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Information about the Turkish tax number

Turkish tax number


It is considered Turkish tax number One of the important documents needed to complete any official transaction in Turkish government departments.

A foreign person can obtain it from the tax department in the state in which he or she resides, without paying any costs.

There are also two ways to extract it, and it does not exceed extracting Vergi Numarasi Only a few minutes.

if you want to Living in Turkey, and would like to know what it is Turkish tax number, You have arrived at your destination, we are in Hakeem Real Estate Company We will share with you all the detailed information about it.


 Information about the Turkish tax number

It is called in Turkish Vergi Numarası It is a number for each person of Turkish origin, or residing on Turkish lands, where he is required to complete legal and official transactions in Turkey, as requested VVergi Numarasi When a foreigner wants to open an account in a Turkish bank, it can be obtained even without the foreigner having an official residence in Turkey.

It is an identification number consisting of ten digits, and its owner must keep it in order to conduct transactions in the Turkish state departments, and no one else has access to it.

Turkish tax number


 The importance of the Turkish tax number and its uses

enjoy Vergi Numarası Of great importance in Turkey, any resident on its lands needs it in order to:

  • Opening a bank account in a bank in Turkey
  • Open water, gas and electricity meters and pay their bills.
  • Real estate purchase transactions in Turkey.
  • Paying the taxes incurred on real estate ownership in order to obtain the title deed
  • Establishing a commercial company, or opening any other investment on Turkish territory
  • Pay taxes to the Turkish government
  • Pay tourist, real estate or student residence fees
  • Completing the file for obtaining a Turkish driver's license
  • Own a car in Turkey.
  • Health insurance transactions, and other types of insurance.


 Documents required to obtain a Turkish tax number

There are some documents required for extraction Vergi NumarasiIt is not required to obtain a residence permit in Turkish lands, but the papers are:

  • Unexpired passport
  • A copy of the passport
  • A copy of the lease contract notarized at the Notary Department (notary public).


 The mechanism for obtaining the Turkish tax number

can extract Vergi Numarası In two ways:

  • The first way: to go to the tax department in the state in which the foreign person is, and the extract will be issued Vergi Numarasi In a short time that does not take five minutes, the official in charge will give you a paper written on it Vergi NumarasiAnd this paper must be kept for showing when carrying out any transaction in the Turkish official and governmental departments.
  • The second method: via the Internet, where a link dedicated to extracting is entered Turkish tax numberEnter some information, namely, name, surname, parents' name, gender, date and place of birth, phone number, address, date of issuance of the passport and its expiry date.

Then enter the confirmation code, then click on the word OK, and after a few minutes you will receive it Vergi Numarasi SMS to the number you entered in the previous window data.

 Important tips about the Turkish tax number

  • If you want to extract Turkish tax number Through the Internet, this option is available in the Turkish language only, with a box that allows translation into English. Therefore, the Arab person must be familiar with one of the two languages, or use another translator.
  • When registering personal data, especially the name of the name and the name of the parents, it must be written in the same way as in the passport.
  • Record the residential address in detail, and according to what is written in the rental contract.
  • don't share Tax Number  With any unreliable party.
  • Avoid getting lost Vergi Numarasi Write it down on a piece of paper and stick it on the cover of your passport.

Turkish tax number



 How can I retrieve the Turkish tax number?

It can be retrieved easily, by going to the tax department, or via the Internet, through the website provided by the Turkish authorities to extract Vergi Numarasi.


 Who is entitled to obtain a Turkish tax number?

Every foreign person in Turkey who has an unexpired passport, residents with short-term or long-term stays, residents with work permits in Turkey, Syrians who have a temporary protection card in Turkey on the condition of having a passport, and humanitarian asylum seekers in Turkey.


 Who is not entitled to obtain a Turkish tax number?

Illegal and violating residents on Turkish territory, whose passport has expired, in addition to people who do not have a document that proves their residential address in detail.


 What is the cost of obtaining a Turkish tax number?

There are no costs when you get it.


 What is the validity period of the tax number?

There is no validity or expiration date for the tax number, as it can be used with an open period.


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