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Agricultural investment in Turkey

Agricultural investment in Turkey


It is considered Agricultural investment in Turkey It is a successful investment that brings its investors huge profits.

whereas Turkish government It supports investors in the agricultural field, and provides them with many exemptions in order to develop The agricultural sector in Turkey.

Therefore, many domestic and foreign investors accept Agricultural investment in Turkey, especially that its agricultural crops are desirable and are exported to all countries of the world, especially the countries of the European Union, because of Turkey's strategic location and its mild climate, this led to a diversification of its agricultural crops.

In addition to abundance arable land in Turkey, and the availability of manpower from all Arab nationalities, in addition to the ease of exporting, all these factors encouraged the growth of the agricultural sector in Turkey.



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 Information about agricultural investment in Turkey

Turkey is famous for the diversity and quality of agricultural crops, and its exports to all countries, especially the European Union, as a result of the mild climate, fertile soil, and the availability of water.

According to statistics, the area of arable land in Turkey is equivalent to 35.5% of the area of Turkey.

Where statistics showed that there are 24 million hectares invested in the agricultural field in Turkey.

وبيّنت الإحصائيات على أن قيمة الإنتاج السنوي من المحاصيل الزراعية في تركيا تبلغ 17 مليار دولار أمريكي، ويساهم ذلك الدخل في تحسين الاقتصاد التركي، وفي تشغيل أكثر من %22 من إجمالي الأيدي العاملة في تركيا.

Agricultural investment in Turkey


 Agricultural Investment Law in Turkey for Foreigners

The Turkish government supports foreign investors wishing to Agricultural investment in TurkeyIn order to improve the Turkish economy and push its wheel to progress and compete with the most important developed countries, the government offers the following:

  • The Turkish government grants foreign investors equal rights and opportunities with Turkish investors.
  • The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forests has established a guiding platform for those wishing to invest in agriculture in any Turkish state, providing investors with advice on their agricultural projects based on a detailed study of the aspects of the project, with a study of the soil of the land on which the agricultural project will be built.

 Advantages of agricultural investment in Turkey

There are many advantages that encourage investors and businessmen to Agricultural investment in Turkey, Which:

  • Encouraging the Turkish government to invest in the agricultural field in Turkey, as it offers great facilities to investors in the agricultural field.
  •  The government offers investors in the agricultural sector exemption from customs duties and value added tax
  •  The government lowers taxes for investors in the agricultural sector.
  •  The government subsidizes social insurance premiums for the owner of the agricultural investment company and his employees.
  • The presence of large areas in Turkey suitable for cultivation in various crops.
  • Availability of manpower in abundance from different nationalities around the world.
  • The availability of water in abundance, from a variety of sources, thus ensuring the irrigation of agricultural land easily.
  • The appropriate climatic factors for different types of agricultural crops, thus ensuring the success of the agricultural investment project.
  • Availability of the latest agricultural machinery, manufactured in Turkey, and therefore at reasonable prices.
  • Availability of all types of insecticides.
  • Availability of all kinds of fertilizers.
  • Ensuring significant long-term financial returns.

 Conditions for agricultural investment in Turkey

There are many types of land that the Turkish government allows the foreign investor to invest in agricultural land, but there are also important conditions that must be known and paid attention to when the foreign investor decides to invest in agricultural land. agricultural investment in Turkey, Which:

  • The Turkish government obliges investors in the agricultural sector to purchase agricultural land with an area of not less than 1,000 square meters, and within cities determined by the government.
  • The investor must establish a company for agricultural investment, and register the project in which to invest in the name of that company, and the capital of that company must not be less than 100 thousand Turkish liras.
  • The investor who owns an agricultural investment company must submit a feasibility study for a period of five years for his project, and this study must be from accredited consulting offices, and the project must be in accordance with the Agricultural Investment Law in Turkey for foreigners.
  • The agricultural investment company must provide a source for irrigating agricultural land, whether by extending water lines, or digging underground wells.
  • When the foreign investor participates with the Turkish investor in the agricultural investment project, the Turkish government will support that partnership, and will provide support up to 50% of the value of the project.

 Agricultural investment opportunities in Turkey

Turkey is characterized by a moderate climate commensurate with the growth of a large number of agricultural crops, so the opportunities vary Agricultural investment in Turkey, and the most important:

  1.  Agricultural investment in grain farms and crops
  2. Agricultural investment in olive farms, as Turkey ranks sixth in the world in the field of olive cultivation and export.
  3. Agricultural investment in hazelnut farms, as Turkey is one of the largest hazelnut exporters in the world, due to the quality of hazelnuts it exports.
  4. Agricultural investment in vegetable farms of all kinds
  5. Agricultural investment in various fruit farms, such as citrus, apples and others.
  6. Agricultural investment in walnut farms in Turkey, and this project is one of the most profitable and promising projects in Turkey.

Agricultural investment in Turkey



 Is construction allowed on agricultural land?

A building cannot be built on agricultural land, especially if the soil is fertile and not barren.


 What are the most important agricultural investment areas in Turkey?

Agricultural land is spread in all Turkish states, but Konya, Bursa, Izmir and Adana are considered among the best areas for agricultural investment, due to the large availability of agricultural land with fertile soil.

 Which areas are suitable for investing in olive farms in Turkey?

The Aegean region is located in the northwest of Turkey, and the Hatay region is considered one of the best areas suitable for investing in olive farms.


 Which areas are suitable for investing in walnut farms in Turkey?

Mugla region, Denizli region, Adıman region, Sakarya region, Pinkep region, Urfa region, Manisa region and Aydın region are among the best suitable areas to invest in walnut farms in Turkey.



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