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Residential complexes in Turkey 2022

Residential complexes in Turkey


Turkey has a strong infrastructure, and a distinguished strategic location, which attracts foreign investors from all over the world to invest and reside there.

Therefore topping Residential complexes in Turkey Search list on the Internet, many foreigners, especially Arabs prefer Living in Turkey.

Where the residential projects enjoy a unique architecture that dazzles the eye, and is equipped with social and recreational facilities that make Accommodation in residential complexes Fun and luxury that increases the happiness of its residents.

In addition to the many distinguished services provided by the residential complexes, and this is what makes it the focus of investors' attention, especially when the foreign investor desires to reside with his family and ensure their safety and stability.

And because of the heavy demand for buying apartments or villas within Residential complexes in Turkey The construction wheel in Turkey has accelerated, the number of Turkish construction companies has increased, and competition has increased among them to create housing projects with international specifications, luxury engineering and distinguished social facilities to attract customers, in addition to taking into account the appropriate location close to transportation or educational, medical and recreational services.

This is in the interest of the foreign investor, who will eventually get the best services.

  • Information about residential complexes in Turkey
  • Advantages of living in residential complexes in Turkey
  •  Types of residential complexes in Turkey
  • What are the revenues of residential complexes in Turkey

If you are interested in Buying a property in Turkey, and would like to know all the information regarding about Residential complexes in TurkeyYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will inform you of all its details.


 Information about residential complexes in Turkey

release the term Residential complex in Turkey On a group of residential buildings located in one place, and green gardens separate the buildings.

These buildings contain apartments, offices and shops within the same place, and they are surrounded by external walls to prevent strangers from entering the complex before verifying their identity, and the person wishing to go to it, as it is confirmed by the guard staff present in the reception hall.

Each complex shall have a central administration that supervises the monitoring of cameras, general maintenance services, complex cleaning and recreational services in return for simple monthly returns.

Residential complexes in Turkey

 Advantages of living in residential complexes in Turkey

Many foreign investors prefer to live in Residential complexes in TurkeyIt has many advantages that are not available in independent apartments, including:

  • A sense of security: the residential complexes are surrounded by high walls, and are equipped with 24-hour surveillance cameras, as well as alarms to protect against the risk of theft, in addition to alarms against the danger of fire or gas leakage.

This makes the foreign investor feel safe, especially when his children are left alone at home.

And also enjoy Residential complexes in Turkey With the presence of guards at the entrance to the project, and their responsibility to ensure the identity of the guest persons coming to the project, and to prevent the children of the project residents from leaving it.

  • All residential complex buildings have been designed with a unique architecture, relying on the best Turkish and foreign engineers, and they comply with the European style, and with the international specifications set by the Turkish government.

In addition to the presence of large areas of the project allocated to green gardens, exceeding the construction area, and this gives the residential projects a character of civilization and luxury, and gives the residents of the project happiness.

  • all Residential complexes in Turkey It is equipped with various recreational and social services that vary from one project to another according to its luxury, such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sports clubs, Turkish bath, sauna room, steam room, gardens and children's games, car garage, cinema room, rooms to receive guests or hold parties, electric elevators, restaurants , cafes, walking and jogging paths, central heating, and playgrounds that keep you from leaving the complex, and give life a real pleasure.

Also, some residential complexes contain schools and mosques within the project, which gives them an additional value.

  • The residential complexes provide their residents with a calm atmosphere, as the project site is carefully chosen, away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets, taking into account the distances between the residential buildings in the same complex, and separating them with green gardens, to allow the residents a stunning view.
  • The presence of a department that supervises the complex, and undertakes repairs, maintenance, cleaning the complex, and its recreational services on a permanent basis, in return for simple monthly returns.
  • The privileged location of the complexes close to transportation, recreational and educational services Residential complexes in Turkey Close to the subway lines, the Metrobus line, the famous universities in Turkey, public and private hospitals, or the services facilities of the region's municipality, because it is an attractive point for investors to buy an apartment in that complex.

Residential complexes in Turkey

 Types of residential complexes in Turkey

Contains Residential complexes in Turkey It has multiple options for housing or investment, to suit the tastes of all foreign investors.

They just have to choose the Turkish state that suits their aspirations, the preferred area, the desired view, the space and the style that suits the number of family members.

and varied Residential complexes in Turkey Between high towers and skyscrapers, and between residential or investment buildings that are different in terms of the number of floors and height, but both have the following

  • Apartments of different sizes and styles, starting from 1 + 1 to 1 + 6
  • Duplex apartments with multiple spaces and various styles starting from 1 + 4
  • Hotel apartments of various sizes and styles
  • Luxurious penthouse apartments
  • studio apartment
  • Villas within residential complexes, with multiple spaces, and styles to suit the tastes of investors
  • Independent Villas
  • Offices of various sizes, and multiple styles to suit the investor's need
  • Multiple commercial spaces, with different views, on the main street, or on the project.



 What are the revenues of residential complexes in Turkey

The central administration Residential complexes in Turkey It supervises the project, and provides its services in return for specific monthly returns, and those services are

  • heating service
  • Cleaning service of the complex, gyms, swimming pools, and all recreational facilities used jointly by the residents of the complex
  • Security and reception service
  • Providing continuous maintenance service for the electric elevators in the project.

The Turkish Parliament has organized a law on the method of distributing the expenses of managing the complex to the residents, called the Floor Ownership Law.

Where the law stipulates that the expenses of managing the complex are distributed among the residents based on the following:

  • Investor's share of land ownership
  • Investor real estate
  • The division of the property equally or unevenly.

Based on these factors, the monthly return is calculated for each apartment, and the investor must pay the monthly fees on time, and in case of delay, the investor will have to pay a fine of 5%, and in the event of failure to pay, the housing complex management has the right to file a lawsuit.


 Does a foreign investor have the right to rent his property in residential complexes in Turkey?

Yes, it can be rented, and the rental returns will increase annually by 15% according to the Turkish rental law.


 Are real estate prices expensive in residential complexes in Turkey?

Prices vary according to the region, the view, and the proximity to historical places and attractions of the city in which the property is located, but the real estate of residential complexes in Turkey is cheaper than European real estate, although it is superior to it in architecture.


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