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Kuwait Turk Bank 2022

Kuwait Turk Bank


It is considered Kuwait Turk Bank The first Islamic bank was established in Turkey, and therefore it has gained great popularity among Muslims, as it does not deal with the interest-based system, and is characterized by the ability of its client to open an account to store gold, silver and precious metals.

The bank is considered one of the preferred banks for Arab customers, especially those coming from the Arab Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia Bank kuvut turk In many official forums by professional associations and public institutions, as a result of his effective contribution to attracting foreign capital, which contributed to support Turkish economyand improving its position on a global scale.

If you are interested in opening a bank account in one Turkish banks, especially in Kuwait Turk Bank You have arrived at your destination, we are in Hakeem Real Estate Company We will share with you all the detailed information on this matter.



 Information about Kuwait Turk Bank in Turkey

was founded kuvut turk In 1989, it is considered the first Islamic bank in TurkeyAnd the largest Islamic bank in Turkey, where the bank has 227 branches across the Turkish states, and thanks to its ingenuity in capital management, it has won Kuwait Turk Bank It has won many awards by professional associations and public institutions, as a result of its great contribution to raising the Turkish economy, thanks to the facilities provided by the bank during the account opening process for its clients, especially for foreigners, as it contributed to attracting Gulf and European capital and investments to Turkey.

Kuwait Turk Bank


 Advantages of opening an account in Kuveyt Turk Bank in Turkey

There are a number of advantages that a bank account holder enjoys when he chooses to open a bank account in kuvut turk , Which:

  1.  He approves kuvut turk It has the latest technology, as it makes it easy for its customers to follow their accounts through a mobile application.
  2. The account holder can quickly transfer and receive his money through the mobile application, and pay water, electricity, gas and internet bills.
  3. The account holder can pay the university tuition fees through the bank's mobile application.
  4. The account holder can exchange or purchase foreign currencies through the mobile application.
  5. The account holder can open accounts for precious metals, such as gold and silver.
  6. The account holder can benefit from the Western Union international transfer service.
  7. The account holder can benefit from the mortgage service when buying a property in Turkey, in addition to obtaining credit loans.
  8. The customer account holder can shop online via the Internet, or the normal shopping through his bank card.
  9. The account holder can pay the amount due to cross the chartered highways such as the Eurasia Tunnel.
  10. The account holder can fill in the internal transport card.


 Types of accounts in Kuveyt Turk Bank in Turkey

There are five types of bank accounts in Kuwait Turk Bank in Turkey, delusion:

First: The current account is not limited in duration, where money can be deposited and withdrawn from the bank, or from automated teller machines located in the streets and neighborhoods of the states, at any time the customer wants without generating any profits from it. It is characterized by:

  • Speed in transferring money to any other bank account
  • The account holder can obtain a check book
  • The account holder can trade and exchange foreign currencies through the mobile application of his bank.
  • The account holder can pay the monthly rent, water, electricity and gas bills by activating the automatic payment feature on the mobile application, without having to go anywhere.

Second: The Participation Account, which is the account that allows a bank to kuvut turk By distributing the interests between it and the account holder as a partner in profit and loss, where the bank finances projects in various real estate, industrial, commercial and other fields, and then shares profits and losses with the account holder within the principles of Islamic transactions.

Third: Gold Account in Kuwait Turk BankIt is also an account that is not restricted for a period of time, where the customer can buy and sell gold at any time, and withdraw it from the bank with ease and ease, or from any other bank in which gold buying and selling operations are available, and the customer often uses this account for savings and savings.

Fourth: The insurance account in a bank kuvut turk Which includes life insurance, housing, personal accident insurance, study guarantee insurance, critical illness insurance, and all insurance procedures

Fifth: The savings account, which allows the account holder to move his money by withdrawal or deposit at the time he wants, and it is not restricted to a specific period, and the bank offers its client a profit margin on the deposited balance, where the value of the profit varies according to the contract that is signed between the bank

The customer is the account holder, if it is a daily, monthly or annual commission, but the savings account does not give its owner the right to receive a check book.


 Papers required to open an account in Kuwait Turk Bank in Turkey

There are some papers that need to be brought when the customer wants to open a bank account for him in Kuwait Turk Bank in Turkey, which are:

  1.   Application form for opening an account in Kuwait Turk Bank in TurkeyIn the form, all the required information about the name, surname, names of the parents, passport number, the client's residence address in Turkey, and his phone number are written, while specifying the type of account that the client wants to open in the bank.
  2. An original copy of the account holder's passport
  3. A translated and certified copy of the Notar Department (Turkish Notary Public) of the account holder's passport.
  4. A copy of the residence card of the customer who holds the account.
  5. Turkish tax number For the account holder.
  6.  A paper proving the address of the customer, the account holder, issued by the Soul Department, or an electricity, water or gas bill showing the customer's address in detail.


 Kuwait Turk Bank services in Turkey

There are many services provided by a bank kuvut turk to its clients, namely:

  • Bank deposit without usurious interest, where the customer opens Islamic bank accounts, and the deposit is made in Turkish lira, US dollars, euros, or a gold, silver and precious metals account.
  • Money transfer and exchange, where the account holder customer can buy and sell foreign currencies or gold through the bank’s electronic application, which is located on the customer’s mobile phone.
  • Presents Kuwait Turk Bank Financial and individual loans, for companies and even for individuals.




 Can a foreigner open a bank account in Kuveyt Turk Bank in Turkey?

Yes, a foreigner can open a bank account in the bank without any obstacles, and Kuwait Turk Bank is considered the preferred bank for Syrians.


 Does Kuveyt Turk Bank in Turkey provide a service to its customers in Arabic?

Yes, it is available in every Arabic language service center for Arab customers, as well as on the mobile application of the customer's bank account.


 How much does it cost to open a bank account in Kuwait Turk Bank?

There are no fees when opening a bank account in Kuwait Turk BankOnly an amount of money is placed as a pledge to be recovered after six months from the date of opening the account.



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