the Turkish government.

It is equipped with the best amenities, security, and earthquake resistance, in addition to recreational services such as swimming pools, Turkish bath, sauna, walking and jogging paths, and other services that vary from one residential complex to another.

The residential complexes near the lake are more expensive than other compounds, and are more caring and integrated in their recreational services. But in general, the area does not contain popular neighborhoods and ordinary residential buildings, and all its residents are from the elite and educated class in society.

8 scaled

Bahcesehir map

The region is characterized by a vital geographical location, close to the most important economic facilities and infrastructure in Turkey, and also close to vital areas in Istanbul.
The region is bordered on the north by the Arnavutkoy region, on the south by Bagcilar, Küçükçekmece and Avcilar, on the northeast by Eyup, and on the southwest by Esenyurt.

common questions

How far is Bahcesehir from Fatih?

Bahcesehir is 30.6 km away from Fatih, which is 32 minutes by car.

How far is Bahcesehir district from Taksim?

Bahcesehir is 37 km away from Taksim, which is 39 minutes by car.

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