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Areas and advice for livestock in Turkey

Livestock in Turkey

Turkey has a mild climate, charming nature, and plenty of agricultural land suitable for animal husbandry, which has encouraged local and foreign investors to invest in Livestock in TurkeyThis investment is one of the types of investments that achieve high financial returns for investors, especially in the long run, and it is one of the types of investments that are constantly required, especially in European markets, and therefore trade in Livestock in Turkey Profitable and unstoppable trade.

Turkey ranks ninth in the world in terms of its richness in livestock, and the quality of products exported to the rest of the world.

To encourage Turkish and foreign investors to do so Investing in Livestock, the Turkish government provides a lot of facilities, providing investors with financial support, in addition to tax exemptions, exemption from customs duties and value-added taxes, and support for social security premiums for the project owner.

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 Areas of livestock investment in Turkey

There are many areas of investment Livestock in TurkeyBetween breeding projects and then selling animals, especially those of rare breeds, Turkey is rich in animals such as lynxes, wolves, rabbits, deer, foxes, wild boars, and others, in addition to birds such as eagles and hawks.

There are also projects to sell animal products, such as eggs, milk, feathers, and others, and investment projects in Livestock in Turkey

  • Dairy cows breeding projects, and the utilization of their milk and milk.
  • Calf fattening projects, through an intensive feeding plan, and making use of their red meat. This project requires continuous veterinary follow-up, and providing feed rich in mineral salts and vitamins.
  • Sheep breeding projects, making use of their meat and wool.
  • Chicken breeding projects, making use of their eggs, meat and feathers.
  • Goat breeding projects, making use of their meat, hair and milk.
  • Fish farming projects, and the use of their meat.
  • Bird breeding projects, making use of their meat and feathers, or raising and selling their young.
  • Beekeeping projects to benefit from honey.

Livestock in Turkey

 Tips before investing in livestock in Turkey

The investor in the field of Livestock in Turkey To deal with a company with experience in animal investment in order to obtain high returns from profits, and he must know the following:

  •  Feasibility study for a project Livestock in Turkey
  •  Calculating all expenses and estimating profits, bearing in mind that there are urgent matters that may hinder the implementation of the project.
  • Purchasing agricultural land with an area suitable for building animal pens, provided that the area does not exceed 10,000 square meters for foreigners, and that the construction rate does not exceed 15%.
  • Providing appropriate feed for animals
  • Building walkways for animals
  • Providing medical care for animals, regular schedule of vaccinations, and issuance of medical reports to follow up on the health status of animals.
  • Providing the necessary machines in order to save time and effort and double production.

Livestock in Turkey


 Advantages of investing in livestock in Turkey

Investing in Livestock in Turkey One of the best types of investments, due to the strength of the Turkish domestic market, Turkey has a diverse livestock wealth of Asian and European animals, in addition to Turkey's mild climate that helps animal husbandry and Turkey's distinguished location between the Asian and European continents, and thus its openness to multiple markets.

There are many advantages that tempt local and foreign investors to invest in Livestock in Turkey, including:

  •  The Turkish government provides support to investors in Livestock in Turkey, Represented in:
  1.  Exemption from customs duties
  2. Provide financial support
  3. Exemption from value-added taxes
  4. tax cuts
  5. Supporting social security premiums for the employer and his workers.
  •  Only a small number of workers are required
  •  Low project costs Livestock 
  •  Rapid reproduction of animals
  • Meat and dairy production
  • Global demand for products Livestock in Turkeyand easy to export.
  • The use of animal manure as fertilizer for soils, as it contains all the nutrients useful for the soil, from protein, mineral salts and vitamins.



 Difficulties of investing in livestock in Turkey

There are some difficulties facing investors in livestock, and most of these difficulties result from the lack of a good study by the investor for his project, and therefore we recommend the use of companies specialized in animal investment in order to benefit from their deep studies of all aspects of the project, to achieve the greatest return on profits, and among those difficulties :

  •  Animals need medical care and permanent supervision, because the animal may contract a disease during its life.
  •  The investor must allocate a sufficient amount of money for animal investment.
  •  Machines and tools must be taken care of and cleaned regularly.
  • Care must be taken to maintain the temperatures inside the barns, in addition to providing ventilation, especially in cattle and sheep breeding projects, to maintain their good health.


 Why animal investment in Turkey?

Because investment in livestock is supported by the Turkish government, which offers great facilities, both to Turkish and even foreign investors, by providing financial support and tax exemptions.


 Is investing in livestock in Turkey profitable?

Yes, especially in the long run, due to the global demand for Turkish animal products, as Turkey ranks ninth in the world in terms of demand and the quality of animal products it exports.


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