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Asian Istanbul

Asian Istanbul


Istanbul is considered the oldest and largest city in Turkey. It extends over two continents, Europe and Asia. It is characterized by its mild climate and receives thousands of tourists annually who wish to spend the most beautiful memories in its charming nature, and to stand on the effects of the civilizations that followed this charming city.

Characterized by Asian Istanbul It is surrounded by water on its three sides, green spaces and luxurious gardens abound, in addition to its tranquility, it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Entrepreneurs and investors want to Buying real estate in Asian Istanbul To take advantage of the high returns in an area witnessing a large number of tourists.

  • Information about Asian Istanbul
  • Asian regions of Istanbul
  • Infrastructure advantages in Asian Istanbul
  • Advantages of living in Asian Istanbul
  • Advantages of investing in Asian Istanbul
  • Apartment prices in Asian Istanbul
  • The best tourist places in Istanbul, Asia

If you are interested in Buying a property in Turkey, especially Buying a property in Istanbul, and would like to know all the information about anadolu istanbulYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will inform you of all its details.


 Information about Asian Istanbul

considered as anadolu istanbul quieter than avrupa istanbulIt has a charming nature and is far from the city center and its hustle and bustle.

And there are many tourist and historical monuments of the three civilizations that followed Istanbul cityTherefore, it is considered a magnet for foreign tourists.

As for the istanbul asian borderIt is of an important location, as it is bordered on the south side Sea of MarmaraOn the northern side, the Black Sea, and on the western side, the Bosphorus Strait, which separates Asian Istanbul, and european istanbul.

Asian Istanbul


 Asian regions of Istanbul

area of Istanbul city 6437 square kilometers, extending over the Asian and European continents, and the number of Istanbul districts 39 districts, distributed between the two parts of Istanbul, and as for the areas of anadolu istanbul Understanding:

  1.  Kadikoy District
  2. Maltepe area
  3. Uskudar Region
  4. Urban area
  5. Tuzla region
  6. Princes' Islands District
  7. Sancaktepe district
  8. Kartal District
  9. Shila District
  10. Sultanbeyli District
  11. Bandik District
  12. Ataşehir District
  13. Cekmekoy area


 Infrastructure advantages in Asian Istanbul

Featuring Asian side of Istanbul With the advanced infrastructure, where the Turkish government is interested in developing it continuously, to keep pace with the heavy turnout of tourists from all over the world to see the landmarks anadolu istanbul and enjoy its effects.

Where the Asian section of Istanbul was equipped with:

  • Sabiha International Airport.
  • Marmaray metro line Which passes under the Bosphorus to reach the two parts of the city
  • Luxurious modern roads
  • Eurasia Tunnel Passing under the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the Asian section and the European section
  • Sophisticated means of transportation Asian Istanbul, such as tramway, metrobus, subway, and sea ferries
  • Gardens with large areas and spread abundantly in all Asian neighborhoods of Istanbul.
  • Shopping centers are abundant in all its neighborhoods.
  • Luxury malls that contain local and international brands, the most famous of which is Emaar Square Mall
  • The presence of Turkish and international restaurants in all its neighborhoods, and the spread of a large number of schools and universities in them.


 Advantages of living in Asian Istanbul

There are many advantages and elements of life, which you enjoy Asian IstanbulWhich makes it a suitable place for residence and residence, and these features include:

  • considered as anadolu istanbul The tourist facade of Turkey, the presence of the monuments of the three civilizations that succeeded it makes it the first destination for Arab and foreign tourists
  • Istanbul is charming by all standards, as it mixes the fragrance of the past and its heritage with the modernity of the present and the splendor of contemporary urbanization
  • Variety Istanbul Asian Real Estate Among the independent apartments in anadolu istanbul, and apartments in luxury residential complexes equipped with the latest and finest social services, Independent villas for sale in Asian Istanbul, Luxury villas within complexes for sale in Asian IstanbulAnd with multiple spaces and various styles that meet the taste and desire of the foreign investor.


 Advantages of investing in Asian Istanbul

There are many advantages that attract local and even foreign businessmen and investors to establish their commercial projects, and invest in anadolu istanbulAmong those features are:

  • The foreign investor can achieve high profitable returns when investing in anadolu istanbul.
  • The Turkish government offers foreign investors incentives when investing in Turkey.
  • Variety Investments in TurkeyThe foreign investor has multiple options in the way he invests his capital, whether he wants to invest it in the real estate, commercial, or industrial fields.
  • enjoy anadolu istanbul With an integrated infrastructure, and the abundance of seaports in it, and thus facilitates the mechanism for the investor to ship goods, export them as well as import.
  • enjoy anadolu istanbul Luxurious markets and malls.
  • considered as anadolu istanbul A tourist destination, and therefore investment through tourism is one of the successful investments that bring to the investor high returns of profits.


 Apartment prices in Asian Istanbul

varies Apartment prices in Asian Istanbul Based on a number of factors, namely:

  1.  The proximity of the property or apartment to the tourist and historical places
  2. The proximity of the property or apartment to modern transportation lines
  3. The proximity of the property or apartment to the modern infrastructure in anadolu istanbul Like Sabiha International Airport
  4. The proximity of the property or apartment to universities and luxury commercial malls.
  5. The apartment overlooks the sea, or the gardens of the project.
  6. The area in which the apartment or property is located.


 The best tourist places in Istanbul, Asia

there is a lot of Tourist places in Asian IstanbulAmong the most famous are:

  • Haydarpaşa station overlooking the Sea of Marmara, which is classified as the largest and oldest railway in Turkey.
  • girl's tower Which dates back to the Greek era, located at the southern entrance to the Bosphorus, and is considered a major landmark of the tourist attractions in anadolu istanbul
  • Luna Park or Bostanci amusement park located in Kadikoy District
  • Baghdad Street, which is one of the most famous streets anadolu istanbulWith a length of 14 square kilometers, parallel to the Marmara Sea, the history of the construction of this street dates back to the era of the Ottoman Caliphate, and it is inhabited by the rich classes of Turkish society, as well as a series of high-end international stores, in addition to luxury restaurants and cafes.
  • Çamlica Mosque overlooking the Bosphorus, which is Turkey's largest mosques Where it can accommodate about 63,000 worshipers, it also includes a museum of Turkish Islamic antiquities, a public library, an art gallery, and gardens of up to 30 acres.
  • Bride's Hill Which has a charming view of the Bosphorus, and this hill is the highest of the seven hills that surround the city of Istanbul
  • Optimum Outlet Mall and Complex, located in Kadikoy
  • Shelly Laman Cave is 241 meters long
  • Euros Castle Its construction dates back to the era of the Roman Empire, and is located in the Beykoz region. This castle is located at the meeting point of the Black Sea with the Bosphorus Strait.
  • Goksu River and its historic bridge built of stones that connects its banks
  • Emaar Square Mall

Asian Istanbul


 How do I go to Asian Istanbul?

There are several ways to go to the Asian section of anadolu istanbul, by using sea ferries, or by Marmaray subway that passes under the Bosphorus, or by public transport buses that pass over Bosphorus Bridge, or by air by going from Istanbul New Airport to Sabiha Airport.




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