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Invest in Sisli

Invest in Sisli


Sisli is located in the European side of Istanbul, in the city center, surrounded by a number of vital and important areas, and therefore the area is considered the center of trade and business in Istanbul.

Where there are many skyscrapers, and commercial towers, and this is why Invest in Sisli It will bring huge profits to investors and businessmen.

In addition, it is considered region Şişli It is one of the important tourist areas, which tourists visit and prefer to reside in, because of its sophistication and the luxury of its neighborhoods, and the presence of a large number of historical monuments, tourist attractions and entertainment in it, in addition to its proximity to The famous Taksim Square, And theIstiklal Street.


If you are interested in Buying a property in Turkey, especially Apartments for sale in Istanbul And want to buy Apartments in Sisli, and find out detailed information about Invest in Sisli You have arrived at your destination, we are in Hakeem Real Estate Company We will inform you of all its details.


 Information about Sisli and investment in Sisli, Istanbul

stretch region Şişli It covers an area of 35 square kilometers and has a population of 320,000 people.

In the past, it was a rural area for fishing and agriculture, and with the beginning of 1800 AD, the city's merchants, writers and poets inhabited the area, building theaters, cafes and cultural facilities.

Currently, it is considered region Şişli One of the preferred areas for the residence of ancient families, especially in Nisantasi district The famous.

Where towers and skyscrapers were built, and characterized by Residential complexes in Sisli With its luxury and high-end entertainment services, and all its apartments are suitable for investors wishing to get Turkish Nationality, therefore it is considered Invest in Sisli Golden opportunity for investors.

Invest in Sisli



 Advantages of housing and investment in Sisli

There are a number of features that make the area of The best European areas of Istanbul for families to live, and encourage to Invest in Sisli Which:

  • The area is located in the center of Istanbul.
  • The area is surrounded by many vital and touristic areas, which made it the financial and business center of Istanbul
  • There are a number of universities in it, the most important of which are Nisantasi University
  • Social, cultural and religious diversity in the region.
  • Availability of a wide node of transportation from the Metrobus, the subway, and public transport buses
  • The presence of a large number of tourist and archaeological sites in it, which made it attract Arab and foreign tourists
  • The presence of a large number of malls and world trade centers


 The best tourist places in Sisli area

The area of Tourist areas in IstanbulIt contains many landmarks, historical monuments, and prominent recreational attractions that attract foreign tourists, including:

  • Istanbul Military Museum Askeri müze, which contains thousands of artifacts belonging to the Ottoman army, such as swords, shields, and more.
  • Ataturk Museum Which contains pictures, properties and paintings of Ataturk.
  • Sisli Mosque Which is considered one of the most famous religious monuments built in the Ottoman architectural style.
  • Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Which is the second largest Catholic church in Istanbul.
  • Galatasaray Club Stadium.
  • Machka Park
  • Yildiz Park


 Health Services in Sisli District

One of the things that encourage Invest in Sisli It is the abundance of health centers and government and private hospitals.

The area includes the most important huge hospitals in Istanbul, including:

  • Kolan International Hospital
  • Nisantasi Hospital
  • Okmeydan Hospital


 Educational services in Sisli district

One of the things that encourage Invest in Sisli It is the abundance of educational institutions and centers, as there are a large number of Turkish public schools in the region for all ages, from kindergarten to high school.

There are also some Arab international schools, but what distinguishes the region from an educational point of view is the abundance of public and private universities in it, and the most famous of them are:

  • Nisantasi University
  • University of Belem
  • Gulf University
  • Bilge University
  • Istanbul Technical University


Infrastructure in Sisli District

What encourages the most Invest in Sisli It has a modern infrastructure, as it is served by all means of transportation from Metrobus, subway lines, and public transport buses, in addition to taxis.

It is also distinguished by its wide streets, and its residential complexes, which contain very luxurious entertainment services that are suitable for the velvet class who inhabit them.

In addition to the region's richness in educational institutions, luxury shopping centers, and seven-star luxury hotels that foreign tourists prefer to stay in, and among the most famous Sisli Hotels:

  1.  Radisson Blu Hotel Sisli
  2.  Fairmont Istanbul Hotel
  3. Hilton Bomonti
  4. Holiday Inn Sisli
  5. Ramada City Center
  6. Le Mirage Hotel Istanbul

Invest in Sisli


 Markets in Sisli district in Istanbul

The area contains a large number of luxury shopping centers, which encourages investors and businessmen to Invest in SisliAmong the most famous are:

  1. Jawaher Mall
  2.  City Nisantasi Complex
  3. Trump Towers Mall
  4. Canyon Mall
  5. Profilo Mall
  6. Diamond of Istanbul
  7. Sapphire Tower
  8.  Sabanji Center
  9. Sisli Plaza

Invest in Sisli



 Advantages of investing in Sisli in Istanbul

There are a lot of features that make the area from The best European areas of Istanbul for investment, Which:

  • The district is the center of commerce and business in Istanbul, as it is located in the city center and surrounded by many important areas.
  • There are many luxury five-star hotels in the region. It is a tourist area that tourists come to visit in order to learn about its monuments and stay in it, due to its luxury and its proximity to all tourist places in Istanbul.
  • The area contains luxury commercial centers, and one of the most famous Jewels Mall, Trump Towers.
  • The region has a modern infrastructure and transportation network that connects it to the rest of Istanbul, shortening time and distance.
  • Apartment prices in Sisli High, which is suitable for investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship.


 Map of Sisli district in Istanbul

The area is located in the center of Istanbul, surrounded by a number of vital and important areas in the city.

Where it is bounded on the eastern side Besiktas region, bounded on the north side Sarıyer District, bounded on the western side Eyup district, Kathaneh district, It is bounded on the south side Beyoglu district.



 How far is Sisli from Taksim Square?

Sisli is 6.2 km away from Taksim, which is approximately 14 minutes by car.


 How far is Sisli from the new Istanbul Airport?

Sisli is 39 km from Istanbul's new airport, which is approximately 38 minutes by car.


 How far is Sisli from Fatih?

Sisli is 10 km away from the Fatih area, which is approximately 22 minutes by car.


 How far is Sisli from Sultanahmet?

Sisli is 6.4 km away from Sultanahmet, which is approximately 20 minutes by car.


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