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Basaksehir: The most active real estate and investment area in Istanbul

Basaksehir, the most active area in real estate

considered as Basaksehir One of the most famous areas in recent times, it is an area full of green spaces and large gardens, and since ancient times it was of a picturesque nature, and therefore it was called in the era of Ottoman Empire The name Azatlik, which means to walk.

Many of its picturesque gardens, and its charming nature, deservedly won this title, and the northern part is still Basaksehir area A witness to its splendor, it has been covered by forests since ancient times.

If you are interested in it, you have arrived at your destination, we are in a company Hakeem Real Estate We will provide you with all information related to the area Basaksehir in Istanbul.

Information about Basaksehir area

considered as Basaksehir in Istanbul One of the most attractive areas for foreign and local investors, and therefore the Turkish government has given it great care, and has taken care of infrastructure, educational, medical and recreational services.

There is a square (main public square) in the area One of the biggest The squares in Istanbul, superior to the famous Taksim Square in central Istanbul.

As this field extends over an area of 60,000 square meters, in addition to the presence of many international and local brands and shops, and a huge network of transportation, you will be present in it.

The square is also designed to meet all the needs of residents Basaksehir areaIt has the largest botanical garden on the European continent, extending over an area of 368,000 square meters, large-capacity car parks, and a mosque that accommodates up to five thousand worshipers.

Information about Basaksehir area

where Basaksehir area is located in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most Turkey cities It is famous for foreigners, and it is witnessing a global and local demand for buying real estate in it. It consists of 39 districts, including Basaksehir, which we will talk about in our article today.

Basaksehir area is located In the department European from IstanbulClose to the most important facilities and infrastructure in Istanbul.

It has the new Istanbul Airport, which is the third largest airport in the world, and enjoys distinguished services. On February 17, 2022, the operating company of Istanbul Airport “IGA” announced in a statement that the airport had won the title of “Airport of the Year” for the second time in a row. Company CEO Air Transport Award. It also has the largest medical city in the world European side.

The area is strategically located Istanbul cityIt is bounded on the north by an area Arnaout Koi, and from the south region Bagcilar, and area Kucukcekmece and Avcilar, and from the east region Sultan Ghazi, and the Esenlar region, and from the northeastern side Ayoub region, and from the side southwest region Esenyurt.

How old are you The area of Basaksehir?

was established Basaksehir municipality In 2008, it became independent after being administratively affiliated Municipality of Buyukcekmece. The area of the area is estimated at 10,433 hectares, which is equivalent to approximately 10,433 square kilometers, and approximately 40% of the area has been allocated to forests that include evergreen trees, such as cypress trees, pines, and others, and gardens with flowers and rare trees.

What makes the area more beautiful is the passage of a river It flows into the Kucukcekmece Lake, in addition to having artificial lake Surrounded by international and Turkish restaurants.

The area consists of several neighborhoods, or shops, they are: Basak district, Bahcesehir district, Kaya Bash district, Şahintepe district, Altinsehir district, Aketli district, Kuragintepe district, Zia Gokalp district, and Shamlar district.

Features of Basaksehir area

Features of Basaksehir area There are many, and may not be found in all areas of Istanbul, from the most important and modern infrastructure in Turkey, to the large areas and wide streets.

In addition, the buildings and residential projects are far from each other, to give more privacy and tranquility to the residents of the project. In addition to its many forests and green spaces, in the northeastern region of the region there are large areas of forests that were several centuries ago.

These forests contain evergreen trees throughout the year, and a river passes through the area, and there is a dam formed along the river that flows into Kucukcekmece Lake, which increases the green areas in the region.

The opening of the Istanbul Water Canal in it will give the region a lot of privileges. This channel will connect the Sea of Marmara, the Black Sea, by passing through Kucukcekmece Lake, and it will pass in an area Basaksehir, Avcilar region, and Arnavutkoy region. And with its opening, it will become Real estate prices in Basaksehir, Approach to real estate prices near the Bosphorus Bridge.

and will rise Prices of apartments in Basaksehir In large proportions, we advise you to invest in it from now on, as it is a golden opportunity for capital development. It is suitable for investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship.

The population of Basaksehir

The region occupies the nineteenth place in terms of population in the areas of Istanbul. According to statistics made in 2020, the population of Basaksehir has reached 469,924 people, with an average of 50,22% for males, and 49.78% for females.

The proportion of the young age group under the age of twenty years 40% of the total population of the region. It is considered one of the conservative areas in the city, and therefore it is suitable for family housing.

It is also the preferred region for Arabs. According to the statistics conducted by the Turkish Statistical Institute of Population, the percentage of the Arab community presence reached 65% in the region, compared to the local population and other communities.

Transportation in Basaksehir

Transportation in the region varies between subway lines, and internal buses that connect the region to the rest of Istanbul; It has the longest subway line in Istanbul, the famous Basaksehir-Kent metro line, which connects the area with Ataturk International Airport, and is being converted into the largest park in the world. European continent. This line also connects the area with the Ataturk Olympic Stadium.

There is one of the most used subway lines in the region, the Kirazli metro line, which is 16 km long. The Turkish government has also laid the foundation stone for the construction of a new metro line, linking Esenyurt to the Mahmoud Bey area, and this metro will pass through the area, which will increase its investment value.

How to get to Basaksehir

Many people wonder how to reach Basaksehir, especially those who want to establish their investment companies to ensure that they are easily accessible; But there is no need to bother, Basaksehir Metro It connects it to many other areas in Istanbul. Through this line, it is possible to reach Ataturk International Airport and the Marmaray Line, which connects the two sides of Istanbul, the European side, and the Asian side.

There are also a large number of internal transport buses, such as Bus No. 78 that connects the prestigious area of Eminonu, and Bus No. 79 that connects Basaksehir to Taksim, and many others. Reaching it is easy and does not require any hardship or trouble.

Public services in Basaksehir

Public services in Başakşehir are characterized by diversity, as many cinemas, theaters, and distinctive gardens have been established, to match the heavy demand in the region. Therefore, the Turkish government has taken care of developing it and supporting its infrastructure, in all respects.


Education in the region is the most important element on the minds of investors, according to a statistic conducted in 2017, on the number of Basaksehir district schools The results were as follows:

  • 35 public schools for primary education.
  • 30 secondary schools.
  • 5 kindergarten schools.
  • 3 private international schools.
  • In addition to the famous Ibn Khaldun University, whose courses are taught in Arabic.

This number is constantly increasing, due to the high demand for it, especially from the Arab community.

Education in Basaksehir

the health

The municipality of the region has paid great attention to health and medical affairs, as there are many private and governmental hospitals, with various specialties, in addition to medical centers.

In the region there is also the Medical City, which extends over an area of one million and 21 thousand square meters, which is considered one of the most important medical and investment projects in Turkey. It is equipped with the latest medical devices, an environmentally friendly energy system, and the number of beds reached 2,682.

The number of operating rooms is 90, the number of examination rooms is 725, the number of delivery rooms is 28, and the number of units for treating fire victims is 16 units equipped with many beds, in addition to 5,000 medical laboratories. It is equipped to accommodate more than 35,000 patients daily.

Its departments vary between a hospital for cancer, a hospital for women and childbirth, a heart hospital, a hospital for children, a hospital for neurological diseases and joint diseases, a hospital for physical therapy and rehabilitation, and a psychiatric hospital. It is visited by thousands of tourists per month, due to the low cost of treatment in Turkey compared to the rest of Europe.

Health in Basaksehir


Entertainment houses vary in the area, and they are rich in cinemas, theaters, celebration and conference halls, facilities for people with special needs, swimming clubs, and horse riding clubs.

It has the largest square in Istanbul, whose area is twice the size of Taksim Square, as well as the People's Park, which extends over an area of 380 acres, in addition to a nature reserve in the Shamlar area, which includes rare types of wild animals, such as foxes, eagles and others.

For sports enthusiasts, in the upscale district there is Turkey's largest sports stadium, the Ataturk Olympic Stadium. The area also includes a number of valleys, including the Water Valley, which extends over an area of 46,000 square meters, and contains many shopping centers, restaurants, clubs and games for children. There is also The largest artificial lake in IstanbulThere are many restaurants and cafes around.

As for the shopping centers, they are numerous, but the most famous of them is Mall of Istanbul, which is considered the largest mall in Turkey and includes 350 stores of various international and local brands and various shops, in addition to many international and Turkish restaurants and cinemas with modern digital audio-visual technologies, and entertainment venues for adults And for children.

Entertainment in scaled Basaksehir

Real estate prices in Basaksehir

Real estate prices in Basaksehir vary according to several criteria, including:

  • Degree near the residential complex to Basaksehir Square.
  • The degree of proximity of the apartment complex to the Kirazli metro line, or the Kent metro.
  • The complex is located near the new Istanbul Canal.
  • The proximity of the housing project to public social services, parks, or valleys.
  • The luxury of the residential project, the quality of its social and recreational services, and the available green spaces.

Based on these factors, The price per square meter in the Basaksehir area starts from 21.000 TL. This price is not fixed Real estate in Turkey in general, and in Istanbul city In particular, it is witnessing an increase of 30%, due to the high demand for it by local and foreign investors.

Real estate prices in Basaksehir

Especially this area, which has become one of the residential and investment areas together, and has risen Prices of apartments in BasaksehirIt is close to mega projects.

Prices are expected to increase by 45% with the opening of the new Istanbul Canal. For this reason, many construction companies tend to establish many urban projects that conform to European specifications in the region, and companies compete among themselves in terms of the quality of the cladding and finishes and the luxury of the materials used.

Multiple spaces and styles are available, starting from a bedroom and a hall, up to 5 rooms and a hall, and even duplex options; And the most important characteristic Basaksehir apartments Are the spacious spaces, it is rare to find an apartment with an area of less than 70 square meters.

We at Hakim Real Estate advise you to buy apartments under construction in the area, as it will bring you a lot of profits, and you can pay in installments in dollars or in Turkish lira.

common questions

How far is Basaksehir from Asian Istanbul?

Basaksehir is 31.5 km away from Asian Istanbul, which is approximately 39 minutes by car.

How far is Basaksehir from Fatih?

Basaksehir is 18.5 km away from Fatih, which is approximately 30 minutes by car, and 40 minutes by internal buses.

How far is Basaksehir from Taksim?

Basaksehir is 29.1 km away from Taksim, which is approximately 34 minutes by car, and 45 minutes by internal bus.

How far is Esenyurt from Basaksehir?

Esenyurt is 23.5 km away from Basaksehir, which is approximately 31 minutes by car.

How far is Avcilar from Basaksehir?

Avcilar is 26.4 km away from Basaksehir, which is equivalent to 40 minutes by car.

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