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Important information that you have not heard before about real estate investment in Turkey

Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment in Turkey It is considered one of the most important features of the Turkish economy globally, whether in Turkey or Istanbul, which has the advantage of being a powerful means of attracting many investors from all over the countries, and this is what made Turkey occupy leading positions among the best preferred countries for buying real estate.

Real estate investment in Turkey

talking about Real estate investment in Turkey, leads us to talk that real estate in general is a fixed and stable asset, and one of the most important real estate is buying houses, buildings, lands, and fences.

These real estate values are affected by many factors, including the balance of demand and supply, the location and area of the property, environmental factors from the nature of the weather, rental returns, economic factors such as the value of the property under climatic conditions, laws for construction, demolition and licenses, in addition to the benefits of the property in the future, and social patterns. .

Aspects of real estate investment in Turkey

Real estate investment in Turkey Various aspects and ways of them are as follows:

  • Investing in residential real estate

This type is concerned with housing properties and real estate such as houses and villas, and it is widely available in Istanbul and all over Turkey, and is characterized as the safest type, since the return on investment is guaranteed for the investor, and the return is achieved through two methods, the first is rent, as there are investors who buy residential real estate and they By renting it, it is known that the rent in Turkey increases in value annually, knowing that the increase may reach 10% annually.

The second method is resale, which is done by buying residential real estate under construction, then reselling it through the completion of its construction and achieving high profits from it.

  • Investing in commercial real estate

By it we mean shops, stores and warehouses, which are successful and sustainable investment opportunities and are very active in Istanbul as they are characterized by continuous commercial activity. It is also possible to invest in hotels and hotel apartments from which the investor reaps feasible returns for many years, due to the increasing demand for them.

It is also possible to invest in commercial offices, from which a return can be achieved by leasing them to companies on an ongoing basis. In general, this type of investment is one of the most important sectors of investment, as it preserves capital and reduces losses, and for this reason it is recommended that the profits are many and continuous.

Advantages of real estate investment in Turkey

This investment has become the first goal for many investors who are heading to Turkey, and for everyone who wants to invest, and the reason for this is due to the advantages that this type enjoys as follows:

  • Turkey is considered one of the important centers of attraction for investors from all over the world, as it provides many investment opportunities for them in the sectors of trade and industry.
  • The great growth and prosperity witnessed by the construction sector in Turkey in recent years, where a high percentage of purchases by foreign investors in the real estate sector is recorded.
  • The most important thing is that the real estate market in Turkey is considered a strong market, as it ranked second in terms of its strength and activity in the world, and Turkey is considered one of the best investment sites in the world, due to its strong components and infrastructure, as well as the facilities provided by the Turkish government. For foreigners who want to own a property, Turkey's geographical location in relation to the world is a strong factor in making it the first destination for foreign investors, as it is the gateway and link between Asia and Europe.
  • This investment is considered one of the safest and least risky types of investments, whether investing in residential or commercial real estate.
  • Guarantee of obtaining real estate residence in Turkey.
  • Ease of applying for Turkish citizenship, especially if the property has a financial amount of up to 250 thousand US dollars.
  • A guarantee of obtaining a Turkish passport, following the guarantee of obtaining Turkish citizenship, and this passport gives the investor ease of travel and movement to more than 120 countries around the world without a visa or entry visa.
  • Facilitate the way for the investor to link his foreign investment between East and West.
  • Facilitating living life by ensuring that the investor has a safe property.
  • Get a profitable return on investment.
  • The safe and comfortable environment that the property provides to the investor, enabling him to live happily and contentedly.
  • Facilitating the way for children to study in Turkey in the best Turkish schools and universities.
  • The nature of Turkey's environment is close to the customs and traditions of the Arab world.
  • The low cost of living in Turkey, with the availability of strong infrastructure that guarantees owning a distinctive property of the best quality.
  • The decline in the affliction in the real estate sector, which constituted a catalyst for owning real estate for foreign investors, and the recovery of the real estate market in Turkey in general.
  • Ensure that the investor obtains health insurance for himself and his family members.
  • Gaining the opportunity of great support from the Ministry of Economy if the investor owns a company in Turkey.


The risks of this type of investment

Although the real estate market has many advantages to invest in, it also has risks and disadvantages, including the following:

  • Fluctuations in demand and supply conditions in the real estate sector.
  • Turkey's economic obsolescence.
  • There are changes and amendments to government laws related to real estate.
  • Having to sell the property sometimes.
  • The real estate sector's lack of continuous maintenance and modernization.
  • The opposite effect of infrastructure in Turkey at times.

The lowest amount to invest in Turkey

There have been many amendments to the field of investment in Turkey starting from 2019, which enables foreigners to invest and obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for a certain amount to be paid for investment, after which it is easier for them to invest, according to these conditions:

  • Obtaining a property in Turkey with an amount of at least 250 thousand US dollars.
  • An investment of more than $500,000.
  • That investors employ more than 50 people in Turkey in his property or company.
  • Deposit an amount of money in Turkish banks for a period of 3 years, and this amount is not less than 500 thousand US dollars.
  • Creating job opportunities for 50 Turkish workers.

It should be noted that capital is one of the factors affecting investment. Large capital achieves great returns on investment. If the capital is less than 15 thousand pounds, the profits will be few, but it can be developed by building commercial projects with new creative ideas, for example, you can build a project As simple as a car repair shop, phone accessories store, gift and antiques store, and other simple projects.

The best investment in Turkey

Turkey has many advantages that make it a distinct destination for investment, and here we explain to you the most important and best areas of investment in Turkey in terms of the percentage of profits as follows:

  • Real Estate Investment

The Turkish economy is based on vital areas such as real estate investment and construction, especially in light of the increase in housing density and urban transformation projects that have spread in Turkey, and starting in September 2017, the percentage of real estate sales to foreign investors reached about 6% and this number is still increasing.

  • Investing in technology and information

Turkey is a distinguished country in the development of software, technology and electronics.

  • Investing in clothing and textiles

Turkey has a quality advantage in manufacturing textiles and clothing, with its geographical proximity to regions that meet a large demand for these products, such as the Middle East and Europe.

  • Investing in energy and natural resources

Turkey's investment in energy is likely to reach 130 million dollars in order to bridge the energy gap, and it pays great attention to this field through the advantages offered to foreign investors in energy and natural resources.

  • Investing in the environment and recycling

Turkey is one of the countries applying for a member state of the European Union, and for that it pays great attention to recycling, as it approved the Kyoto Protocol, and there are expectations that Turkey will invest in the waste management and recycling sector with up to 9 billion euros in the future.


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