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Information and procedures for real estate residence in Turkey 2022

Real estate residence in Turkey


Many people want to stay and reside in Turkey, as it is one of the preferred countries for housing, due to its political stability, and an important geographical location that makes it one of the countries suitable for stability and trade.

Residences in Turkey vary between tourism, real estate, humanitarian, and work accommodation.

It is considered Real estate residence in Turkey It is one of the best types of residences, as it can be renewed easily and without any obstacles unless the property is sold.


If you are interested in Getting Real estate residence, And theBuying a property in Turkey, especially Buying an apartment in IstanbulYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will share with you all the detailed information about it.


 Information about real estate residence in Turkey

The real estate residency is a document granted by the Immigration Department to foreigners who have bought real estate in Turkey, with a desire to live and settle there.

Where the holder has the right to leave Turkey and return to it without obtaining a new visa (Visa), the holder also enjoys the rights of living in Turkey in a regular and legal manner, and access to free education and medical care.

Real estate residence in Turkey


 Advantages of real estate residence in Turkey

Is characterized by Real estate residence Turkey has many advantages, they are:

  •  It grants its holder the right to legally reside on Turkish territory
  • Investor who bought Real estate in Turkey by getting Real estate residence He, his wife and children under the age of eighteen.
  • ease of renewal Real estate residence For all family members without any hindrances unless the property is sold.
  • The absence of any barriers to movement between the Turkish states.
  • Obtaining the right to enroll children in Turkish public schools for free.
  • Obtaining health services in Turkish hospitals for free, or at great discounts.
  • Possibility to get Permanent residence in Turkey After eight years of Real estate residence in Turkey.



Procedures for real estate residence in Turkey

A foreign investor wishing to obtain Real estate residence He, his wife and children under the age of eighteen may do the following:

  1.  Buying a property in Turkey and registering it officially to obtain a title deed document (Tabu)
  2. Book an appointment through the website of the Immigration Department in order to fill out the application form by entering all personal information, specifying the type of residence required.
  3. Print the appointment sheet.
  4. Preparing the file and the necessary papers and making sure that they are safe and not missing
  5. Adhere to the interview appointment at the Turkish Immigration Department, or send another person under a legal agency registered and sealed by the notary (notary)
  6. Pay the application fee for Real estate residence, It is in Turkish currency
  7. Submit the file and papers at the Immigration Department, and pay the fees imposed on the Real estate residence.

After carrying out these procedures, the real estate residence permit will be sent to the investor and his family to the address registered in the file through one of the Turkish postal means.



 Conditions for real estate residence in Turkey

There are no difficult and impossible conditions in order to obtain Real estate residence in TurkeyOnly the foreign investor must buy a property in Turkey, regardless of its type, value, or the state in which that property is located.

After purchasing it, it must be registered with the Tapu Directorate in order to obtain the title deed.



 The necessary papers for real estate residence in Turkey

There are some papers that must be included in the application file Real estate residence, Which:

  •  Application form for obtaining real estate residency
  • Passport of the investor and his family, valid for a period of no less than 6 months.
  • The tax number that is extracted from the nearest tax department and is free of charge
  • A visa with entry stamp to Turkey
  • Earthquake insurance payment receipt in Turkey
  • A valid health insurance document covering the duration of the residence application, children under the age of eighteen are excluded from this paper, as well as the elderly over the age of 65 years
  • The family book is translated into Turkish, and certified by the notary (notary public) in Turkey.
  • The title deed document registered in the name of the investor, the owner of the original property, with a copy of it certified by the Turkish notary
  • The building numbering document, with the floor where the property is located (Nomaratag), and it is extracted from the municipality in which the property is located.
  • 4 personal photos with white background
  • Having a bank account in a Turkish bank
  • Having a fixed monthly income of at least $500 per month



 Hakeem Real Estate Company’s services regarding the issue of real estate residency

striving in Hakeem Real Estate Company To satisfy our customers, facilitate their affairs, and because we have deep knowledge of the papers required to apply to Real estate residence in TurkeyWe put our services and expertise at your disposal, when Buying a property in IstanbulWe offer you the following:

  •  A free tour of all Istanbul real estate, until the customer chooses the desired property.
  • Follow up the purchase procedures until obtaining the title deed (Tabu).
  • Translation of the documents required to apply to Real estate residence, and attested by the Notar (Turkish notary).
  • Extracting the tax number
  • Extract Numaratage Document
  • Real estate appraisal by an institution accredited by the Turkish government
  • Receipt Real estate residence In the event that the investor is not on Turkish territory, but under a legal agency sealed by the notary (notary) in Turkey

Real estate residence in Turkey



 What are the real estate residence fees in Turkey?

They are simple fees, and they are limited to health insurance whose value varies according to the age group, and some other fees, namely: real estate ownership fees, earthquake insurance fees, in addition to the fees that will be paid at the Immigration Department during the interview.


 How long is the real estate residence in Turkey?

give Real estate residence For a year or two at most.


 Is it possible to renew the real estate residence in Turkey?

Yes, it is easily and easily renewed without any complications, provided that the property is available and not sold.


 Does buying a property in Turkey grant residency?

Yes, buying a property in Turkey gives the investor the right to get Real estate residence He, his wife and children under the age of 18.


 What is the difference between tourist residency and real estate residency in Turkey?

The two residences have the same advantages, except that Real estate residence It is distinguished from the tourist by the ease of its renewal, without the presence of any obstacles, or the fear of any new decisions and laws, as is the case in Tourist accommodation in Turkey.



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