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Construction in Turkey 2022

construction in Turkey


It is considered Real estate investment in Turkey One of the distinctive investments that bring investors high returns of profits, and investors prefer to buy land and landconstruction in TurkeyFor long- and short-term benefit.

In the short term, the foreign investor benefits through the sale of residential and commercial units.

In the long term, the foreign investor benefits from the monthly returns of the residential and commercial complexes.

except if land in Turkey Diverse, and not all of them are suitable for construction, so the foreign investor must seek the assistance of a real estate brokerage company in Turkey, which will inform him of all the conditions and specifications available in the lands on which construction is allowed.

It will assist the investor in obtaining the necessary licenses for construction, establishing the best investment projects, and marketing them.

  • Information about construction in Turkey
  • Building system in Turkey
  • Building permits in Turkey
  • Construction costs in Turkey

If you are interested in Buying land in Turkey, and would like to know all the information regarding about construction in TurkeyYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will inform you of all its details.

 Information about construction in Turkey

According to Turkish law, foreign investors can buy land and carry out an operation construction in TurkeyOr buying an old building, demolishing it, rebuilding it and investing it.

But foreign investors should know that not all land in Turkey Suitable for construction work, but there are conditions that must be met in the lands construction in Turkey Which

  • That the land that the investor wants to buy is not agricultural and has very fertile soil.
  • That the land that the investor wants to build is included in the organizational plan for the reconstruction in Turkey, or as it is called the reconstruction plan in Turkey.
  • That the land is registered in the field of the architectural situation related to it, and the word “dwelling” is written in it.
  • You must obtain from the municipality in the area of the land a document regarding the status of construction, all information related to the land to be built, and what is the area allocated and allowed to build on it.

construction in Turkey

 Building system in Turkey

If more systems construction in Turkey Common, and other countries of the world, especially the European Union, is the reinforced concrete structure building system.

Although there are some negatives to the reinforced concrete building system, it is also characterized by many positives, which are

  • The reinforced concrete construction system is characterized by savings and reducing costs.
  • The reinforced concrete building system is more robust and durable than other building systems.

But there are also other types of systems construction in Turkey, Which

  • steel structure building system
  • stone brick building system
  • Wooden house building system.


Building permits in Turkey

After the foreign investor buys the land, and before obtaining Building permits in TurkeyThere are several things that must be done, which are:

  • Preparing the architectural plan for the building
  • Review the construction units in the municipality concerned with the purchased land.
  • The investor obtains construction licenses.

After the foreign investor finishes these matters, he begins to prepare his file and documents in order to obtain licenses to build his land, and these documents are the following:

  1.  Application for a building permit in Turkey
  2. A document showing the condition of construction on the land, which is requested from the municipality of the area of the purchased land.
  3. The status document, which is obtained from the real estate survey directorates, to clarify the boundaries of the sectors.
  4. The architectural plan of the land, to be certified by the Chamber of Turkish Architects.
  5. Obtain an architects room record document.
  6. Attach the plan of the reinforced concrete structure, to be certified by the Chamber of Turkish Architects
  7.  Obtaining the Structural Engineers Chamber Register.
  8. Attaching the electrical wiring diagram for the building, to be certified by the Chamber of Electrical Engineers in Turkey.
  9. Obtain the record of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers.
  10. Attach the plumbing scheme for the building, to be certified by the Sanitary Installations Chamber in Turkey.
  11. Obtaining the registration document of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers in Turkey.
  12. Attach a report showing the status and study of the soil of the land to be built on.
  13. Clarify who is responsible for implementing the scheme and its credentials by the Turkish government.
  14. Attach documents related to the building contractor, provided that the construction of the land is undertaken by a contractor authorized to build in Turkish territory.
  15. Attach the documents of the building control company, along with the building control contract.
  16. Attach an information form related to construction on the land to be extracted from the concerned municipality.
  17. Attach a bank receipt showing the 20% deposit of the building control company’s fare into its bank account.
  18. Attach the construction supervisor contract.


 Construction costs in Turkey

It is known that there is a direct relationship between size and cost. The larger the property, the higher the total cost of building the land, and vice versa.

There are several things that go into calculating costs construction in Turkey, Which

  • The size of the real estate to be built on that land
  • The price and quality of the selected building materials
  • The price of the supplies needed for construction
  • The simplicity or complexity of the engineering design.
  • The construction fee, the undertaking, is always calculated according to the price per square meter of the building, and it changes according to the building system used in the project.
  • The number of professionals to be hired to finish the project.
  • Taking into account the distance of the land from the main street and the roads leading to it
  • Taking into account the places of entertainment, social, educational and health services close to the ground.

Based on these matters, a cost is calculated construction in Turkeyand sell it to investors.

According to statistics from the Statistical Institute of Turkey, the cost index has increased construction in Turkey by 3,54% in 2021, an increase of 35.48% over the previous year.

 Can I build on land that is not included in the reconstruction plan in Turkey?

Yes, permission is given to build on unregulated lands, especially if the desire is to establish tourist or recreational facilities, or to build villas and summer houses for families, but with conditions and they are

  •  The construction on that land does not cause an aesthetic or health problem for the organizational unit located there.
  • The building area on that land 5% shall not exceed the surface of the regulatory sector in which it is located.
  • The height of the building on that land shall not exceed 6.5 meters above the ground level.
  • The minimum distance for construction on that land is 5 meters from the roads, and from the regulatory boundaries of the sectors close to them.


 What is the construction method in Turkey on land?

The foreign investor can get acquainted with the method of construction on the land he purchased through a document that is extracted from the municipality of the region. This document shows the following:

  • Permissible building area
  • divisions
  • Earth-friendly building system



 What is the permissible construction age in Turkey?

The age of construction in Turkey ranges between 60-70 years, but if the building is eroded, and it is confirmed that it has fallen, it will be demolished immediately, even before the end of its life.


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